Lindsay Lohan & SamRo Seen in Same Location: Now That’s Change We Can Believe In

LOHAN: In which we continue to inexplicably care A LOT about Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson… big news!(And thanks to reader catie for the tips-fest) the two were seen in the same video, leaving Teddy’s in Hollywood. You know what that means — they were breathing the same airspace, which is practically second base. Super reliable news source TMZ reports: “The two were seen out at Teddy‘s together, but left separately — Linds taking off in the passenger seat of Sam’s car while Ronson’s sister drove.” Yes indeed, LiLo left in a car with Lovely Annabelle, probably to go shop for wedding gowns.

DJ Sammy SamRo on Jan 30

The video’s labeled “Someone’s Confused,” which we found confusing. After 3-4 views of said video, we remained confused regarding the source of the confusion mentioned in the video’s title — is Lindsay confused about what car to drive in? Is Sam confused to see Lindsay? Is Lindsay confused about leggings? Are the paparazzi confused about following people around with cameras and shouting in their faces?

Silly us! We should’ve just read the video description in the sidebar!

“Lindsay Lohan just can’t make up her mind — because two weeks after she was seen sucking face with a dude, she was spotted back out with her ex — the female Samantha Ronson.


TMZ, we h8 you.

Firstly, because our tunnelvision refuses to absorb any news related to Lindsay being with anyone other than Samantha Ronson, we have no idea what the hell this “face-sucking a dude” nonsense is all about. According to x17, Lohan went to Teddy’s to see her “NYE fling ” “DJ Jus Ske,” which sounds untrue, his last name is missing a vowel.

Secondly, even if that IS true, how is that confusion? News flash: bisexuality exists!! Maybe Lindsay’s confused about who specifically she wants to date, or if she wants to date at all, but nothing about that alleged information suggests any deviation from her stated sexuality.

Lindsay and Annabelle in Samantha's Car

Of course, there’s plenty more sexist misogynist heteronormative nonsense out there on the interwebs today, like the headline from Hollywood Online reading “Ex-Boyfriend and Ex-Lesbian attend Adam Lambert’s birthday bash.” Ex-lesbian? Really? Was Lindsay shipped off to Exodus International? No? Okay then I think it’s safe to say she’s still bisexual. Besides as aforementioned, her and Samantha are likely very close to rekindling the flame… or um, being friends. Whatever it is, headlines like these are disappointing, to say the least, in this day and age.

Oh right! But back to our boyfriend Adam Lambert. The two were also seen at Glambert’s birthday bash so really we’d really like to start out today by apologizing to him for missing his birthday on Friday. HAPPY 28th, BUDDY! Sounds like his party was fun. Lindsay showed up, though no one can really tell if she was crashing or not. Coincidentally, Samantha was also present. JUST SAYING. (@hollywoodgossip)

ABM: Anyone But Me has won FOUR Indie Soap Awards! They won for Best Writing, Best Storyline, Best Lead Actress, and Best Supporting Actor. Congratulations to them!

And there’s more to look forward to this season. Liza Weil of “Gilmore Girls” fame will have guest star soon! She’ll have a multi-ep arc where she plays a pregnant psychiatrist. (@newteevee)

SYDNEY: Over in Sydney, Australia, celebrities including Ruby Rose, Kylie Gillies and Natalie Bassingthwaighte came together to show their support for the Wear it With Pride campaign which aims to educate Australians about 85 same-sex law reforms that would positively affect the lives of same-sex couples. The reforms were commemorated by a display of 85 T-shirts designed by local and international designers in the Opera House forecourt. Attending celebrities made a short speech each to highlight how their own lives have been affected by the laws:

Graeme Innes, who was the Australian commissioner for human rights when the reforms were being negotiated, told ABC News that the reforms meant nothing unless more people were aware of them.

Kylie Gillies, Ruby Rose and Natalie Bassingthwaighte

AMBER ROSE: Kanye West’s hot bisexual girlfriend/beard Amber Rose did a photoshoot with Persona magazine recently, and here’s some lovely behind-the-scenes footage:

There’s apparently some deeper significance about London skinheads or something, but OMG I think she might’ve licked a knife at some point in there?!?! Awesome. And that music was perf. (@persona)

DRAG RACE: RuPaul loves Lady Gaga, too!

PW: So what do you think of someone like Lady GaGa, who obviously appropriates a lot of drag culture in her shows?
RuPaul: I think she’s brilliant. At its core, drag is about sampling all aspects of pop culture and repurposing a lot of ideas. And that’s what GaGa does — someone of my generation, I can pinpoint what she took from where. The same was true of Madonna. We knew when she was doing Dietrich or Monroe or Barbarella. A smart person knows the future belongs to those who can remember the past.

Season 2 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” premiered last night, and you should really be watching it. (@nypost)

GAGA/LILO?: Look, all of our favorite people are in today’s fix! Speaking of Lohan, her deepest, truest wish might actually come true, you guys! No, not Samantha tweeting back. Recording a song with Lady Gaga! (Let’s be real, though, Lindsay wants an @ reply from Gaga just as much as she wants one from Sam.) “I can pair them up,” says Jerkins, whose most recent collaboration was on Gaga’s “Telephone” featuring Beyoncé. “I would love it. I would love to see what could happen.” I’ll believe it when I hear it. (@E!)

BALDWIN: Stephen Baldwin comes off as a real jackass in this interview from the Guardian, and we suspect this must be because he is a real jackass.

The day after, we speak again on the phone and I ask him what he’d do if one of his girls came out as a lesbian and the other became a stripper. “Jesus or no Jesus, if my kid started working in a strip club, I’d beat her ass,” he hoots. “Now, the other question is interesting and culturally relevant. I have two or three very dear friends who are homosexual and they know I’m born again and we have an understanding that we’re just not going there…”

I’m not surprised. For the next 20 minutes, we have an intense discussion – argument, really – during which Stephen reveals that he’s all for gay men who, through their faith, reject their homosexuality and get married: “To turn away from that lifestyle is astonishing.” Yes, Stephen, it is. And he’s definitely not for gay marriage.

In other news, the woman who wrote that article is a badass, and I want to be best friends with her. Other choice bits:

Stephen was convinced that 9/11 was a sign from the Lord. Which it may have been, though it’s hard to believe that God caused all that tragedy just to inform one fairly successful actor that he should jack in his career and start skateboarding for Jesus.

She ends the article decidedly after Stephen says he answers a question about gay marriage by explaining that he doesn’t think it’s right for the minority to make decisions that impact the majority. The writer asks, “Honestly, what is it about American born-again Christians that makes them so intolerant? ­Whatever happened to loving thy ­neighbour?” Good question. (@guardian)

MISS AMERICA: Caressa Cameron was crowned Miss America this weekend. Her views on gays are def not great, though she’s no Carrie Prejean. (@queerty)

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  1. Miranda Sawyer (who wrote the Stephen Baldwin article) is indeed badass, and pretty cute too. Spotted her once, doing a music quiz in a pub in London (that’s a lie actually, my sister spotted her, I am so blind that once I didn’t even notice Julie Andrews on the table next to me while eating cake in Vienna. Perhaps we are all surrounded by culturally significant people but are too busy daydreaming to notice. The cake wasn’t even that good).

    Shit, forgot what I was going to say.

  2. Yeah, about gay marriage. I think in this specific case the minority makes a decision for the minority, but whatever. Oh wait, didn’t the majority in, let’s say California for example, make a decision for the minority? And since when are born-again christians the majority? Aren’t they outnumbered by mormons anyway?
    //thus wrote an Ignorant European

    • If you had more room in your heart for Jesus who died for your sins, I bet you would’ve gotten to keep that window seat.

  3. Every name should have a vowell. At least in this country. And now I’m randomly thinking of Sarah Vowell. Her whole name IS Vowell and also has two. Vowells (with a litle “v”), that is. And no, I’m not a midday drunk. I just have a cold and the primary syptom seems to be awkward rambling.

    • And in some sort of karmic smackdown, I OMITTED CONSONANTS FROM THE WORDS “LITTLE” AND “SYMPTOM” in my comment! The letters are out to get me today. Or this government issue keyboard sucks.

      • I went to school in Sweden for a year, and there was a guy who – he wasn’t swedish,btw – was called mkrttchian. ;)

    • was that when he was in Encino Man or um, some other movie like that, maybe with Brendan Fraser or something, I can’t remember. However I do remember THREESOME

  4. Don’t know what that skinhead thing was but LORD that is one attractive woman.

    Can I just ask, do people really dig Anyone But Me? Maybe it’s because I only watched a couple of episodes, but I really thought the writing was terrible. Do I need to give it another chance? Did I miss something?

    Also Liza Weil drool I’ll always love you Paris, drool…

  5. Hi since no-one else wants to respond to this impressive bit of breaking news reported here regarding Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, I will. I just want to say that I hope that, as suggested here, they are one step away from rekindling the flame. As you may recall Lohan looked very cute a few weeks ago in that hoodie dress, is clearly getting her act together, and 2010 will be a banner year for all. thank you.

    • I was going to reply by saying that I hope they get back together because then I can whip out my Lindsay and Sam barbie dolls again! They were going strong there for a while, but now they are packed away. I wanted to respect their decision to split. If they don’t get back together I am THIS CLOSE to buying the Bella and Edward dolls for my desk…

    • Riese, I have a further update regarding Lindsay and Sam. Sam stayed over at Lindsay’s apartment on the 28th Jan(btw they live in the same building) which is actually their ‘special date’. Had there not been that break last year it would have been, from what I understand, their 4 year anniversary. Also, on the career front, Lindsay had a business meeting with Steven Soderbergh the other day.

      I want one of these! How cool are they?

    • I like to think that the reason the future is so bright is because of the reflection coming off the giant engagement ring Sam will eventually give Lindsey. And the Gaga-inspired silver outfit I will be wearing at the ceremony.

  6. as someone who has seen EVERY movie steven baldwin ever made for the scifi channel, i really enjoyed that interview.

    also i really hope lilo and sam are on for real, sam’s hair looked real cute in that still and also i really don’t want leah to buy those edward and bella dolls, no offense leah

  7. I honestly can’t remember Stephen Baldwin’s career. Was he the dumb one in the Flinstones movie?

    I’m glad that he thinks the answer to his children taking a path he doesn’t approve of is physical violence. Baby Jesus would be rolling over in his grave if he had stayed in it. Instead I like to picture him looking down and shouting “WHAT THE FUCK, MAN! I did NOT tell you to do that!”

    Also, once upon a time Christians were the minority. I bet he doesn’t reflect back on those times and think, “Man, if only the majority had kept the Christian minority in their place.”

  8. So, Stephen Baldwin was in this show called “The Young riders,” which was about pony express riders in Missouri (or one of those states). He played William F. Cody. I think the show ran from 1990 to like 1992 or something like that. But because i have the best mom ever, she recorded it for me on vhs, because I wanted to ride horses/ be a cowgirl. This hasn’t changed much, but my love for Stephen Baldwin/ all the Baldwin bros def has.

  9. X17 is repeatedly busted making up stories and is known not to give up when discovered lying. They don’t have sources but are a straight up photo agency that gets either videos or photos only. They will know locations but have no inside scoop as proven by several cases of erroneous information. They once stated Ronson was cheating with a woman she hugged. The woman was Ronson’s half-sister which the uninformed X17 did not know. Anyways DJ JusSke is Samantha Ronson’s close friend who made the mistake of giving Lohan a hug greeting in public. X17 then decided it was true love. I can’t make this stuff up. So they had their story planned when Lindsay arrived at Teddy’s. Only problem is that several tweets came through saying Ronson and Lohan are together again. What to do? Well X17 just made up a story. Here’s the funny thing. A lesbian chat site you all might know guessed the story exactly. In fact, X17 may have copied their story from the fake rumor. They are known to steal information from the site. Here’s the even funnier thing. Ronson dropped JusSke, her pal, at his next dj event before heading home. Hence the separate vehicles.

    As for the kissing rumor, that is true. It was a French actor and it appeared Lohan kissed him in a staged video. Most sites figured it was Lohan’s attempt to win back Ronson by making her jealous. Apparently it worked.

    • ok sherlock i like your story better than the story about her ‘sucking face’ with some dj dude. really i like any story where they end up together! whoo hoo!

      i think of those tabloid papers or whatnot as being like fun stories people make up using characters we’re all familiar with. I guess in general there are a lot of things about those websites that confuse me.

  10. Sarah, Alec and William Baldwin are both outspoken supporters of not just LGBT rights but of same sex marriage. Alec has publically stated he disagrees with his brother’s behavior. Don’t judge Alec and William by Stephen.

    • At first I thought that you were commenting to Sarah who wrote this article and I was confused, then I realized you were commenting to the commenter Sarah so that makes more sense.

      And Alec is in 30 Rock and 30 Rock loves gay people! I however have never been able to get into 30 Rock, which is sad.

      • Funny story, I know the commenter Sarah! Hi! We used to work together, it was very confusing for everyone.

        Riese, how many times have you tried with 30 Rock? It’s probs worth trying again.

      • I don’t watch 30 Rock either. It’s my dirty lesbian secret since Tina Fey love seems to be the new lesbian requirement.

        • You all need to try harder! I think Tina Fey is lovely, but not really in a fanciable way, but my best friend is totally in love with her and mildly obsessed, so I need to keep up for his sake.

          Watched first couple of eps of season 3 last night, and was the first time in ages I had laughed at a sitcom til my spleen almost ruptured.

          Persevere, so you too can experience the joy of spleen-ache.

    • I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I’m not usually a huge fan of Nats (probably because my only exposure to her is SYTYCD Australia), but she’s starting to seriously grow on me.

      • I’ve been in love with the Bass ever since we boogied on the dancefloor at the ARIA after party. My idea of dancing is a lot less graceful than hers, but she humoured me anyway. It was a special moment that challenged the preconception I had of her.

  11. I don’t think lindsay is confused at all about who she wants to be with, its more like Sam Ronson who can’t make up her mind. The general notion is pretty much that its up to Ronson; who is the one who tends to leave. Lindsay takes her back every time and is pretty much fixated on Ronson.

    • Yeah, I don’t really know why I want them to get back together so much. If it were me or one my friends so desperate to get back with an ex I’d be all like “Oh hell no, find yourself another better woman.”

  12. Yeah, I actually breathed a sigh of relief the last time they broke up. I loved them when they got together but alas now. They’re this passionate but self-destructive couple trapped in an endless cycle of tweeting and fighting and crying and breaking up and LiLo being all “I wish I knew how to quit you.” I feel like every interaction between them should take place on a windswept moor.

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