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Lindsay Lohan’s New Girlfriend? (UPDATE: Not?) Shared Interests Include ‘Art,’ ‘Meaning of Life.’

Does Lindsay Lohan have a new girlfriend? 36-year-old photographer Indrani — a Princeton graduate, photographer and upcoming co-star of Bravo TV show “Exposure” — has reportedly been going on dates with LiLo, being a good influence oh and also discussing art and the meaning of life. This would put Lindsay Lohan on the short-list of bisexual Hollywood starlets who have publicly dated more than one woman.

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Audiostraddle Weekly: Lindsay Lohan’s Lesbian Single “Stuck” Line-by-Line

Lindsay Lohan releases a new single, we’re sure it’s about Samantha Ronson and therefore must dissect it line-by-line. Also, an insider reaction to Gaga’s NYMag cover story. It’s March 30 and so much is happening today! Christina Aguilera and Macy Gray unveil the first singles from their respective albums, while Tegan & Sara unveil all 17 versions of “Alligator”. And there’s still more…

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Lady Gaga’s Birthday, SamRo’s @-Reply, UK’s Gay Wedding, Math & Amanda Seyfried Naked

Really so many random unrelated Sunday Funday stuff today! Happy Lady Gaga’s birthday! Amanda Seyfried, Julianne Moore and soon Jennifer Aniston join the ranks of Straight Women Who Have Played Gay To Mixed Reviews. British politicians get gay married, Spring Break behind-the-scenes, expensive Passover food, the history of white people, Derrick Martin, WBC’s counter-protest, very special sitcom episodes, girls are awesome at math, and lesbians are inspiring Indian fashion. Also, um, LADY GAGA CHATROULETTE

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Lindsay Lohan’s PR Machine De-Gays Lesbian Relationship with Sam

Bisexual Lindsay Lohan wants to get back together with Sam, but is now sticking to the “Sam is the only girl I ever liked” storyline. We know it’s just a story, but we explain why it matters that they’re making her tell it. Gaga exemplifies the modern age with her stardom. Natalie Portman is working on a female stoner comedy. Oh, and we shamelessly ask you to vote for us in some contests!

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Lindsay Lohan & SamRo Seen in Same Location: Now That’s Change We Can Believe In

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were spotted in the same location, which means they’ll probs reunite any minute now! Celebs including Ruby Rose gather in Sydney, Australia to support Wear it With Pride. Could a LiLo/Gaga duet be on the horizon? Glambert turned 28 this weekend! Plus, we’ve got a hot video of Amber Rose, Liza Weil will be on Anyone But Me, RuPaul thinks Gaga is awesome, and Stephen Baldwin is an asshole who supports his gay friends… who follow the lord back into heteroville.