Daily Fix: The Day We Officially Stop Caring about Miss California’s Whereabouts

hot-100-graphic2Today on Autostraddle: If you haven’t already read Riese’s interview and Robin’s photoshoot with celesbian superstar Julie Goldman then you should. And obvs, Carly’s Tuesday Televisionary .

Also, it’s that time of year, isn’t it? WHAT TIME YOU MAY ASK?? Well, it’s Autostraddle Hot 100 time. We will begin rolling out the Hot 100 later today!!! Stay tuned. Turn your air conditioner on.

+ The Daily Show makes an excellent point about Wanda Syke’s controversial jokes:

+ An incredibly compelling essay by a transgendered woman in The New York Times: “Is my Marriage Gay?”

“I’ve been legally female since 2002, although the definition of what makes someone “legally” male or female is part of what makes this issue so unwieldy. How do we define legal gender? By chromosomes? By genitalia? By spirit? By whether one asks directions when lost? … Gender involves a lot of gray area. And efforts to legislate a binary truth upon the wide spectrum of gender have proven only how elusive sexual identity can be.”

+ (video) Lady GaGa is on Ellen today! Here she performs Poker Face, probs while thinking about women:

+ OBVS! Simon Cowell says Adam Lambert will win Idol. (@breitbart)

+Assemblyman Dan O’Donnell, the gay older brother of the comedian Rosie O’Donnell, has emerged as a tenacious, ingratiating, playful and sometimes prickly leader of the effort to pass [same sex marriage] legislation: An Assemblyman Makes Gay Marriage Personal. (@nytimes)

+ “I’m a Christian Pagan Buddhist Goddess worshiper, but I’m also a feminist.” Cybill Shepherd Blames the Mormons & Catholics for the Passing of Proposition 8. (@FoxNews)

+ Jezebel wants to know if The New York Times is right about controversy over a new book with an eating disordered narrator: Are Teen Girls Really That Fragile? (@jezebel)

+ Crystal, I hope, will be recapping: Neighbours set to follow Home & Away with lesbian plot! (@CourierMail)

+ On taking lesbian rape seriously. (@ontop)

+ Dan Choi Shoots Down Every Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Argument in this Queerty interview exclusive.

+ Rhode Island Marriage Equality in 2011? (@Advocate)

+ Yeah, that’s what Pink Said: “I have no question in my mind about being bisexual”: Megan Fox Is Bisexual (@ SheWired)

+ (video) Preaching to the choir. Sidenote Miss Californias, what nice tank tops you have. Sidenote Two — whatever happened to the California Raisins? I liked those dudes.

+ Does this make Perez Hilton Satan? I’m so over Carrie Prejean. (@just jared). Also she bared her nips for the camera again oops. (@tmz)


stef-iconfrom Stef:
Remember when I interviewed Jenn from Girl in a Coma and she told me about all the decades she likes? You’re in for a treat cos Girl in a Coma’s new single “Static Mind” is streaming here. “Static Mind” reminds me a lot of the first album, in terms of the mix between Nina’s sticky-sweet vocals and distorted, guitar-driven rhythms.. Actually, I think it’s the new record’s “Say.”

robin-iconfrom Robin:
If Team Autostraddle was reincarnated, I think we might end up being lizards like these little guys (or should I say girls).


green-iconfrom Green:
The May issue of Mankind Mag is probably my favorite yet. It’s so… pretty. Photography from Denise Grünstein, a cute, inspiring interview with PESQUEIRA [love!], and art by Angela Stasio makes it the best $1.99 you’ll spend all day. Download Mankind Mag right to your computer from DesignForMankind.com.

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  1. I thought it was adorable when Lady Gaga gave Ellen a big goofy hug at the end of the song. I didn’t expect that.

  2. I love it when she stands and plays the piano ’cause i do that a lot with my laptop ’cause that’s my ART!

    • I enjoyed how she shook her booty while standing on the piano while singing. Now that is multi-tasking…

  3. I beyond love Lady Gaga and I enjoy her always. brb I’m gonna go read the “Is My Marriage Gay?” op-ed thing….

  4. I believe the Donald is keeping Miss California because even bad publicity is still publicity. If we all stop talking about the bimbo. She will die out. Oh look – I have just stopped talking about her for ever.

  5. LOVE the title of today’s Daily Fixtration! LOVE Lady Gaga! there’s a lot of Fix to work with today, so i obviously have a lot of other feelings that i can’t put into words, other than these, that is:

    edit: hahahaha i originally said DOMA is retarded, which of course it is, but i really want to complain about DADT. too many sucky-ass acronyms starting w/ D! carry on!

  6. i love this dan choi guy! also gaga but that goes without saying.

    hot 100!! I’m hype.

  7. the sandra cantu thing bummed me out big time again and then i watched the gaga vid, which i saw this morning on tv but must have looked away when she like lunges at ellen– but i laughed out loud at it haha

  8. my gaga obsession is starting to reach epic proportions. an intervention may need to be staged. anyone have ken seeley on speed dial?

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