Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Recap: Lesbians Can Objectify Women Too!

If you’re a gay lady who likes to look at other ladies, chances are you’ve at some point felt conflicted about your primal urge to stare at and consequently objectify hot women on the teevee, in magazines, or perhaps in your Bio-Chem Lecture. As women ourselves, we’re always being objectified by society and random street hecklers, and it can really suck in many ways. So the big question for lesbians remains: is there an inherent difference between the male gaze and the female gaze? Is it exploitation when women are objectifying women? Is it okay for us TO HAVE LOOKED FORWARD TO THE VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW WITH BATED BREATH?


Well, if you’ve gazed at our girl galleries, you probs know where Autostraddle comes down on this issue. We like to look at hot girls, and historically the women we habitually crush over are more likely to be powerful, smart AND hot, as revealed every year in our Hot 100 lists. Men can objectify women because women are the subordinate class, and in the act of objectification, members of the oppressor class are able to remove the elements of common humanity which might enable identification or empathy. But when women look at women … well, we feel it’s with an informed eye, and it’s inherently different/less exploitative than when men look at women. What do you guys think? Are we just rationalizing because we really like to look at women in boyshorts?

Ok, that was really deep for the intro to a fashion show recap. But we thought it was worth throwing out there! Moving on TO THE VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Warms December

As you probs know, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is one of the best things about December. It’s been happening for many years, and I have been a faithful viewer for many of those. In fact, tonight was my fourth annual watch party! Typically, I make boob-themed desserts, such as bra cupcakes.

Alas, finals are coming up, and I had no time to bake. LUCKILY FOR YOU, this means I have enough time to liveblog/recap the show! Intern Lex is pitching in for some color commentary as well. Here we go!

Round 1: The Intro/Crazy Chastity Belt Metal Underwear

Lex: They all look like high fashion birds. Except for that robot.
Sarah: OMG look at that stage. I would be having a seizure if I were there. Green lasers! Glow sticks! Is she wearing sheet metal?
Lex: It looks like it. There is too much metal for my liking. I feel like some unlucky person would get hurt trying to get into that.
Sarah: It’s like a chastity belt for 2009.


Riese, via Twitter: @autowin –  I don’t think any of the things on the Victoria’s Secret teevee show could be worn in my bed without puncturing my mattress.


Interlude: New Angel Competition

Lex: OMG this is ANTM in disguise. YOU CANNOT FOOL ME HEIDI. I know ANTM when I see it. Where is Tyra Banks Kim Stolz? This is like a weird Project Runway/ANTM mashup.


“She has extremely large breasts. And a good sense of how to manage them.” (the photographer dude who did a lingerie shoot with the ANTM Angel hopefuls in Grand Central Station, which was described by the prospective models as “my greatest dream in life.” You know to be photographed in their underwear in the middle of a public place. They should submit that story to Cosmopolitan as a sexxxy fantasy.)


Round 2: Flight Attendants


Sarah: Who are these dancers?
Lex: Porters of the Future!
Sarah: These random slow-mo moments are SO ’90s.


Round 3: PINK/Bubbles!

Sarah: Sidenote, I do not love Pink. Or their $70 sweatpants. Oh wow, is that a balloon-animal wing set?
Lex: OMG bubble dress! Gaga is everywhere!

Picture 4

Lex: Did she just kiss her biceps?!

Lex: That girl just did an ass shake. And her underwear said Call Me. I’d definitely call her.



Round 4: Enchanted Forest

In which we fall all over ourselves for Heidi Klum:
Lex: She just had a baby! She’s a baby mama!
Sarah: This is Heidi’s moment. She looks excellent.


Lex: This is like the Legend of Zelda.
Sarah: Yes. The forest level. Plus a few fairytales. Oh god, that last girl was just wearing a tree.


That’s how boots should always be.
That’s how underwear should always be. And also feather wing back antlers.

Our Top 5 Feelings Overall:
1) MUSIC. We want a soundtrack to this fashion show, seriously. Two Kings of Leon mashups, Phoenix, La Roux, etc. So so great! (Yeah, we aren’t including Black Eyed Peas in that. Not that I won’t dance if it’s playing.)

2) The stage.
X: It’s in the shape of a V. Get it? So subtle.
Sarah: Yeah. Also, V is for vagina. It’s like they’re walking on a giant, shiny Georgia O’Keeffe painting.

3) Confused arousal. That one girl was a sexy tree. We’re not sure how to feel about that.

4) Seizures. So many lasers and shiny objects!

5) Miranda Kerr is the cutest human being ever.

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Sarah lives in Chicago with her partner and her big white Great Dane. She is a lawyer by day and a beer brewer/bread baker/knitter by night. She & her partner are currently learning how to grow their own food, and eventually they hope to move to a small farm outside the city. In 2009-2010, before jetting off to law school, Sarah was Autostraddle's Managing Editor.

Sarah has written 127 articles for us.


  1. ZELDA

    i didn’t watch this but i love heidi, and so i love your love for heidi, and i’m glad you wrote about it.

  2. and “KYLIE” won the anti-top model competition… i’m just sayin’

    we had team jamie vs. team kylie… I WON!

  3. As if I couldn’t love you guys anymore…I thought the boyshorts specials were the epitome of awesome, but you have proved me wrong.

    Also, why oh why is Miranda Kerr so cute? Is it the dimples?

    • I like to think it’s partly because she’s Australian. Agree, insanely cute, enough to make me purchase things that I don’t really need.

      Awesome, you guys. Hilarious.

  4. You guys just managed to connect my two most favourite things in the world – Beautiful women in underwear and Legend of Zelda.

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  6. last year I accidentally watched this with my dad it was weird and funny at the same time. Like that time I said that Edie Falco was hot and he said she has a big ass.

    • I know what you mean. I was introducing my dad to Dexter last week and then there was a bunch of full-frontal nudity. It was awk.

  7. i just watched it (thank heavens for youtube) and it was amazing, as per. heidi is so ace, and loved the Zelda chat!didnt even really notice no adriana lima this year..well almost.
    although, agree totally could have done with less black eyed peas and also wasnt really a fan of the bit where the trainer guy went ‘what do you dislike about your body’, but apart from that.

      • ahh yeah i just made a beeline straight for the photos!i do sometimes feel guilty for objectifying women but think that you guys are right and that women do it in a far different way than men.I could be wrong but I feel like its a lot less sleazy and threateningish, and more respectful as a whole. maybe? (obvs there are girls who can be totally sleazy etc but just in general). I think we watch the VS fashion show in a different way than guys.I’m just in awe at all of them.
        Just realised I basically agree with everything you said and this is a wee bit pointless!

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  9. I’m so excitant about this I need a list format:

    1. I love Heidi Klum and her militant happiness.
    2. I love spaceships and how they bring sexy secret reptile girls and now regular girls as well to my tv.
    3. I love how the girl in the “ANTM/angels” screencap (2nd row, 2nd from the right) is making that “someone’s grabbing my ass look” look fierce, with her eyes.
    4. I love how lingerie and Eliza Dushku and specialty shots make me feel like “BANG” so I say embarrassingly sexual things in very public venues.
    5. I love trees and I would totally have sex with a crape myrtle if it bought me a drink cuz you know that thing would branchblast you until the sun came up.

  10. You should make cupcakes of different sizes and label them accordingly, such as: “B” cup-cakes and “C” cup-cakes.

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