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Obama to DADT Activists: I’m On Task, Don’t Yell!

GetEqual interrupts Obama’s speech, again. Closing arguments for the Prop 8 trial will be heard on June 16, but will there be cameras? Also, a behind-the-scenes look at trans rights advocacy in Washington, Clayton McKleskey of The Dallas Morning News wants to know if we can stop talking about gay stuff yet, and more on college courses on gay marriage (or, as we like to call it, ‘marriage’).

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Lesbian Forced to Pay Back $80K ROTC Scholarship. But Shouldn’t Pride be Priceless?

Sara Isaacson came to school on her ROTC scholarship before she realized she was a lesbian. But coming out has cost her $80,000 — ROTC wants her money back. In 2002, the same thing happened to a girl that I once knew — who I learned today is still fighting against DADT in unexpected ways. A look at how much things have changed, and how much they have stayed the same. Also, do your hobbies make you gay, a good day to love gay men, and meet Chris Pureka!

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Gay Activists ‘Holler’, Obama Talks Back, Dan Choi Gets the Handcuffs

Obama responds to DADT protesters interrupting a recent speech, Dan Choi has chained himself to the White House fence again, and we don’t know how to feel. Plus, an Arkansas judge has overturned the law banning adoption by gay or unmarried people, two men are being held in the death of a gay professor, and gay divorce is the flipside of the gay marriage fight.

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Conservatives Fear Gay “Amerophobe” Supreme Court Takeover, Elena Kagan

Everyone still has many feelings about Elena Kagan & Elena Kagan’s potential sexuality and we’re here to tell you about them. Also Conservatives have A LOT of feelings about radical ‘Amerophobes’ taking over SCOTUS. Also, DADT stories get shared, bigots get invited to dinner, we’re not sure how to feel about the GOP in Massachusetts, and elderly couples are cruelly separated by the courts.

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Feminists Are Our Best Hope for Change After Church Sex Abuse Fallout & DADT Controversy

Sinead O’Connor speaks out about the Pope’s crappy apology, Maureen Dowd thinks women could fix this shit & people freak out about gay bunkmates in war but ignore alarming sexual assault statistics against women. Also; more new headlines on Church scandals, DADT, and a controversial film at the Tribeca Film Festival. Also, discrimination and the census, and a look back at Christine Daniels’ life and death.

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Will Healthcare Reform Lure College Grads Back to The Parental Units?

Some are ‘worried’ that extending family health care under Obama’s plan to 26 year-olds will encourage ‘slackers,’ many more find this safety net ‘awesome.’ New provisions will make it harder to kick gays out of the army ’cause of DADT (like your ex-girlfriend can’t do it for revenge, etc.) while they decide what the f to do long term. Also; the redacted memo, web 3.0, prom in New Orleans? & marijuana legalization on the ballot.

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Judge Rules: Miss. School Violated Lesbian’s Rights, But Won’t Force Prom

A ruling is made in the case of Constance McMillen and the heteronormative prom and Newsweek interviews Dan Choi about his new radical stance on political action. Prop 8 opponents have to give show the other side internal emails and memos, which could push back the verdict on the Prop 8 trial. Also: two Malawi men arrested for getting engaged go on trial soon, and Lambda Legal is challenging for same-sex marriage in NJ.

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Queer the Census: Be Counted or Pay the Price, Homos.

Get a sticker and queer the census, or go without education and health care. Just saying, it’s up to you. Patraeus says the time has come to repeal DADT. Also; just like kids in middle school, more and more seniors are daring to come out as queer or trans. Even more legal analysis of the Prop 8 trial and what it all means! Plus, a lesbian couple was granted a marriage license in CA because of regressive gender laws, and you can get married at Mt. Everest!

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Local Cops Out Lesbian Soldier: Is Bigotry to Blame? Or Spite?

Gay people, especially lesbians of color like Jene Newsome, continue not asking or telling and being discharged anyways — and sidenote, Rapid City has a significant history of racial discrimination. J. Crew has discriminatory hiring practices, Elton got a death threat, gay men may or may not be able to give blood eventually, New Hampshire is standing for marriage equality, and the Paycheck Fairness may be able to make a difference for working women and their families. Also, Jon Stewart explains it all for you.

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Virginia AG Favors Rescinding Gay Protections, College Students Raise Hell

New Virginia AG doesn’t waste any time in office trying to make gays really pissed at him, but at Liberty University students are lovin’ the Creationism 101 discussion. The Denver Archdiocese doesn’t want kids of the gays in their schools, but there are some Catholics who are down with equality. Westboro Baptist Church is going to the Supreme Court. Plus, kerfluffle in Virginia, some tips for the census, and another blow to DADT.