Rhymes With Witches: The Frenemies of “Bachelorette”

Seriously, I don’t even want to say how many times I’ve streamed Bachelorette on Netflix on any given week. This is the post-Mean Girls movie that I’ve been waiting for, and if you’ve been wondering what happens to the “Plastics” in their late twenties, this is the flick for you.


Rhymes with Witches: Drew Barrymore in 90’s Cult Classic, “Poison Ivy”

“For all of her diabolical plans to take over Sylvie’s life, Ivy made any person she was with feel like they were the most important and interesting person in the world. She could make you despise her but could just as easily win you back with a comforting smile and the feeling that she was the only person that could understand you and knew how to make you better.”


Rhymes with Witches: Orphan Black’s Clone Club

“This show is a testament to amazing writing, and the exceptional acting of Tatiana Maslany, who embodies each clone with such fervor it’s hard to reconcile that they are all played by the same person. Each woman is extremely complex and strong and make perfect examples of the badass and fearless women that I write about every other week.”