Autostraddle Calendar Girls: Jennifer is Miss January

Welcome to our very first month of Autostraddle Calendar Girls! We just think Maxim, COED and Playboy shouldn’t get to corner the market on “monthly devotions to very very good looking women.” We know lots of hot lesbians who also look good casually lounging on bedsheets and hanging out at the pool/on the couch.

Each month our photographer Robin will shoot a Le Cadeau by Robin set (as featured on WeTV) with one beautiful, talented, smart, interesting and sexy lesbian lady. At the end of the year, we’ll have a pretty kickass calendar that you can buy for 2011, which is our last year on earth before the apocalypse. Don’t you want to keep track of that in style?

So, if you’re a gay lady who wants to be an Autostraddle Calendar Girl and you live in the New York City area, email Robin at robin [at] autostraddle dot com. Send three photos of yourself and tell us why you’d be a kickass Calendar Girl.

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This month’s Autostraddle Calendar Girl is:

Jennifer Nieves

Miss January

Jennifer Nieves is an up-and-coming New York City entertainer you may recall from the all-lady comedy troupe Candy Slice. In addition to writing, directing and starring in a lot of shorts, she’s appeared in many indie films as well as primetime network shows like CSI and Law & Order.

Robin says: Jennifer is probably the girl I’ve photographed the most over the past few years. She’s one of my little muses. Whenever I have a project where I need a model, I think of her right away. The thing I like about Jennifer’s look is that you can’t really categorize her into one “type” and her features are both dramatic and naturally beautiful. Because she’s an actress, she’s totally comfortable being in front of the lens.  Plus, she’s a sweetheart and so easy to work with.

You can find Jennifer at the WOW performing “empowering raw art pieces” and dreaming of one day starring in a Pedro Almodavar film.

Here’s the Playmate Data Sheet on Jennifer:

When she’s not taking long walks on the beach and thinking about world peace, Jennifer is visiting local art & photography exhibits, watching foreign films, collaborating on indie art projects and making new friends. She hopes to one day create an art revolution that could benefit the world. Oh yeah, she’s also totally single. That’s right, ladies, eat your heart out.

Pedro Almadavor and lovely ladies can contact Jennifer at jennifernieve [at] gmail [dot] com.



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Robin is the founder and CEO of Robin Roemer Photography. When she’s not busy photographing portraits, fashions or famous people, she’ll be sharing her photos and musings here on autostraddle. Robin is an aggressive hugger and likes traveling and cute shoes. If you want, she will also photograph your gay wedding or your cute girlfriend. Follow her on twitter. Contact: robin[at]

Robin has written 82 articles for us.


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  2. because this feature is such a good idea, i think that autostraddle’s 2010 should have at least 13 months, possibly more. think of the hot women we could include for smarch and febtober!

  3. 1) This made me want to listen to that Stars song, Calendar Girl, which I had forgotten I loved, so yay.
    2) The photos are gorgeous.
    3) This is a great feature! I am amped about the 11 ladies to come.

  4. This not only makes me happy because it means more of Robin’s photography and more beautiful women, but it makes me indescribably happy to have planned my calendar purchase a YEAR IN ADVANCE.

    Gorgeous photos. And totally agree/hope for the same changes in the world.

  5. I’m a newby in the girl on girl scene & consequently a new Autostraddle reader. The first article that I read was the candy slice one & I thought to myself “Wow, Jennifer IS sexy.” Thank you Autosraddle for bringing her back. I’m mesmerized by her eyes, lips, perfect smile, and want to change the world with her.TMI.I think that I’m obsessed with her. I’m buying that calendar & framing her pic.

    • i liked it the first way. because now i am trying to come up with different ways to pronounce preorder that make it sound like you are asking to do something other than pre-order, and coming up with definitions based on the pronunciation that are inappropriate and should not be repeated. i am doing this out loud alone in my apartment.

  6. omg, i can’t believe that this is the same girl who plays rose. is this the same girl!? i mean, she looks hot as rose (that’s why i followed the link…lol) BUT she’s even hotter as jennifer. good actress.

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