The Prop 8 Appeal Hearing: OMFG What Happened

Your recap of the Prop 8 hearing is here! It took a while to get to you but that’s because Charles Cooper’s ears are just too weird, that and his terrible legal arguments kept throwing us off. Anyhow let’s talk about the future of gay marriage in California!

Judge Walker and the Comeback Kids: How the Gays Beat Prop 8

By now you’ve probably heard about Prop 8, right? You’ve probably raised a glass or shed a tear or hugged a puppy, maybe you even told your mom. Wondering what it really means and what’s next? Well good news! Everyone’s favorite resident law expert, Autostraddle Legal Correspondent Jessica is here to explain the ins and outs of the ruling so you can know exactly what to say when you’re gloating to your smack-talking relatives on facebook.