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Welcome back to No Filter, where we keep our fingers firmly on the pulse of all the most important happenings in celebrity Instagram culture. This week, I’m on a mountain with a few hundred of my closest friends, so I can’t stay super up to date with everything going on in Lena Waithe’s life (unless she shows up at A-Camp and asks me to camp prom, in which case I say YES). In lieu of that, I present to you a collection of my favorite dogs. I hope you’re OK with that, and if you’re not, I don’t really have wifi on the mountain so complain allll you want.

Just discovered his reflection #latebloomer

A photo posted by Kate Moennig (@kateomoennig) on

Kate Moennig’s three-legged chihuahua Floyd ponders his own existence.

never not making friends with other people's dogs

A photo posted by @laneia on

This is a pug puppy I don’t know staring at Laneia’s wife Megan the same way I often stare at Megan.

Ladies and gentlemen, my little weirdo… #thunderronson #drunk #englishbulldog

A video posted by Samantha Ronson (@samantharonson) on

Samantha Ronson adopted a brand new English bulldog puppy named Thunder, and Thunder is adorable and squeaks.

Brunching with @annahfeinberg

A photo posted by Lauren Morelli (@lomorelli) on

Classic Duncan.

[instagram url=””]
One of Nylon Digital Editorial Director Gabrielle Korn’s dog Kimberly’s eyes is bigger than the other one and I think I have liked every single picture of her that exists on the whole internet.
Carrie Brownstein has easily the handsomest dogs of this entire post.
Riese and her fiancée Abby got like, the smooshiest dog anybody has ever owned, and this is the only picture I could find where Fancy looked like she might be awake.

[instagram url=””]
Pretty much all Ellen Page ever posts is pictures of her girlfriend and her dog Patter. I probably would too.


A photo posted by @laneia on

Laneia’s dog Penny is one of my favorite dogs of Instagram.

So majestic. So regal. So lion. #happyhalloween #tungipups

A photo posted by Yvonne (@queertejana) on

I’m still trying to understand Snapchat, but my favorite thing on Snapchat so far is the saga of Yvonne’s dog Tungi trying to learn how to walk in dog shoes. Here he is adapting much more readily to life as a lion.

happy fathers day to me. miss my boy every fucking dayyyyyyyyyyyy. ? see you soon buddy.

A photo posted by angel haze? (@angxlhxze) on

Remember when Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin adopted this handsome wolf? I probably miss this dog more than I miss most of my exes. Has anybody seen him? Is he OK? Does he miss me too?

Join us next week, when we get back on track with up-to-date celebrity happenings.

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  1. I love this column, but I am only commenting on this post because there isn’t a POI one yet.
    I also don’t want to say anything about it because spoilers.
    But… please. I need to hear feedback from this community because the rest of the interwebs is horrible.

  2. Patters Page is one of my favourite celebrity dogs! On a side note, I also love Frisbee Meyers, who has the best Instagram. Seth Meyers is basically a lesbian anyway, seeing as he dresses in plaid and is a fairly outspoken feminist ><

  3. One huge (but actually tiny) pup missing from this article is Rhea Butcher and Cameron Esposito’s dog Murphy who can be found on instagram by using the hashtag #murphthederph.

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