10 Ways of Looking at John McCain: DADT Filibuster Art Therapy Special

We had a lot of feelings today when that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell shit happened and we thought the best way to express these feelings was through art. The power of art is a powerful power, just like the power of assholes. Namely, John McCain. And his bullshit. He’s got a lot of power going on there.

In this photograph, John McCain is giving what is known to be a ‘shit-eating grin’ but without showing his teeth. That’s how the ancients do it.

John McCain
So everyone from the team was invited to demolish a photograph of John McCain. We might be adding to this post as we acquire late submissions. Look forward to that.

“Thumbsy” By Rachel (Senior Editor)

“gaahhhhhhhhhhh” by Riese (Editor-in-Chief):

John McCain

“McCainzertits” by Alex (Design Director)

John McCain

“ALL the puppies” by Becky (Style Editor)

John McCain

“John McCain is a polesmoker” by Julie & Brandy (Webstars)

John McCain

“Homophobesaurus” by Robin Roemer (Photoblogger)

John McCain

Bird Lobotomy & Spirited Animals by Laneia (Executive Editor)

Douche University by Taylor (Tech Editor)

Relevant Cultural Reference by Crystal (Music Editor) & Naomi (Lesbian)

This Guy by Emily Choo (Intern)

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    Just amazing.

    I was going to say can this be followed up by a pop-psych analysis of “what your McCain graffiti says about you” but I think that’s all pretty obvious.

    I think my version would have General Gaga, with 6 million troopers behind her, quietly informing McCain that his time is short.

    Also, does this mean Taylor is back? Autostraddle seems weirdly out of balance without the technofixes.

  2. 0

    So McCain is what I imagine my father to look like in another 27 years- creepy old guy who looks remarkedly like a primate. For real. And I’m at a toss for who I’d like to throw sharp pointy steel tips at. I think I’m gonna create a dartboard with both their faces on it.

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