Oh, Hey! It’s Alyssa #43: LDR

“Oh Hey! It’s Alyssa” is a biweekly webcomic by Alyssa

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A. Andrews

Alyssa is a totally complete incomplete paraplegic and thirty-something hanky-in-the-pocket cartoonist weirdo! They spent the majority of their young life sketching in hospitals, and experienced their first heartbreak at age 8 during game 6 of the '96 NBA championships.

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  1. I love this!

    Been long distance Minneapolis – Brooklyn since August 2015 and in a few months I’m moving to Mpls to finally be with my love. Throughout the three years I so often got “HOW CAN YOU DO LONG DISTANCE, I COULD NEVER DO IT” from friends and strangers. While I appreciate the unsolicited opinions, it really never was an option to not continue on. So incredibly worth it.

    Wishing you both so much happiness and easy plane rides and cheap flight sales :)

      • Ahh thank you!! I’ve grown to really like Minneapolis while visiting over the past few years but I’m still pretty scared to leave Brooklyn cause it’s my hometown. My girlfriend has been going to medical school at the U and just matched for residency there so that’s why it’s time for me to make the move! Eep!! We don’t have any queer friends there yet so we’re excited to make an effort to explore and build that community together once I get there. We’ve obviously studied the queer city guide top to bottom but would appreciate any other hidden gems or places to start! Thanks again!! Eep!

    • Oh HI to a fellow NYC resident about to make a big move to Minneapolis for a girl! Your story is my story too. Just trying to figure out how to wrap up my lease in Queens, break it to the roommate, and pack up my life into the back of my car. Can’t wait, though, coz Minneapolis has some super awesome folks in it.

      • Ah hello stranger living a parallel life!! So exciting and nerve racking. I don’t drive so I’ll be shipping my stuff and using the light rail/bus system for as long as I can hold out. Best of luck to you! Wahoo, go twin cities!

        • So excited for both of you! I live a similar-but-not-parallel life: About a year and a half ago, I moved to Minneapolis from Boston for a relationship after three years of being long-distance. I love living here. And I also don’t drive, so I can attest that you can definitely make it work here without a car, especially in near the U where the buses are pretty frequent. Wishing you both the best in your moves!

          • I’m sooo glad to hear that you’ve been able to manage getting around Minneapolis for 1.5 years without driving! I’ve made it 28 years but they were only in east coast cities and all of my girlfriend’s Mpls friends tell me to just learn but there aren’t already so many changes for me I don’t need feel ready to add that huge one either. I can maintain a little bit of my east coast non-driving self :)

  2. My queer-romantic* life partner and I have been doing long distance for almost 3 years. She lives in California and I live in Massachusetts. It’s HARD, but so very very worth it.

    *Kinda midway between queer-platonic and romantic? We couldn’t find an existing term for what we were, so we made our own.

  3. I always told myself I would never, ever get into an LDR…and now I’ve been talking to someone who lives 3 states away and is in entirely different time zone since November ?. So this is relevant to my life ha

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