Photoshoot with Adam Lambert, Autostraddle’s Sexiest Man of 2009

Hey guys it’s me Robin for Autofocus!  Isn’t Adam Lambert so hot/handsome/pretty? In fact, we’ve decided to give him Autostraddle’s Sexiest Man of the Year Award. Here are a few more images of him from our shoot last week!

adam lambert

“People aren’t used to seeing a gay man portrayed [sexually] on TV. The gay male image in the media tends to be very cliché and safe… I think I got up there [at the American Music Awards] and put more energy, a little more I was attempting to interpret the lyrics of the song quite simply. I was putting on a character, putting on a persona being this kind of rock star, kind of dangerous kind of guy.”

-Adam Lambert on Ellen (Dec 1st, 2009)

adam lambert

“There’s the old industry idea that you should just make sexuality a non-issue, just say your private life’s your private life, and not talk about it. But that’s bullshit, because private lives don’t exist anymore for celebrities: they just don’t. I don’t want to be looking over my shoulder all the time … That’s not cool, that’s not being a rock star. I can’t do that.”

adam lambert

“If you ever feel different, hold your head up high. We’re artists. We’re all crazy. And that’s good-crazy!”

adam lambert

“I just want to play dress up and be fabulous. When you’re a kid, you do the make-believe thing — you play dress-up and pretend. That’s the child mentality, and I feel like if you’re an adult and you can adopt the child mentality to something cool, that’s what being a “rock star” is … That’s the kind of music that I want to make — music that encourages people to play make-believe, escape and have fun.”

(Adam to Rolling Stone, June 2009)

adam lambert


Also! Two worlds of awesome collided today when Adam Lambert appeared on Ellen this morning, and here’s the video of his interview:

Adam performing ‘What do You Want From Me” on Ellen:


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  1. Gorgeous pics and I enjoyed how you interspersed his interview comments among them. Just a minor typo in the first paragraph quoting him on Ellen: “…interrupt the lyrics” should be “interpret the lyrics”.

    Thanks again for the great pics!

  2. The pics are absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous. Thank you SO much for them.

    One little quibble in re the quotation from Ellen with the word, “interrupt.” Adam actually said, “interpret.”

  3. He is hot, sexy, pretty, gorgeous, fabulous, amazing.. He is all things good!! I simply love it all! He is so sweet & kind in all his interviews, he is a real beautiful person inside & out!! & I enjoy his new album, it is very addictive!!;-D Thank you so much for these great pictures!!

  4. They are both so beautiful. Seriously, two amazing, smart, good humored, sincere people.

    And that performance proper touched my cold heart, the hug at the end was too sweet, it was needed.

  5. Great photos! That one with the green background is particularly nice, and highlights why he’s on my very short list of guys I might fool around with (luckily, I’m not on his list, so I am thereby saved from the reality of the experience).

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  7. This man is beyond gorgeous. I love him so much. Thanks for posting these beautiful pics. You’ve done a great job of capturing his amazingness and sweetness.

  8. Augh! That was the most beautiful song EVER! What is all the fuss about? This kid is dang near perfection. I mean he seems so soft and sweet and can really sing well. Geez and he is tall and a major piece of eye candy. I’m going to go out and buy the CD.

  9. His face is so pretty, and his eyeliner is so perfect, and his hair is so spiky, and his shirt is so… plaid!

    If I saw him beneath the gay club’s dim lights, he’d definitely be the hottest lesbian there.

  10. I love that he’s been chosen as your Sexiest Man Alive. The pictures portray that beautiful man so perfectly! I’m a huge fan of his but I’m NOT a Glambert; just have to clarify that! 😉

  11. How can one person be so beautiful and talented and humble and nice and sexy and perfect? Wow, I am more in love with him than ever…what an incredible spirit Adam has.

  12. Adam is an absolutely fascinating and sensational phenomenon. In the aftermath of the AMA controversy, Adam Lambert is demonstrating dignity, integrity and a wealth of inner strength and courage.

    Adam’s ALBUM IS REALLY REALLY GOOD! Buy it and listen . At least 6-7 songs are great: COOL, MODERN, REFRESHING AND ADAMAZING SOUND. This album is as UNIC and as FULL OF PERSONALITY and QUALITY as Adam himself

    Adam is an incredible talent.

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