1. great interview! she is hilarious and does anyone know if there be another season of her celesbian interview show on afterellen?

  2. nice interview kids. i esp liked the intern army’s questions – bat mitzvah – awesome.

    and those pics turned out great, robin. i like julie’s hairchop.

    well done, team.

    • i also really dig the autofocus graphic, a;ex. so much goodness happening in this one article.

  3. I cannot stress enough how much I love this interview, how much I love Julie Goldman and how much I love the new interns.
    That is all.

  4. Interviews like these make Autostraddle totes awesome. Love the interview; love you, Team!

  5. well this was like, the best damn thing i’ve ever read maybe. no, definitely. yes. fuck yes! and the photos? the photos are HOT. you girls… you crazy girls.

    [especially loved this]
    Julie: And like, many houses.

    Riese: Wives?

    Julie: No, no, I don’t want many wives. Just houses.

  6. score 8398571 for team autostraddle. this is an amazing interview, you guys.
    i especially enjoyed how the marijuana/cocaine conversation was casually interrupted by a subletter.

  7. I live in Park Slope, and am neither a lesbian or the owner of a stroller. Discuss.

      • Robin – Ha. I knew I’d have an Obi-Wan moment someday.

        riese – I guess it doesn’t help my cause that I’m likely moving to the East Village in three weeks …

  8. I feel with this interview Autostraddle took a step in growing up. Soon you will be hiring marketing people and I will say – I read this online blog when,

    I Loved the Interview almost as much as I love Julie Goldman Best bit ever – the butch getting wedding clothes. Best Celesbian interview Jane Lynch tied with Dani Campbell. both very funny.

    • aawwww!! That’s so awesome! I feel that way too! I love the Dani campbell interview for Kate Mc’s antics and Julie trying to get her to admit what she thought when she saw that Tila Tequila was who they’d be fighting over. So funny.

  9. I’ve always loved julie goldman! plus this gave me an excuse to watch commitment ceremony again. yay to all of this!

  10. This was totally awesome! It will be interesting to see what happens when she moves to LA. I hope she stirs up some interesting shit!!

  11. Julie Goldman is my he-row. I saw her at Market Days last summer with the Queer Queens of Qomedy and I didn’t want to leave the theatre, ever.

  12. I hadn’t seen the Commitment Ceremony video before (I’m from England – that’s my excuse & I’m sticking to it), so thanks for introducing me to that! Awesome! Even if I have had that song in my head for about 2 days now…

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