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The Girls of Candy Slice Comedy: The Autostraddle Photoshoot & Interview

Candy Slice Comedy’s parody of Lady Gaga & Beyoncè’s “Video Phone” blasted the all-girl improv group into the starry galaxies of YouTube fame. We catch up with the crazy, sexy, hilarious girls for a killer photoshoot & an interview that will make you ROFL all night long. Topics discussed include vagina dialogues, how babies ruin improv, and brand overlords.


Kim Stolz Smiles With Her Eyes: The Autostraddle Interview

“When time came for them to watch Top Model, which they did, I think they started seeing gayness in a normal and great light, because people liked me for that on the show. That was an attractive part of me on the show, it wasn’t anything embarrassing or perverted, and it was just a great thing. I think they started seeing me through the eyes of all the accepting people.”


Kate McKinnon: The Autostraddle Photoshoot

” I’m not sick of lesbian jokes, I think they’re all true, and I love them. I love that if I wanted to walk around and not shave my legs and have a bad attitude, wear a belt buckle the size of a burrito, I could. I could, and that would be okay because people expect that of me, and I like that people expect that of me.”