Lindsay/Sam “Lesbian Affair” Thing Will Outlast The Heat Death Of The Universe


Isn’t it funny that this can still be a news story? It’s like that time that they tried to say fossil fuels actually were a renewable resource and so we didn’t have to worry about peak oil or whatever, except with lesbians. Anyways, Lilo and Sam were seen leaving a club together! Specifically, it was Teddy’s nightclub in LA. They were also seen entering and leaving the Roosevelt Hotel at 1:45 AM with Sam driving, and wherever they went after that (Sam’s place?) they spent the whole night. Just like Ani said. Sam, aka She Who Never Tweets About The Thing With Her And Lilo, even tweeted about it. Which means probs they’re definitely going to get commitment ceremonied barefoot on a beach wearing matching white outfits and wreaths of flowers and/or a fedora. RIGHT YOU GUYS???

Anyways we just wanted you to know that. While you are taking this time to recover from your last week and/or shoring up your emotional reserves for the one ahead, know that two women who are both very attractive according to different aesthetics were in the same place at the same time and also probably in the same place privately possibly in some sort of bedroom situation! STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO, OMFG.


Hi hello possibly you are aware of this adorable ten year old girl who somehow came out with a cover of Born This Way about twenty-five seconds after it was released. She is veryverycutedotcom. Gaga herself freaked out over the cover, and now young Maria Aragon gets to duet with Gaga in Toronto in March. I have been alive almost three times longer than this girl and that’s still never happened to me, so that’s pretty good!


If you have somehow made it to the 20th and still not done anything for Black History Month, the least your sorry ass can do is click over and appreciate this list of just a few important black figures from American history who are/were gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. I mean for real, if you don’t know about James Baldwin or Angela Davis or Bessie Smith or Audre Lorde, you have a busy Sunday ahead of you. Here is a handy video to help you out!


Today I found out that @FeministBieber exists. The world we like to imagine we live in!

Also, there’s this.


Someone married him! That’s a thing! Hallelujah and mazeltov.


H&M is doing a Fashion Against AIDS collection, as it has for four years now, but this year the collection is going to be unisex. I cannot be the only person for whom this would solve almost every clothing dilemma they have. Also, money towards AIDS research! Everyone wins, kind of!


This seems like a nice thing: Bring Your Gay Teen To Church Day! “Joanna Crawford, a seminary student at the Houston Graduate School of Theology, said the idea came up after the suicide last fall of Asher Brown, a Cypress-area eighth-grader who killed himself after what his parents said were years of bullying and taunts that he was gay. It is a project of the Houston Clergy Council, formed last year to allow churches to work together on shared concerns. “None of us knew Asher, but we felt if we could get families into our churches, where they have support, where they feel loved for who they are, not in spite of it, something good could come of that,” Crawford said.”


Is this good news or just a vindictive sense of satisfaction? Not sure. Either way, the weird and dangerous internet collective Anonymous has announced that it plans to launch an offensive against the Westboro Baptist Church. Is this because they support equal rights or just because they enjoy being mean? Who knows! Here’s what they said:

You have condemned the men and women who serve, fight, and perish in the armed forces of your nation; you have prayed for and celebrated the deaths of young children, who are without fault; you have stood outside the United States National Holocaust Museum, condemning the men, women, and children who, despite their innocence, were annihilated by a tyrannical embodiment of fascism and unsubstantiated repugnance… ANONYMOUS cannot abide this behavior any longer. The time for us to be idle spectators in your inhumane treatment of fellow Man has reached its apex, and we shall now be moved to action.”


Hawaii is really killing it w/r/t gay stuff this week, they have just appointed their first out lesbian justice to the State Supreme Court. “Mrs. McKenna, a longtime state judge, was born in Tokyo and raised by a single mother in Hawaii before attending law school at University of Hawaii. She and her domestic partner, Denise Yamashiro, have three children.”

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  1. I read Lindsay moved in next door to SamRo in Venice Beach after Rehab.

    And apparently none of them were in the club ( Teddys). Lindsay was there to meet SamRo who was at a birthday dinner for a friend at the Roosevelt hotel.

    I think they are totally back together though because SamRo usually avoids speaking on anything Lindsay related after they broke up.

      • Shit just got real.

        LOL at “The only reason the internet exists is for the Westboro Baptist Church to tell this nation & this world that your destruction draws nigh.”
        Bible quoted and all! Priceless… wasn’t aware that Colossians talked about the internet. I guess ya learn something new everyday.

    • They’re a section in 4Chan- they fight for freedom of speech and entertainment. Usually members wear the Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta. They are very good at hacking and collaborating amongst themsevles. In fact, I believe they already attacked and hacked the website “god hates fags” and stated they want to hire male “escorts” and send them to the WBC…

      WBC should not challenge the very people who hacked google and youtube…

  2. Yay! Sam and lindsay were so cute together. I used to love them.
    Also i am rooting for Lindsay to get her professional and legal matters together and move on. I loved that girl back in the mean girls/freaky friday days.

  3. I kind of think the Lohan/Ronson thing is sort of good for lesbian visibility, because like, Lohan does not “look” like a lesbian and she’s a famous actress. But then agaon, she’s always getting arrested and seems like a basketcase. So…

    “Is this because they support equal rights or just because they enjoy being mean? Who knows!” LOL. They’re gonna have to bring their A-game if they are announcing it ahead of time. Giving the Westboro Freak Show Clan a dose of their own medicine would just be funny to me.

  4. anonymous and the 4chan brigade, while are all a bunch of basement dwellers who sometimes do really disturbing things, generally have a really awesome moral compass for ridiculous real life things.

    also, they are the people who spam-voted justin bieber to tour in north korea which i dont think anyone can find not awesome.

    • I am inclined to agree; sometimes they do good stuff, sometimes they don’t. Still though, in everything I personally write on the internet, I give them small props and a healthy sense of reverence. I’ve heard what they can do, and that is not the kind of wrath I’d like to incur on myself or anybody I like.

      In this particular case, however, I hope Anonymous finds dozens of ways to disrupt the WBC message and goingson. That shit is just yucky.

      • yeah they also invented a fake gay suicide last october, which was fun

        but i liked it when they took down the scientologists

        • They recently hacked the site “godhatesfags” and wanted to send male protitutes to WBC…. love how the WBC called them lame hackers- these are the people who have hacked YT and Google. and i can agree with the scientologist take down- did you know you can not wear the guy fawkes mask near a scientologist church or else they call the cops on you? couple of us tried this in new york…they did not like us at all XD

    • According to the latest updates on their website, Anonymous are NOT going after the WBC – it’s apparently the WBC folks themselves who wrote this fake open letter and its reply to set them a trap to sue them and make $$$/get people to talk about them.
      These guys just made even bigger fools of themselves than they already were.

    • Weren’t they the ones that posted flashing strobe-light type animations on an epilepsy website? I think these people are a) just kind of assholes b) like attention. I guess it’s the old adage that an enemy of my enemy is my friend. But cheering on Anonymous for attacking WBC is a little like cheering on North Korea for going after al-Queda. I still think any fucking with WBC is funny though because they overreact so dramatically and stupidly. I’ll wait to see if anything happens.

    • i wondered about that. she’s got a beautiful voice, and she didn’t shy away from the other words that some people found objectionable.

      it’s a good cover, just wish it were complete.

    • So much of the censorship and marginalising of LGBT people is done in the name of, “WILL SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!” It’s one of the most insidious forms of homophobia there is.

  5. Excuse me, I don’t even care about Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson’s relationship status, but I just wanted to say that the title “lesbian affair” made me cringe, specially since it is coming from Autostraddle and not some queer-insensitive media source.

    There are no lesbian relationships, as well as no heterosexual relationships, and of course how ridiculous would it be to write “bisexual relationship”? What would that even mean? There are however, lesbian, heterosexual and bisexual people. Who are in opposite or same-sex relationships. That’s how it goes. Possibly a minor detail for you, but for me, as a bisexual, I feel overlooked, again. And notice how both Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have defined their sexual orientation as bisexual, so there isn’t even the excuse that “lesbian affair” would refer to each of the person’s orientation. I find it weird that Riese let that pass by.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Luisa

      I am sorry that you felt the headline was sensationalistic or a misrepresentation of Sam or Linday’s self-reported identification or sloppy journalism. I had no intention of hurting feelings, and honestly I picked that headline because I thought the entire idea was funny, and meant to sarcastically reference the ‘queer-insensitive media sources’ that you mention. I will go back and insert scare quotes into the headline this very moment so that it is clearer that I meant this sentiment in a hyperbolic scare-quotes sense.

      Also a point I feel worth mentioning – both Riese and I are in fact bisexual! For real! So yes, that is more than “a minor detail” for me. I understand that it hurts when it seems people have made assumptions about you or others, but I think things will work best if we all work to avoid making those same assumptions about each other. I promise promise promise that any biphobic or bi-insensitive vibe you get from anything on this website is purely circumstantial/imaginary, because between Riese and I we write probably 75% of our content, and we have been putting up with the same shit you have for our entire adult lives and we are never going to knowingly perpetuate it ourselves.

      Thank you.

    • As for bisexual relationships, what about polyamorous relationships where a person is a relationship with people of both gender extremes? It happens.

      Not to mention the inherent trans erasure that exists in the term “bisexual”…

      • “Not to mention the inherent trans erasure that exists in the term “bisexual””

        Good call Dina. I just got around to happily identifying as bisexual (I went to an all-girls’ school, I know a lot a LOT of bi-in-front-of-guys girls, it made me ragey and mean) and now I have to move to pansexual? it’s so hard to be considerate of others, whine whine whine #cisgenderedproblems

      • “Not to mention the inherent trans erasure that exists in the term ‘bisexual'”

        That’s new. To me anyway. Can you elaborate?

        • Re-reading her post Dina may have been joking. But: does bisexual mean “attracted to cisgendered people of both genders”? Does it mean “attracted to cis and trans people of both genders, but not to genderqueer or intersex people”? Does it mean “attracted to people of whatever gender who have sexy librarian specs and cut-glass abs”?

          Basically, the use of the prefix “bi” can be said to reduce the very complicated world of gender down to “men” and “women” (with probably a lot of cisgendered baggage) and consequently is at least worth thinking seriously about, especially if you *wouldn’t* describe your sexuality as “attracted to cisgendered men and women”.

          NB to anyone reading this: I am not as good on trans people-friendly language as I’d like to be so if I need a kick, kick me.

        • I just came back to this page to see if that comment was ever explained. Um, apparently Dina thinks that only being attracted to men and women (including trans ones) erases people who don’t fit into the gender binary? Or something. Like pansexuality is the more inclusive term for bisexuality (they’re actually different orientations)…

  6. “If you have somehow made it to the 20th and still not done anything for Black History Month, the least your sorry ass can do is click over and appreciate this..”

    For whatever reason, this part stuck out to me. So just a quick question really – in case another fellow reader may wonder to themselves as well – just what should one do for Black History Month?

    *P.S. After reading the Oscar article + comments, I feel I should disclaimer this a little: I’m just curious about what the writer feels one should do since if one has not done SOMETHING, they are apparently a “sorry ass”…that’s all :)

    • hello i’m glad you asked. there is an excellent chance that there are community-based and/or educational events in your city, for instance here is a list of some things happening in nyc. public libraries and museums often sponsor things like speakers or historical lectures. i would suggest attending as many as possible, both because you can learn a lot and have a really great time. if you can’t make any of those or can’t find any, read the autobiography of malcolm x. read james baldwin, especially the fire next time. read incidents in the live of a slave girl or angela davis’s autobiography. it’s great that you read Gabby’s Oscar article; maybe try reading the original For Colored Girls play. read alice walker and toni morrison. right now i’m reading cane by jean toomer.

      also feel free to talk about this stuff, feel free to call your mom or your college roommate or your grandma and say “hey have you read letter from a birmingham jail lately? no that’s cool i’ve actually got it right here, i’ll read you the entire thing, don’t even worry about it.”

      if you are someone who makes a point of being actively conscious and appreciative of the contributions of black and african-american people to our culture and our country 365 days 12 months a year, that’s great, and thank you. if you are someone who is aware of the intensive whitewashing efforts that make up the other 11 months of the year and wonder if setting one month aside doesn’t kind of enable and excuse that, i get where you’re coming from. but for people who refuse to consider these realities, and who would rather watch real housewives and gripe about when NPR will get back to its regular programming, then yes i guess i do think those people are sort of ‘sorry.’ as in i am sorry for them. like honestly.

      • I’m not an activist by any means, so I suppose I’m out of the loop a bit about what people can do, so thanks for the suggestions.
        I tend to just appreciate the contributions of people in general to our culture & our country, so I don’t immediately think to do anything different for a particular holiday/month/etc.

        • I hear you on that. I kind of forgot it was Black History Month? Incidentally I started reading I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings the other day and didn’t realize it was timely.

  7. Dear H&M, Anonymous, Joanna Crawford, and Hawaii,

    I love you right now. Well, Anon, I nearly always love you so this isn’t really news, but still.


  8. For Black History Month I re-read Octavia Butler’s “Kindred” and read Nalo Hopkinson’s “Brown Girl in the Ring” for the first time. Both heartily recommended! If you’re going to read them both, definitely read Hopkinson second, since it’s got a lighter and more hopeful tone. “Kindred” is brilliant, but harsh (as well it should be, given the subject matter).

    • OCTAVIA BUTLERRRRRRRRR. love her. Kindred is brilliant. I have to get on to Nalo Hopkinson! *self-motivates*

      • Ooh, you should definitely get on Nalo Hopkinson! She’s fantastic! “Brown Girl in the Ring” is just as great as I’d always heard it was and ages ago I read “The Salt Roads” ages ago and loved it. That one’s got some fun timeline stuff going on.


  10. It was suspicious that Sam, who (as the writer pointed out) never tweets about Lindsay or even replies to her tweets, is all of a sudden telling the world Lindsay is asleep next to her? huh?

    I now question if Sam has anything other than selfish intentions. Ronson may as well have tweeted ‘yeah, I just got laid.’ Other than Demi & Ashton, who does that?

    Sam obviously perceives herself as the single stabilizing force in Lindsay’s life, so when things look really bad for Lindsay (i.e: one foot wrong and she could go to prison for a very long time), ta-daa! there’s Sam in the picture – appearing to be the savior. Some might say that’s a good friend, but now I wonder.

    It was only recently when Sam was asked about Lindsay she replied “I don’t know who that is” (knowing full well that it would be reported and get back to Lindsay). That’s a lot of power to have over a younger woman who doesn’t have the most stable personality.

  11. i like lindsay grew up watching her and think shes always been a great girl .. she has troubles but who the hell dosent. she just has to deal with every one talking about her and watching her when it all hits the fan and im sure that sucks … you go lindsay do whats right for you !!!! :)

  12. This is unrelated, but I just found out there was an earthquake in NZ. If you live there, I hope you & yours are OK.

    • As a New Zealander whose heart is just aching, thanks so much for thinking of us ‘diver’, it was really nice to see that message.
      Nobody has really heard from all their friends / families yet, so I don’t know if everyone that I know is ok. The unofficial estimated death toll is 200-400, pretty tough for a country of 4 million :( That part of NZ has suffered a bunch of damaging earthquakes in the past 6 months so let’s hope Mother Nature is done.

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