No Filter: Leisha Hailey Wants You To Stay In This House And Continue To Rock Her World

Welcome back to No Filter, a collection of some of the findings of this century’s most important sociological study. What the hell do celebrities do on the Internet all week? As far as we can tell, they wear ill-advised outfits, mug around in oversized animal onesies and cuddle with each other. I think I can handle that. Let’s get to it!

Leisha Hailey wants to be your dirty secret, your… rock of love. ROCK OF LOVE.

Did you think Laverne Cox could get any babelier? Well, here she is in glasses.


#cancer meets #AQUARIUS I LOVE SHARON TATE #themeLOOK ?????????#hippieWINTERCHIC @lavishalice #tagoverload

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People were pretty upset that Lindsay Lohan chose Charles Manson’s birthday as the perfect day to roll out her Sharon Tate-inspired ensemble. It was also my birthday, but I’m mainly offended by the top.

Somethings cookin…#thebassment

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I would pay a ridiculous amount of money to have been a fly on the wall during this summit of skinny, famous, impossibly jaunty queermos.

Ellen Page and Alia Shawkat celebrate the birth of Peaches, as we all must.

Trycurious is trying pottery, and tonight was very…well, trying. During my classes I've been "perfecting" this process of making imperfect pieces with delicate edges; I like that they are almost paper thin and wavy because they don't look manufactured- only human hands can do this, plus they look very organic and earthy- they remind me of water. It's exciting for me to be experimenting with a new medium, and I'm having so much fun playing around with the process. Anyways, a guy in the studio tonight saw me doing this piece and called out for our teacher to "come help this girl, she doesn't know what she is doing". When I tell you that the rage of a thousand firey suns unleashed their flames from my eyes ??????! I looked at him and said "i DO NOT need help, I actually like what I'm doing and I'm happy with it and I WANT IT THIS WAY THANKYOUVERYMUCH" (mind your own GD business succinctly implied). Fortunately my teacher and another student made comments about how my work was just fine and they liked it and that it didnt need to be perfect to be of value. Honestly I don't need anybody to like my work cause I am LOVING IT, but I do need them to respect it. Art is so special because there is no right or wrong way to create it, and I pity the perfectionist who can't see the beauty of that.

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I can’t stop watching this video of Jasika Nicole learning the art of pottery, which she will eventually use to build an entire Pier One Imports full of ceramic delights. We get it, OK? You’re good at everything. You can calm down any time you’re ready (JK, never stop).

I like him a little. @shemarfmoore

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Real-life bisexual Kirsten Vangsness and Shemar Moore being adorable people on the internet.

Some things never change

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Cara Delevingne has basically always been this way.

"This is what happens when we stay up past Samira's bedtime ?" [email protected]

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I guess Tegan and Sara used to dress in the same kinds of outfits that got me mercilessly teased in third grade, which is sort of comforting. The 80s were a weird time.

Join us next week, when Jasika Nicole teaches us how to bake gluten-free muffins in an oven she built herself in her garage.

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    • As someone who actually stood next to her in line at a Rite Aid, I have to agree. I don’t remember her being that tall, in fact Samantha(who was standing next to her) was/is taller. As for what we can do, maybe get her to read Autostraddle?

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