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DADT: Dan Choi Back on Active Duty, Lissa Young Talks to AS, Black Women Disproportionately Affected

It’s DADT News, and we’ve got good news and bad news. Dan Choi has been called back to active duty! Yes, really! Autostraddle catches up with DADT discharge Lissa Young for her reaction to last week’s hearing (“exhilarating and infuriating.”) Study shows black women disproportionately discharged under DADT (and the affects of all anti-gay laws hit the black community harder). Also; Iowans and New Jersey on gay marriage actions/reactions, Rhode Island’s gay marriage bill and more on Judge Walker.

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Keeping Gays Illegal: Florida’s Mulleted Lesbians & Top 10 Reasons DADT Rocks!

Top 10 Reasons Homosexuals Should Not Be Allowed in the Military (a world wide web roundup), how Florida used default scary lesbians to scare conservatives about gay adoption, Hot 100 Lists Dissected, Casey Johnson & Brittany Murphy’s cause of death reports revealed, the Guardian rips into Perez Hilton, GLBT suicide risk, Tyra’s multiple vagina show, Wanda Sykes and The Dollhouse social network.

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Top Defense Officials Seek to End Don’t Ask Don’t Tell For Real This Time

Important announcement today as top defense officials seek to end DADT — but there is one catch. And also, John McCain is cranky about it. We’re happy to see that Obama is actually making some forward progress on repealing DADT! Newly-elected Senator Scott Brown explains his position on gay rights. Plus, Hawaii has rejected civil unions, Utah legislators shelved anti-discrimination laws, and CBS makes even more weird Super Bowl ad decisions.

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Women in Combat: Is it “Contradicting Basic Biology” to Trust Male Soldiers To Keep it in Their Pants?

The New York Times looks at sexual harassment in the military and many commenters agree that the problem is that women are too sexy and men will be men. We vehemently disagree, obvs. The Prop 8 trial will be tweeted from within, which means we are finally in the future! Oh wait, nvm — anti-equality morons in Iowa are already gearing up to vote for a constitutional ban on human rights in 2010.

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Lesbian Soldier Denied DADT Discharge Wins Appeal in Canada! Oh Canada!

In October we interviewed Skyler James, a lesbian soldier denied the DADT discharge she expected when outed — she wanted you to know the true story of her appeal to Canada for asylum. Today, we’re happy to report her success! Also; San Fran tells feds to back off and let it grant benefits to same sex couples, gay panic will be cited in Mercado case and NY looks ahead for same-sex marriage.

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Obama’s ‘Small Victories’ for LGBTs This Week: Is It Change We Can Believe In?

The Obama Administration is making small steps towards helping the LGBT community with the Shepard Act & new initiatives from the departments of Housing and Urban Development and Health and Human Services. Also; Dan Choi gives great interview to the Metro Weekly – with tales of a childhood spent praying “Jesus, make me pop a boner for Michelle Pfeiffer, in Jesus’ name, amen!”