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Dan Choi is People

How far is our group from that fever pitch of anger and refusal to wait any longer that brings things –and people like Dan Choi — to a boil? It’s the most painful point of all. But also, potentially, the most sad and the most powerful. A look at Dan Choi’s Village Voice cover story, “Bad Lieutenant.”

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Consequences for Anti-Gay People We Hate: Michigan Asst AG Takes “Leave of Absence,” Etc

Our faith in the workings of the universe/the concept of justice is partially restored with the news that crazed homophobic stalker Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell has taken a leave of absence and will face disciplinary hearings, and also that Jene Newsome, black lesbian DADT victim, is suing the Rapid City police who outed her.

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Oh My F*cking God, Another DADT Roadblock, What Is Wrong With You People

When Judge Phillips ruled Don’t Ask Don’t Tell unconstitutional, she issued an injunction so that no more soldiers could be discharged until the case was resolved. It would have been relatively simple for Obama and the Department of Justice to let the injunction stand and let the issue rest. HEY, GUESS WHAT THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE ISN’T DOING.