How to Make Gay Friends and Meet Girls: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Queer Socializing

Y’all have some problems meeting gay people. We know this because for as long as we’ve had homogay ‘internet presences’ you’ve been asking us how to make queer friends/meet girls. We’ve answered you, periodically.

But apparently not periodically enough:

Although Laneia is convinced she’s the only lesbian in Phoenix (I’m positive this is not so, someone please back me up in the comments), most of us here on Team Autostraddle possess a relatively healthy posse of queer friends. Or at least it seems that way when we assemble for homogay events/marches/parties/prides tri-annually.

We feel very lucky for this and so we’ve decided to enlist the troops and answer the question “how do I meet other queers?” once and for all.


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+ Interested in sharing a special snack with your special new friend/’special’ friend? Top Ten Cookies.

Are you ready? Let’s begin.


On the Job:

Kelsey: GET A JOB! No really. Go get a job. It doesn’t even have to be a gay job. Though I’ve had those. Jobs in the Straight World tend to be teeming with undercover gays. If you see a printer jam, wait approx 2 minutes and most likely a gay lady will arrive to fix. In my opinion, regular ol’ jobs tend to be the best places to meet other gay ladies, whether for friendsies, FWB, or future partner material. If there are slimmer pickins’ at Your Job, all the better for you.

Fit for a Femme: Hang out where your friends work, if applicable. Someone I know just met a pretty thing to nibble on that way recently.

Riese: If your co-workers know that you’re a homogay, they will almost definitely attempt to introduce you to or set you up with their gay cousin/sister/bff/roommate/etc.

Concerts for Queer Musicians

lilith fair lesbians

Crystal: I’ve met the majority of my queer friends at concerts. Gay girls are fairly serious about supporting their local gay musicians, and so go check out a few shows. If your town has an all-female band then that’s a good place to start, their concerts will probably be filled with potential queer friends. I always find it easiest to make friends with the musicians themselves because you already have a reason to strike up a conversation with them: to tell them that you enjoyed their show. Ask them when they’re playing next, and go to that one too. Just keep showing up.

Join any Club/Team That Will
Have You as a Member

Intern Hot Laura: Do you have a bike co-op in your city? I bet you do, and I bet there are a bunch of cute girls running around with bike grease on their noses. Even if you don’t meet anybody, you get to learn how to build a bike which is kind of like carrying around a lighter just in case a cute girl asks for a light only better because you get to come their their rescue and fix their broken tire.

FFAF: Join a book club or writing group or DIY photography workshop – in fact, DIY anything would work.

Crystal: Go to the roller derby. 
All of the queer girls are at the roller derby. All of them. Roller derby is wall-to-wall lesbians and I’ve witnessed countless girls strike up new friendships while watching a game. It’s quite easy to do because if there’s one thing that roller derby fans love, it’s sharing their knowledge of the game with newbies. So if there’s a team in your city, go see them play. Saddle up beside a group of cute girls in the suicide seats (where all the serious fans sit) and ask them to explain the rules to you. I think you’ll make some new friends in no time.

On the Internet

We have cited the internet multiple times as the best way to meet other gays. Clearly this IS the internet, so we’re biased, but we’ve found most of our friends right here, or via Riese’s prior blogs (that’s where most of the team comes from — readers of her blog and the friends she met through those people, etc). We hear OKCupid is a thing, also.

Intern Emily: Find someone on autostraddle who lives near you. Give them your email. Go for a walk. Walks are free.

Riese: It could be different now, but back when I was a baby (23) I responded to an ad on craigslist w4w by a girl who said she was bi, went to Columbia, played soccer, liked ‘420’ and was looking for other bi girls to go out with and be friends and brave the scary queer world together. The first time we met it was absurdly awkward but it got progressively better all the way to “more comfortable than I am with anyone, really.” We’ve been through a ton together — so many life phases! — and we’re still friends now, and it’s through her intrepid online friend-gathering that I met Lainy, who met my now-best-friend Haviland on friendster and then invited her to a thing that I was also at, which is how I met Haviland. So! The point of this is: craigslist could be a thing? The key to it being non-intimidating was that we both earnestly wanted new friends, yannow?

Laneia: Find a queer girl who writes a blog with a lot of feelings and send her emails about your feelings. Read books. When the queer girl with a blog starts an online magazine, help her. Accost people on gchat. When the queer girl with a blog has parties and introduces you to her friends, be really nice to them and say things with your mouth and eyes. If one of them is especially neat, write them an email and be their friend. Be really honest and take a lot of anti-anxiety medication. Don’t get an alternative lifestyle haircut unless you really want to. Buy at least one v-neck. Smile.

Intern Emily: Start a blog. Write in it for 2 years. Take a 3-day hiatus and then ask for people in your city to email you.

Riese: Start a blog and then make a website and then hire people to be your friends for free.


Stick “queer-friendly” or “LGBT friendly” in your craigslist post and the girls will come a-runnin’, with plenty of gay friends of their own in tow. You kill like 40 birds with one stone and can listen to Tegan & Sara all the time.

In a Women’s Studies/Gender Studies Class

You can check out this directory of LGBT/Queer Studies programs at universities all around the country! Also you should participate in class. The girls who participate are the hottest.

bcw: Women’s Studies classes are a great place to meet women: everybody’s pretty much a feminist already so you can have brainsexy conversations, which are great for continuing in bars after class. Watch yourself with those hot profs, though.

At your LGBT Campus Group in College or High School

This is Taylor’s NYU LGBT Group

Taylor: In college, before I was very out or strongly identified, I started nervously attending a few events held by our school’s LGBT office. Fast forward a year and I was running on-campus queer workshops every week, and I’d scored a vast posse of passionate forward-thinking activist gays, just like that! Before I worked for our LGBT office I felt super shy at queer events, so if your school has an active LGBT organization, considering signing up or applying and dive right in. The LGBT office became a second home, which was great for between-class naps and meeting hotties, of course.

Intern Emily: Go to your school’s queer club. It’ll be awkward. You might go on a lunch date with a cute girl who brings her girlfriend. You might make some friends though.

Gay Bars and Gay Events!


Obviously this can be an intimidating situation, but a lot of getting-to-know-other-girls at these bars won’t happen with one initial awkward visit. You have to go back. And go back. And go back. And eventually you will have no choice but to feel comfortable there, because it’s a place you go a lot. Then maybe you will talk to strangers or get 25 people to kiss you for your 25th birthday. It’s a thing, you can keep score on your arm with a pen. If you live in New York City, GO Magazine has the most thorough, up-to-date bar/event listings.

Intern Emily: Go to a gay bar. Get really drunk and talk to everyone.

Riese: When you’re at the gay bar or lesbian night, you will think thoughts like ‘nobody here wants to talk to me’ or ‘everyone here has a girlfriend’ or ‘why are lesbians so intimidating’ and you need to suppress all of those feelings and cover them with a new feeling and that new feeling is ‘what’s the worst thing that can happen, I’ll get rejected?’ and I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW that seems petrifying, as though being rejected is the worst thing that could ever happen to you as a human being. But it’s actually not — your confidence is sexier than your outfit will ever be, and girls are so weird and have so many issues/reasons to potentially reject you that you can’t take any one rejection personally. Just make eye contact. Say hi. It doesn’t have to be sexual. Imagine yourself in her shoes and think about how you’d want her to approach you.

FFAF: Don’t be a scaredy cat! Go to a bar/club/show alone. In fact, this is how I met my wife 5.68 years ago.

Some General Tips


Sarah Croce: I used to be shy. My answer? Grow a pair. Figure out what is awesome about you and confidently strike up conversations with random people. They don’t have to be gay. Oftentimes you’ll find most girls are bi, or curious, or have gay friends. Straight people love to tell you they have gay friends and they always think you should hook up with them like there’s some kind of gay drought and in order to prosper and save the lesbian race we all need to mate feverishly. It’s like they don’t know we can’t procreate. And they always ask how lesbians have sex.

Start Small, Build a Lesbian Posse:

Jess R : Create your own Lesbian Posse. You only need 1 or 2 other gay friends to start – tell them to invite a few other queers they know (if you don’t have any other gay friends – they do!) and plan little events for yourselves like dinner at an apartment, movie night, bowling night, ski/hiking day trip, etc. Make it a weekly thing so you always have something to look forward to and as the weeks go by the lesbian phone tree will grow longer and longer and after a few months you’ll have your very own Lesbian Posse.

Be Brave:

Intern Emily: Unfortunately, meeting new people means you have to be brave and approach them and talk to them and find things to talk about and spend a lot of time obsessing about what to wear, etc. It’s a lot of social anxiety and you might want to take some pills for that, but also, you feel really good after.

Be Old-Fashioned and Venture Outside of Your Comfort Zone:

FFAF: Get outside of your comfort zone. I hear lots of girls complaining about how it’s all the same people, the same girls, wah-wah-wah. Drive to a nearby city, take that train underwater, bike it, bus it, but don’t expect to meet new, exciting girls by doing the same shit that hasn’t worked for so far.

Also, be old-fashioned. Pretend there’s no internet and remember what it’s like to be polite and gracious and genuine IRL, and extend real invitations and cultivate real lasting friendships. It’s easy for things to fall through the cracks with internet-based connections; they need to be nurtured for reals. Being old-fashioned reminds us all a little of what it takes to maintain the kinds of relationships that we want!

Gays are Everywhere:

Rachel: Remember in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy realizes that what she was looking for was in her backyard/home/heart the whole time? You are a gay person, and you like to do things/go places. Chances are other gay people also enjoy these things/places and are probably already there! Look around your job/library/capoeira class/favorite coffeeshop/yarn store/whatever and probably there are queer people there. Like really, if there are more than 10 people in the building it’s statistically very likely that you will find someone else there who is also a huge gaymo. You just have to be brave and talk to people and not be shy about being gay yourself; they will probably be very relieved and respond in kind.



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  1. Hi! I’m Cheyanna, I’ve been a heavy auto-lurker for a year or something, I’m in high school and I live in a 3000-population town, which, what’s it like for other small-town high-schooling gays? Dunno. I feel like queer high schoolers are barely represented here besides the ones who’ve committed suicide. Anyway, I don’t want to talk about that anymore! I love you all!

    • you’re not alone on the suffering thru school front! I’m in 8th grade in a big school in new york. Everyone is so sexist and homophobic and pretty much every type of prejudice, and the irony is it was made specifically to celebrate my boro’s diversity. I think there are a lot more of us on here than we suspect tho.

    • School is basically going to be school until I can finally leave. I don’t go to school in a small town, but my school is not at all queer friendly. luckily I have my best friends also being gay/bi. :P

      BUT ANYWAYS, I will send you an email! I’m at wildelyamusing at gmail dot com. :D

      I’ve been auto-lurking since the tenth grade, and now I’m graduating in the spring. Can you believe I used to tell myself I read autostraddle for the ‘news’ hahahahahhaahaha.
      I’m so gay.

    • I’m 25 and didn’t come out even to myself til i was 22. . . I grew up in a super small town though. well, not really even in town. 12 miles from town on a farm. You’d be surprised at how many other queer folk their are at your school, some of who don’t even know it yet. As of right now I can count at least 5 people i went to high school who are not straight. Yeah, you’re not as alone as it seems. When you graduate, find your way to a bigger town. :) us small town homo’s gotta stick together!

      • I didn’t come out till i was 22 either and i’m only just 23 now, i’m worried people will think it’s weird that i came out so recently, which is part of the reason i find it hard to meet new queer girls! It’s good to know that i’m not the only person who came out in there twenties, even though i obviously knew that before but when i’m feeling sorry for myself i convince myself i’m alone haha.
        Anyway, cheers your post made me feel a lot better!

    • I had lots of lesbian and bi friends in high school in a smallish rural town, but none of them were out at the time. I was in a women’s only chorus (at least 1/2 of the chorus ended up being lesbian or bi), I started a girl band (turned out we were all bi), and hung out with drama kids. If you aren’t an actor you can always build sets or do lighting. I was friends with a lot of gamer girls & goths/metalheads. Some of my lesbian friends were really into studying biology or environmental science. Talk to the band girls who play euphonium or are in the drumline too. Good luck & don’t commit suicide please :)

    • Honestly, meeting other queer kids in my small town has been one of the most frustrating and underwhelming processes I’ve ever endeavored to complete. I go to a super small school, and there are exactly zero students like me. My town is super conservative, so even whispering that you’re gay is pretty risky, which makes meeting girls really, REALLY hard. So take heart, Cheyanna! You’re not the only one :)

  2. These are all good suggestions. A useful article indeed.

    Be out yourself if it is possible to do so at all. Networking through gay men can work. I don’t live in a city, so don’t buy into the notion that you have to be an urbanite to have gay friends.

  3. Ok, thanks for this post for reals guys! I’m from rural Ireland and I moved to our capital a year ago after a pretty painful breakup with my ex-gf. She was my first serious relationship and first gf so it was a stressful time. Anyway, my two best mates are gay guys and we go out everywhere together but its not helping me meet girls because they assume that I’m straight because I’m a femme girl out with her two gay guy friends. I’m really shy and find it very difficult to approach girls and as a result I haven’t had a single date since breaking up with my ex. So thanks for showing me that I can’t just sit back and wait for something to happen, I’ve just got to grow a pair and get out there! And if there’s any Irish Autostraddle readers on here: Hey! :D

    • What’s up Madam_Airlock, I am also living in Dublin and I found the vast majority of my gay mates through a website called so I would say most definitely join it, post a “hi, im a new member topic” and that would be a great start! There’s also this cool website called Running Amach which is like a social group for gay ladies. I agree with you though, I have some great friends, but most of them are men. I find it very difficult to have gay lady friends, thus far when I think ive found a nice gay lady to be just mates with she drunkenly tries to come onto me and well, that sort of ruins the friendship, I blame alcohol for this entirely! And any time im out with one of my gay besties people think that me and him are on a date….for flip sake, heaven forbid two people of the opposite sex are just mates like! But anyway, I just thought id say hey and that your not alone, lots of us about and if you join Queerid there’s loads of meet ups and you are more than welcome to join us. That said we could possibly know each other already, such is the small size of the scene! :-D

      • Also, Lou, sorry but I think I know you? Well, not really know… Did I come to your apartment one night with a bunch of people and I re-enacted scenes from Judge Judy with a bunch of farm animals on the floor? Possibly? It’s all a little hazy but I’m squinting at your picture and I think that might’ve been your apartment..

        • Ha no way, are you mates with Aine?! Yes that was definitely my apartment, I dont recall doing the same thing at any other party in my house, playing judge judy is quite specific! Hello anyways. :-D

          • Oh jeepers yes, I had blocked said concert from my memory, it was way too traumatic for me! I could have sworn I saw you at gay prom but now I realise I was waving at some stranger id never met, ah well! I hope Boston is fun. :-)

        • I’m moving to Edinburgh this January (excited, but nervous) and I’m sure I’ll be saying the same thing about needing some gays. Can a girl get some early connections? and do you know Queerid good for Scotland too?

          • I’m in Edinburgh and sadly have approximately zero gay friends. My e-mail is, I like puppies, long walks and shiny apples, feel free to drop me an e-mail

            PS Glasgow ladies, Edinburgh’s not too far away so feel free to drop me an e-mail too ;-)

          • I’m in Edinburgh :) and don’t really have any queer friends.

            The Auld Reekie Roller girls are playing against Berlin this saturday though – any takers?!
            time_for_some_tea [at] hotmail dot com

          • Hey Leah, I’m in Edinburgh too so here’s an early connection for you! Don’t know about Quuerid, I know a few people who use gaydar girls though and seem to like it.

          • Hi ladies, we’re a couple of gay friends in Edinburgh and are looking for a way to meet like minded souls without the trashiness of dating sites! We’re up for going for drinks, or some fiiiiine cinema, maybe some food? And Lizi would like to go to some Art Galleries (I’m Debs, typing, she made me add that) Basically we’re open to (clean) suggestions! Drop us an email and lets meet up – Lizitrafford at
            Looking forward to having some gay old times ahead x

    • Unhelpfully, I’m from Ireland but live in Liverpool (hello to any Scousers!). I know it can seem a bit crap trying to be out and about in Ireland, but it will take a bit of time. A few years on the scene (in Cork) meant that after a while I knew a bunch of people, got involved in LGB clubs, gay centres, a whole world of stuff :) It happens!

      (Also, the internet is a wonderful thing for finding like-minded gays in Ireland.)

    • Hey Madam_Airlock,
      Queerid is a cool place to get to know people. I also had the two gay guys and looking femme problem and my first night out in Dublin on my own was greatly aided by the friendly company of the Qiders. Now when I go out and get abandonded by my two horny gay friends I take myself on out to the smoking area and chat to strangers instead and often bump into some Qiders too which is nice.

      Also you might want to check out any of the events or groups run by Outhouse or BelongTo. I started going to a group in Louth and its unreal how many friends I’ve made and I’ve also had really cool opportunities to do stuff like go to Prides around the country because of it.

      Gaydargirls can sometimes work for people. I’ve never really had much luck with it mainly because I’m rubbish at communicating who I am well over a few messages so I’m too scared that I’ll seem weird but I know people who’ve made friends or even set up dates on it so that’s a possibility too.

      You really do have so much available to you living in Dublin so don’t worry I’m sure you’ll be a scene queen or at least have a gazillion lesbian links in no time.

      • Hey Krrru, thanks for the reply! Yeah, I’m on Gaydar Girls on the advisement of my housemate but no luck so far….not necessarily hookup wise but just for meeting like minded queer chicks….definitely think I’m gonna give Queerid a go, seems to be where its all happening! :D

    • Yay! Ireland! Any one in the north? Add me on fb.. Search for thepoutisback… And don’t ask me about the name, it’s a long story, that can be told when we are bestest buds! Lol :D

        • No unfortunately, but I am going to see Marina and the Diamonds tomorrow! I hope Gaga was fun, I saw loads of people about town dressed up to the 9’s! Oh and by the by people from Ireland if you’re ever out on the scene in Dublin and you recognise me from my photo or the one in my link then please say hi, I did already meet one Autostraddler which I thought was very cool, id say there’s a few of us in most countries in the world! :-D

          • more irish people than i though on here which is cool, anyway thought i’d say hi. i’m late to the party as always,but hey better late than never.
            @Lou, just did a bit of nosing round on facebook (got your name from the article you linked to on lgbtnoise) anyway i’m not a total creep just thought i’d say hey because i noticed that we go to the same college! so, em yeah hi! *awkward wave*

          • Hello there, do you mean UCD or more specific to the particular school?! Anyway, it’s not creepy at all, it’s always great to meet new people! Perhaps you’ll see me in college or else out and about some night, if you do say hi. :-D

          • Sorry for the slow reply. Ah excellent, I dont know how you successfully negotiate the arts building, it’s like a maze!! I once signed up to do a semester of Welsh there for some unknown reason but I couldnt find the room and I never went! Anyways, you’ll probably see me about on the scene, particularly the Front Lounge, love that place. :-D

  4. I love this; if it were legal i might even marry it. Is that weird? Dont judge me, I’m so alone…. heh :s
    (though that ‘grow a pair’ comment cut deep, i have social anxeity and that makes things so much harder)
    Either way, thank you Autostraddle

  5. Hahaha, I *just* finished explaining (read: making excuses) to my gay-boy-friend why I don’t want to go to the campus girls LGBTQ meeting tomorrow (too shy) despite the fact that before he went to the guys one he had no gay man friends and after only a few weeks of attending he’s acquired a plethora of manfriends plus hookups!
    I’ve done the gay guy party thing and it’s fun being the token chick wingman for my friends but clearly I need to get out there on my own/WITH GIRLS.
    Thank you for this article, it’s definitely a kick in the ass for me. :)

  6. if you’re in high school, you can grow your own gay posse by hanging out with the kids who trip your gaydar and then getting more and more gay friends as they continue to come out

    worked for me…

    • “you can grow your own gay posse”

      immediately made me think of one of those weird tv-only products with exaggerated, ridiculous commercials. you know, the $50 value that they’re practically giving away for a low, low price of $19.95, and if you call in the next five minutes they’ll throw in a free set of steak knives?

      but in a good way. :)

  7. I am a lesbian in Phoenix, and I can relate to feeling all alone here. Any other lesbian ladies here? This article is wonderful; thanks so much for all the great tips!

  8. Laneia is definitely not the only lesbian in Phoenix! I have first hand knowledge of this. I do believe, however, they are all hiding in domestic bliss or something.

    Excellent post! Specifically “grow a pair”.

  9. Oh yes! I seriously needed this article.

    I guess is time for some self-promotion:

    Hi! I’m a queer girl lost in the middle of Rhode Island looking to make friends. Anyone around? I’m totally willing to hop on a bus all the way to Boston just to hang out for a bit, that’s how hyper I am about meeting new peeps.

    Also, I like dancing and hedgehogs.

  10. I’m a gaywad that goes to a school in new york where people are extremely homophobic yet somehow advertized as diverse and accepting. anybody, even if you’re in long island, if you want to meet me just ask.

    Jesus, I feel like I’m writing a personal ad.

  11. This is great! I need lesbian friends because so far all I have are gay boy friends. And I don’t even think they count because they’re related to me. Anyone in Texas? DFW area?

  12. I find that outing myself in class really works to bring the homogays out to play. So does booze and working security at a concert venue.

    I live in Boulder, Colorado. But I know how hard it is to meet other homogays, be it platonic or not. There is hope… like Denver.

      • You really don’t, believe me. It’s a bubble of over privledged people who pretend to be hippies but are just living off their parents trust fund, doing lots of drugs and not caring about anything remotely important. The price of living is out of control for what you’re getting there. There are NO gay bars or coffee shops or anything like that. Everyone goes to Denver to be gay.

        The only thing good here is the University. Everything else is sub-par. I assue you.

        • No gay bars?! That’s insane.
          Well… I was going to move to Boulder because I wanted to study Geology there but I didn’t get the money to pay for everything :(
          Anyways, thanks for the heads up!

      • HA! All my friends go to Denver every weekend to hit up the bars/clubs and hang out at the Mercury Cafe. I usually have to work.

        Don’t look to Boulder to hope. It’s the most ambivalent community. RAWR.

        • the mercury cafe is bomb. as is paris on the platte if you’re ever off work and get to come down here. plus there’s always tracks if you’re feeling adventurous.

          and you’re right, when i think boulder the word ‘trustafarian’ comes to mind. but. you guys have several epic sandwich shops (cheeba hut for example), and a really cool tea house, plus chintzy little stores on 16th. and the hill if you’re at cu.

          plus i’ve heard cu has a pretty excellent gsa. but thats just rumor, and anythings better than what du has going.

          i wish you luck with all that ambivalence though!

    • Ah, Boulder, been here all my life, I can definitely understand your frustration. It can get to the point where you want to punch people, but you get used to it (actually, is that a good thing?)
      Where do you work security? The Fox?

      • Yep! I work at The Fox. I also live with two people from Boulder, they went to Fairview. It’s such a crazy small bubble, you probably know them.

        I can’t imagine living here your entire life. I moved from KC, MO.

        • Maybe, but I went to Boulder High so chances are slim. Along with being disconnected with the entire world, there is also a north/south divide. It’s pretty weird actually, but that’s the way it goes
          I assume you go to CU?

          • My friend Ashanti is an English major, you maybe know her, super tall, big hair, a bit intimidating. I also basically know everyone who works at the Boulder Bookstore, and there’s lots of English majors there.
            I went to CU for a bit, then decided it wasn’t my cup of tea, now I’m taking some classes at front range and moving out asap.

          • I don’t know your friend but I spend most of my time taking LGBT studies classes and forcing them into my major. However, I tend to be a bit oblivious so she might know me.

            I wish, desperately, that I worked at the Boulder Bookstore. I’m salivating at the thought.

            CU: it’s not for everyone. In fact, I don’t even know if it was for me. I left home and when you leave everything behind you kind of just commit to making it work, no matter what. Now, after four years of being here, I’m definitely ready to get out of Boulder and CU. (Even though a graduate degree from Naropa in poetics is so fucking tempting. Hippies be damned.)

            What kind of classes are you taking at Front Range?

          • Yeah, I probably would still be in school if I had gone out of state, but that’s how it goes. I’m just taking a composition class and a history class, something to do to be productive (and it helps that it’s cheap)
            Naropa is one of those places that is quintessentially Boulder to me, it’s pretty awesome.
            contrapossto at gmail dot com is my email if you want it (yes, misspellings immortalized into email addresses suck, but it’s too late now)

    • Hey girls!
      I’m from boulder and can totally related to everything your saying. Other than the university boulder is expensive and not all it’s hyped up to be. Denver is the place to be. You two better be at the drag show tonight to support our community :) it’s at 8 pm in the Glenn Miller ball room. after party is at tracks.

  13. Just saying, guys: my best queer girl friends are people I met in 1) Girl Scouts 2) required philosophy seminar freshman year 3) Spanish class 4) the dining hall. Just so you know I’m not making shit up when I say you can meet people anywhere. Really they are there, I promise, and it would be so sad for me if you went through all of college/life not realizing that the girl in front of you in line for potato salad is also gay and awesome just because you never talk to her. I also want to address the domino effect of making just one queer girl friend, in which you immediately gain access to all her friends, her girlfriend, her friends, her friends’ girlfriends, her ex that she’s still friends with and all HER friends… do you see what I mean? GO FORTH AND MAKE MOVES.

    • YES!! I am (fairly) new to DC. There is a Drag Queen race in Dupont tomorrow evening that will probably be amazing. You (and anyone else in the area) should go! Drag Queens running IN HEELS. I can’t even walk in them. This will be exactly like watching the Olympics.

      Also: Rollerderby! I have not been to derby in dc yet, but I believe the next match is Nov. 21st. Any DC-ers want to go?

      Lastly: Phase 1, do people go there? Do you have thoughts on it?

      So many questions. If anyone in DC wants to meet up/tell me about places to go, feel free to email: ocapaeon at gmail dot com

      • Oh my, I wish very much that I could make it to that drag race, I think they should storm Capitol Hill when they’re through.

        Also, I am not of much help on clubs and such in DC seeing as I’m not of legal drinking age yet, but that roller derby sounds potentially fabulous…

        • ok, thats terrifying. are you CLOSE to the drinking age?

          also, Ocapaeon, i think i went to a logo event at Phase one and thought it was terrible, like three years ago. it was really loud and full of girls who were not talking to me!

          but maybe we can becoome friends and totally wing man it up for each other.

      • I’m in DC! I’ve been here about two years, am happily girlfriended but she and I are always enthusiastically looking to meet new queers. We’ll be at the high heel race tomorrow for sure. Feel free to search for me on facebook: ibendorf at gmail dot com.

        • I am moving to the DC area some time within the next year (depends on a house getting sold! Not my house…Piggybacking up there with the ‘rents then going to start looking for a queer roomie, obvs). I would LOVE to start laying some groundwork. I don’t want to end up isolated!

          I am fairly sure I will be on the MD side when I arrive but I am familiar with the area as I lived in Germantown for many years before moving to Texas.

          Feel free to click on my SN up there to go to my fb page or you can e-mail me at at gmail dot com.

      • I will be there within the year! I know that seems like a while but I would like to make some friends now…Definitely don’t want to be alone. Feel free to add me on FB (if you click on my username up there it takes you) or e-mail me at at gmail dot com.

      • I’m a little late coming back to this, but I love this idea. Maybe we could even do a little get together (derby, eh, eh?) so we recognize faces when we’re out?

        For the list, I could send out an initial email to everyone, and then we can all share events, info, etc once we have each other’s email addresses. If you didn’t already list your email, you can email me at: ocapaeon at gmail dot com, and then I’ll send out an email to everyone. Would that work?

        Also, if anyone’s curious, the drag queen race was amazing BUT it was so packed that I really only got to see headdresses as they were running past me. Regardless, it was totally worth it :-)

  14. If you live in Sydney and want to make a new queer friend then you can email me. I’ll probably invite you to a concert or the roller derby.

    crystal [at] autostraddle [dot] com

  15. hi i put my email out here once and then i met some cool people so i’ll do it again –

    if you live in montreal and want to chat/email/hang out feel free to email me at emily choo 19 at gmail dot com. i took some of the pictures in this article JUST SAYING

      • yes! and yes, sort of. i have feelings about university. concordia is a good school though, even though everyone outside of montreal is like OMG MCGILL!!111 my friend goes to mcgill and she says she wishes she went to concordia. i don’t know. i chose concordia over mcgill, but also, i didn’t get accepted into mcgill, so. but i suppose the key point is that if i had been accepted, i still would have gone to concordia.

        to make a long comment even longer, yeah, i like concordia. you should go.

        • I kinda just skimmed Mcgills website but it seems concordia offers more programs but I couldve been looking in the wrong places (sometimes websites can confuse me). I’m pretty nervous because I’ve never actually been to Montreal and I would be moving from Ohio. I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone ,or as I like to call it, throwing myself to the wolves:D The only thing I know about Montreal is what I learned in French class but I don’t actually remember much from French class hmmm ah well geez now whos comments long, anyway thanks a lot and any input is much appreciated no matter how long winded it may be.

          • Take it from someone who has been to both universities- Concordia is the shiz. The facilities are newer/better (they just built two new buildings downtown and are constructing a new wing to the Sceince building), like you mentioned they offer more diversity in terms of course selection, and they have smaller class sizes. You can always play with the McGill girls at Faggity.

            Also, Montreal is magical. If/when you come down for a campus tour I would be happy to show you around.

          • Thanks for the offer that’ll be great. I haven’t even arranged a campus visit yet I should probably get on that. Also what is Faggity?

          • faggity ass fridays. you’ll learn. and i second the emotion of concordia over mcgill for coolness and queerness, though it depends on what you want. both schools have big, active queer communities. and montreal is magical.

          • So i just cntl+f’d “Montreal” and legitimately freaked out when i saw these posts, this thread. All of this glory. Then i made an account. I’m a south shore kid who, acceptance pending, will also be attending Concordia next fall. So incredibly excited. ALL the excitement.

          • Yay terracottatoes! Are you in Cegep right now? Email! nikush_s at hotmail dot com

            And yeah what is this faggity ass fridays? I feel like I’m missing out on a very big piece of information here

            Guys this is meant to be. We should seriously just email everyone here from Montreal and meet up.

            We can have our own Gay Posse =D

          • Agree, Concordia is definitely a great place to be. McGill has a nice campus and all, but I think Concordia’s got bonus points for being a little more interesting, let’s say.

    • YES! Me and Emily met! Through Autostraddle – Blog etc.
      And she’s awesome!

      She might be a little freaked out though seeing as I got all excited about buying a ps2 game without owning the actual console because I felt to nostalgic about my youth.
      BUT YES guys all of you who are finding people in your area – meet up! It’s awesome!

      Speaking of which, Montreal girl here nikush underscore s at hotmail dot com!

  16. I started making queer friends by being out and meeting other people queers through my friends. There was an epic night two years ago that I missed when I was deathly ill. Two really good friends went to a party in the burbs where nearly every girl there was gay. Luckily, the next weekend, most of the same people had another party and now we’re all friends. It’s weird and awesome how that happened.

    However, I do like to meet new people and you do to and you’re from Philly-ish area, let me know and we can be friends.

  17. The timing of this is so perfect for me. I’m new to NYC and new(ish) to being out, so I’ve spent a lot of time since I moved thinking about how I can cultivate my own lesbian posse (or any kind of posse in general, because any group that calls itself a posse is one I want to be a part of).

    I’ve been doing my best to live outside my comfort zone lately because that’s where shit gets real. As such, I’ve also spent a lot of time lately giving myself little pep talks to get over what can be immobilizing social anxiety. I’m really, really trying to grow a pair, but like, it’s hard.

    But you know what shouldn’t be so hard? Reaching out facelessly (thanks internet) to a group of people you know you have a lot in common with. So, even though I’ve never commented here before, I’m gonna be bold and propose some kind of meet up for readers in the NYC area. This Wednesday? Happy hour somewhere? Thoughts/feelings?

  18. I need to be old-fashioned and meet people. I’m a closeted loser but I want a lesbian posse of my own! Omaha is surprisingly full of people, I’m just bad at making lesbian friends apparently?

    • OMAHA! gah. i went to creighton and stayed (teaching pre-k) for a year afterwards. i had issues meeting lesbians too! the whole “conservative state” thing always stuck in the back of my mind, but i was as out as i could be. the gsa was helpful while i was in school but there’s a point when that circle gets too small… i feel your pain. if i was still there i’d say let’s hang out – currently i’m in korea (teaching). but we can still talk if you want a far away friend!

    • I feel the exact same way. I live in Omaha too! I have pretty much come to the conclusion that I won’t ever have a group of lesbian friends until I move out of the state. I do however hang out with about 12 gay men, and apparently I’m the only lesbian our age that any of them know, which is kind of baffaling to me.

      Can we get some more Nebraska love here please?! I’ve felt so alone all of my life. I feel like I am constantly putting my life on hold until I can finally get out of this damn state and move somewhere more populated and more liberal.

      • DO IT! move out. how long till you can do that? it gets better i promise. i was in minnesota after omaha for maybe 3 months before going abroad to teach and i found more gay friends in that time than 5 years in omaha… shoot me a message if you want a friend who “gets it.” lowood518 (at) gmail (dot) com

        • I want nothing more than to move. I have been talking about leaving this state since I was in high school, but somehow got sucked into college here, then got sucked into a job in omaha. I have since lost that job, and am working as a server, I have nothing holding me here but my crippling fear to just take the leap and move. I keep hoping I will just find a job out of state, but I apparently suck at interviews. I hate being socially awkward.

          • So you’re telling me I’m the ONLY gay lady in Omaha who doesn’t want to leave? I’m going to need one of you to stay here and fight the power with me.

          • honestly, i could take it or leave it. omaha’s music scene is fantastic and i had a blast going to concerts there (like tegan and sara!) now that i’m gone i do miss it, but while i was there it was rough. i think part of that was that i’m a teacher though. i lucked out with some liberal co-workers but i was always nervous about coming out at work. i’ll definitely be spending a good chunk of time in o-town when i get back to the states and i’m super excited! mostly to see friends and go to dixie quick’s, and the max. let’s be honest – the max is awesome. i love dancing.

          • I go to Wayne but used to be in Omaha half the week (ex goes to Creighton). I’d be fine living in Omaha after graduation, but I keep falling for women in other states. I’m still around until at least May (student teaching at OPS this spring) though!

            Also, mmmmmmmm…Dixie Quicks! The apple-brie omelet is heaven. Fucking heaven.

          • dixie quicks will be one of my first stops when i’m back in omaha. my mouth is literally watering (it’s breakfast time and i’m in korea where they eat kimchi and soup for breakfast.. no breakfast restaurants ANYWHERE).

            HypeSociety!! where are you student teaching?! I student taught in Omaha and spent a year teaching in Millard right out of college.

            All you Omaha ladies – email me i’m alway up for conversation. i’m a good pen pal. email me –> lo.wood518 (at) gmail (dot) com

          • Student teaching starting in January…I haven’t been placed yet, but I applied for Beveridge MS, South High, and Skinner and Catlin Elementary Schools. I have to do half in elementary and half at a secondary school for my major (k-12 art)

          • going to the Max tomorrow (Friday) night. I’ll be with my straight roommate and gay (but not out) best guy friend.

            It’d be great to see Autostraddlers there.

            Just sayin’…

          • It’s not that I don’t like it here, because I do. I very much respect Omaha as a city. I love the old market, the arts scene, everything the city is doing to revive the midtown area, i love concerts, and how easy it is to navigate, and of course dancing at the max! love the max! I just don’t like how conservative people can be here, I am a shy person and I hate coming out to people because everyone has SO MANY QUESTIONS and can’t stop talking about it. I just want to go somewhere where its a little more socially acceptable.

            i’ve never been to dixie quicks, i don’t even know where it is located.

            hypesociety and dessy: maybe we should plan a meet up sometime? i’ve been friends with hypesociety on facebook from kelka days, but we’ve never actually spoke face to face, might be fun?

          • Mix, I’d love to meet up, but it’d have to be sometime after November 5th, as I’ve got TONS of school-related junk going on.

            BTW, I totally get what you mean about being frustrated by rampant conservatives. I don’t even like voting here because I find the “Democrats” too conservative!

          • Sometime after November 5th would probably be best for me anyway, I pretty much work constantly. I rarely get a night off. And, I’ve been through college, so I totally understand being insanely busy with school junk.

            SO with you on the conservative democrats thing!

    • Omaha what what?
      Do you go to Revel at House Of Loom? It’s pretty much the only lesbian thing going in town, besides roller derby. Check out Revel on Facebook if you’re not familiar.
      You like Sonic Youth so we have at least three things in common… Wanna be friends? We can be friends.


    Seriously. So much of it is like, “duhh”, but also something I just pretend doesn’t apply to me, like the grow a pair comment. Considering I can count the amount of people that know I’m a homogay on one (okay, maybe two) hand, and that my facebook profile doesn’t have any orientation at all listed, I really shouldn’t be so surprised that I haven’t registered on people’s gaydar just for liking tegan and sara and having short nails.

  20. I love that everyone’s sharing their contact info but I am afraid you are going to end up making friends with spambots! Maybe consider writing your email address as “blahblah at gmail dot com” instead.

  21. 50% of my gay friends are girls who I’ve dated / wanted to date / make eyes at me, and 50% I met through other means. Not sure how I feel about that.

    Anyway, for that latter 50% – this is article is great advice. Most straight people will try to hook you up with their gay cousin / niece / ex-coworker from high school – which might seem weird, but take them up on it! People are wonderful, you just need to meet them. Of course it helps if you live in places with more homos-per-capita, but if you don’t – all the more reason to not be shy. But if that’s more your speed, the internet is a great facilitator as well. You’re a big brave dog. You’re a big brave dog.

    • I just replied above so this is going to look mighty confusing, but I’m from Chicago even while I go to school in Philly. It’d definitely be awesome to have friends while I’m home. Where in the city are you? find me at: georgewithquestions at gmail dot com

          • I’m in the suburbs! :D And I can’t go anywhere since I’m seventeen and don’t have any gay friends outside my high school who know all the cool places. :P

          • I’m in Chicago toooo! (well, Evanston, if you want to be technical) I would love to make some new queer lady friends, as the rainbow alliance on campus here is about 80% gay boys and 20% straight girls who just really like gay people (which is great, but, you know)
            christina.schonberg at gmail dot com, let’s hang out!

          • Awesome, thanks ladies. I’m on the north side of the city, for all who asked, not too far from evanston – but grad school often takes me further south. I’ll be sure to email – if you wanna contact me I’m: hanson.elan at gmail dot com.

          • Heh. Elan, I wonder whether we have mutual acquaintances in the group of gay-ladies-who-just-moved-to-Portland. (I wouldn’t be surprised — I feel like in just a couple short years I have come to tangentially know a ton of Chicago lesbians, despite not being much of a social butterfly.)

            Jules — if you’re into dancing and are of drinking age (or can pass for it), most of the monthly queer dance parties tend to be a pretty good bet for both making friends and making out, in my experience. I like FKA at Big Chicks, though sometimes it’s unpleasantly crowded. Queerer Park is probably my favorite; I like how it moves around a lot, it tends to wind up at fun/interesting spaces. Chances and Off-Chances can also be good — maybe not as easy to mingle though, if you don’t already know folks there.

            On the more cultural side of things, the Reeling film festival is happening for the next month or so — lots of lesbian movies (often of questionable quality, but some of them are good!) showing. Also, if you’re interested in queer, often-experimental literature, the monthly Uncalled-for reading series is fun and filled with smart friendly queers:

          • Oh and also: if you are of the riot-grrrl-esque persuasion, there is this group called the Bloody Rag Collective which puts on shows for bands with women in them. (Like mine — we’re, and there tends to be a good handful of gay ladies in attendance at our shows.) They’re at

          • omg. owls, yes, i’m pretty sure we’re talking about some of the same people, i believe you must tangentially know some of my friends who are still here, too. hopefully i’ll see you around if i haven’t already.

          • holy bejeezus. just visited your blog and realized we may in fact be in the same library program…though I doubt we’ve had any classes together, cause then id know you for sure. at any rate, several of the commenters here and i decided to do an autostraddle chicago get together this sunday before we all have to deal with the craziness of final papers, etc. if you’re interested email me at hanson.elan at gmail dot com.

          • I’ll have to check out your band one of these days…
            I’m def. of drinking age so I’ll also have to look into those events, even if it means showing up by myself!

  22. Whoa, this article is like ideal for where I am right now.
    I’m just coming out, and I would love nothing more than a wonderful, quirky ladygay posse!
    Savannah, GA, anyone??

  23. I really like this article (especially the part about being honest and taking lots of anti-anxiety meds! words to live by!) Sometimes it seems like I have a hard time meeting potential friends because I’m not a student and I work with kids. But this is a nice reminder that there are literally a zillion other places to meet people. (Hi, want to be internet friends? mollyisreal at gmail dot com)

          • The beaver’s on our money for a reason, right? And I hear you about the hipsters — Vancouver is RIFE with them.

          • Did someone say Vancougar? I have been here for 3 months and the closest I’ve been to a lesbian (knowingly) was when T&S played the Malkin Bowl. Where is everyone?

          • This is such a hard city to get to meet people. (I’m the same Sarah as above, just now I’ve gotten myself an account woo) I’ve made one friend and I’ve been living here for over a year and a half. I have my SO (and that’s something else — I’m bi and married to a dude, so sometimes I feel like I’ve given up my LadyLova card) and a buddy from home and my room mates, but…

          • Hi Stephanie – me too! Feel free to email me on info at cassiajewelry dot com, I don’t know where the girls are but if I found out I’ll let you know :)

          • It’s almost impossible, I feel like I’m trying to find a unicorn. Insert Autostraddle thread on meeting ladies with some 900 comments and there’s bound to be a few from Vancouver…. and hooray! Here we are.

            sarahlouwho… we sound like the same person.

            Vancouver hangouts?? stef_bot at hotmail dot com

          • @sarahlouwho, I plan to conquer Vancouver! If you’d like to join me sometime email info at cassiajewelry dot com

          • I am out of the country till the 9th of Nov (family emergency in Australia — I am typing this in the airport at 1:24 am. Ugh.) but I would love to hang after that! I’ll only be in Van for another three weeks after the ninth though, we’re going to be moving to Aus as soon as my visa comes through. I’d still love to hang!

          • Oh heeey I’m in Vancity too! asleinbe at gmail. I’m recently emerged from grad school and need to meet people!

          • i was just in halifax over the weekend! and i agree, there are a good amount of hipsters, but try living in montreal! so many cute girls with short hair that mess with my gaydar, it’s almost too painful to bear.

          • wow. I feel so selfish for complaining about the blurry hipster/lesbian distinction in Halifax, I forgot places like Montreal exist. Man, I feel for you.

          • Someone needs to check back if they don’t check the notifications box… (me!)

            We should have a Halifax get together.

            Maybe once in a neutral, well lit location with many people around. OR we could go all crazy with Lady Gaga Night @ Reflections Cabaret(!!!) on Nov 28th. I mean I have lots of classes and assignments piling up but it’s Lady Gaga night…

            Lady Gaga night would depend on everyone being 19+/fake ID of course. So maybe both…

            kelsey_777 (at) hotmail (dot) com

          • I’m from Halifax as well! A little late to the bandwagon, but whatever =] Was there ever a Halifax get together? There definitely should be.

      • also happen to be extremely disappointed with the election result. i’m from toronto, going to school in montreal, and we should start our own lesbians-against-ford movement. yes?

        • hey i’m going to school in mtl also!

          dude don’t even get me started on ford.. quite ironic that conservative calgary voted for a visual minority who is progressive, eloquent, and educated, while ‘progressive’ toronto is now stuck with a single-agenda buffoon who has been arrested for pot possession, DUI, domestic violence, and throws tantrums and offensive displays to city council on a regular basis..


          • I just don’t understand how he won! And how “respect the taxpayers” is a platform. And how he plans to actually do anything.

            Also: yay for toronto > school-in-montreal migration.

          • go toronto girls now in montreal! Ford = ignorant turd and i’m willing to back this up with some serious arguments! DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED. also, let’s be pals? my email is posted ^ up thurrr a lil

      • I third this anti-ford rally. I sat watching the live coverage on CP24 and after I opened my first commiseration beer I immediately hit google for some sort of rally/symposium.

        That being said, someone with the audacity to continue running in the face of “anyone but ford” would probably take little heed to a symposium.

  24. Laneia,
    you might be right.
    my gf was a lesbian in Pheonix for many years… now she’s a lesbian in LA, but on the few occasions when we’ve been back Pheonix or Tempe (or both??) she’s taken me to BS West and other “gay” places where i spotted zero lesbians.
    so yeah, i’m about convinced you’re the only one. =/

  25. I’m slowly building a lesbian posse, by which I mean I have two gay lady friends. Though I’m semi-connected to a larger group of lesbians through one of them. I fully have plans to go to roller derby in a couple weeks, I figure there’ll have to be some more gay ladies there.

    Also, I’m in southern Oregon.

  26. this comment section is adorable/awesome. But true facts guys I went to the autostraddle rodeo disco alone this past summer and it was scary/terrifying but I drank a lot of rum and then I got less scared and talked to people and made friends! It happens!

    I’m back at school now but will be in NYC in a much more to stay sort of way coming this summer because I have to graduate… (eek…)

    • Craigslist. Put up an ad with the words “LGBT friendly” and search for the same (also search for “gay” and “lesbian”). That’s how I found my current Boston lezzie roommate. Also, if you’re looking to make lots of lesbian friends and can handle the commute, move to JP (the green side, not the gun side). The lesbians are EVERYWHERE.

  27. I met my girlfriend on Twitter. She is an AfterEllen recap reader. She’s also kind of my perfect match. So what I am saying is: If you want to date an AutoStraddle writer, the best thing to do is get to Tweetin’!

  28. I kinda don’t want to graduate college because I never got too involved with the LGBT stuff here. but I’ll be done in Dec. and will have to pretend to be an adult.

    I do have a fab. group of gay lady friends currently (including kaitlyn who is up there ^ somewhere) we are all nice & fun & smart & cute & like to get drunk, so you should come hang out with us in PHILLY! & the burbs. no really, you should! :)

    my name is linked to my twitter & my email is

  29. I finally understand why I don’t have any gay friends:

    i – No one knows I’m gay – still working on that one = [
    ii – currently without a job
    iii – most of the musicians I listen to are dead
    iv – not part of any clubs
    vi – don’t have a roommate
    vii – not brave to make the first move

  30. I’m another Canadian lady who likes ladies but this bi-lady is moving to Australia soon. I’m actually heading (to the airport in three hours) to Perth for two weeks — anyone there want to help me make friends in anticipation of my big move? Vancouver to Perth is a LOT of planet to cover…

    myfirstsock at gmail dot com

  31. i love gays. i love all of you girls. love love love. lol. i just laugh and smile at HOW MUCH ALL lesbians know about other lesbians.. if we are all so in tune..well wtf was this post for!? <–not a real question :] i get ittt.

  32. I like meeting new people so if anyone is in the LA area and interested in forming a lesbian posse that would be cool. There could be like jerseys and stuff. Or just like coffee and books and live music.

      • OMG another gay in Las Vegas! My girlfriend and I only know a few homos here and they’re all either homebodys, high schoolers, or scandalous creepers. And we are both at UNLV, so you’d think there’d be gay girls galore, but sadly, no. The only times we see chicks that are most likely gay are at Pride and First Friday. What is your take o the scene here?

        • what scene?? =( haha…
          are you born and raised here??
          i’m from LA and only out here for school (yet another round of college =/)so i know about 2 other lezzies (who are “married”–to each other– for like 5 years therefore i never see them)
          needless to say, i have serious WeHo withdrawals…
          yeah, i have no take on the scene because other than what used to be CandyBar and now BootyBar, i haven’t been to anything homo-related… oh, i went to Pride. but that’s about it…
          FruitLoop= tiny

          • Noooo I’m from Dallas , tx, though my girlfriend was born and raised here. I moved out here for school, thought I was going to be an engineer, but that sucked so i switched to double majoring in film and theatre production. I want to do producing for the screen and stage. My gf is a sociology major. She’s going to change the world. We make it out to LA a lot to visit family, and so I can go do quick weekend work at Warner Bros. What are you going to school for?
            Yeah there is no scene out here at all. Candybar was full of tourists and overpriced drinks, which is pretty much the trademark of any Lisa Pittman production, and FreeZone is just kind of laughable. This town is so transient in general that it doesn’t really suprise me that there isn’t much
            of a community here. Sorry for the essay. You should find me on facebook- Lauren oldfield
            Oz- that’s cool, I can’t really think of a way to approach someone working without seeming like an outrageously creepy creeper. Especially down on Fremont :p

          • yeah, i figured you weren’t from here… born and raised vegas peeps are a different breed of… different =)don’t you agree? does your gf love this town?
            you’re majoring in theatre?! i got my first degree in theatre at cal state northridge =) i loved the program and all but did absolutely nothing with my degree after =/ (OR the deaf education one i got at the same time)and though i met my gf here, she now lives in LA pursuing…you guessed it– acting!lol
            i’m back in school at NSC for nursing… we go to the same campus with the UNLV nursing students like 3 days a week over on Shadow Lane and Charleston.
            yeah, i know. i liked CandyBar and all but it was a bit touristy… and just like all the clubs here, insanely expensive. =/ i’ve only been to FreeZone twice. but never on Tuesday nights…
            yeah, this is starting to be an essay too… hahaha i’m long winded… yeah, find me on fb too! or i’ll find you, whatever! =)

    • I’m 30 minutes east of LA. San Bernardino County. I moved here with my gf from the bay area almost four months ago and I haven’t made any friends yet. I am a size small and I like the number 5, lol.

        • I live right off of the 10 in Upland. Google maps says it takes 40 minutes to get from here to downtown, but I feel like it only takes 30. Idk. Maybe we drive too fast.

          I would definitely rather be in West Hollywood (I don’t think I’m qualified enough to call it WeHo yet, haha), but my gf works in Ontario.

    • I’m in Santa Barbara but in and through L.A. all the time because my gay bff and I are Disneyland passholders! I am cosmogonic at gmail for anyone who’s around there and into soda pop shops/listening to music/eating stuff/drinking stuff/playing stuff/hanging out being lazy and comfortable.

    • Hey! I just moved to LA and am totally down for coffee, books, live music, jerseys… wherever the lesbian posse takes us. My email is cbmorin101 at gmail if you wanna contact me!


    I live in Canada (Calgary, AB to be exact) and I live with three roommates. One is a straight guy, two are a lesbian couple. I’m super tight with all of them, but here’s the thing… NONE OF THEM KNOW THAT I’M GAY. I don’t know why I’m afraid to tell them. I really don’t.


  34. A year ago I knew about two queers. Then I joined roller derby and I’m currently trying to get my uni’s queer collective running. Now most of my friends are queer. it’s kinda rad.

    Also roller derby is great because if you just wanna meet queer girls but don’t want to be out to them, you can because no one assumes you’re gay but no one assumes you’re straight either.

  35. Oi, I’d love some gay-lady friends. I’m in my late teens and in red-neck Southern Oregon. I’ve also been homeschooled and am kind of anti-social, so not a grand recipe for making friends. I’d love to chat over email before meeting face-to-face (’cause I’m goofy like that), so send me a note at krousso AT yahoo DOT com.

    P.S. Huge bonus if I can find a riding buddy (horses, you pervs)!

  36. Playing rugby also works really well if you have a fairly high pain threshold.

    Depends on the team, though. Some teams are REALLY STRAIGHT. So you should come to a few practices and case it out.

    • Haha this is super early but… My bestie and I are moving to Seattle when we graduate in may. She’s from the area but Ive lived in Tennessee my whole life. I’m a little scared to move somewhere that I don’t know anyone but I hate the south so much.

      Also rugby is a magical spor fullt of wonderment and joy. I wanted to play but my biology major owns my life.

      • I agree on hating the South. I was born in Abington PA and was forced to move to Spartanburg SC when I was ten. It was horrible. Most of the people there are really, well, Southern. But after I moved to FL and went back to SC, I met some awesome queers in high school. But the things is 99% of them are in hiding. So, I suggest joining/starting a GSA and being out. Even though it can bring a lot of negative attention, there will be girls who come up to and ask if you’re really gay. And when you say yes and they smile and sigh with relief, you’ll end up with a friend. Also, get a mohawk. Girls will come up and ask to touch you hair, then start talking to you and bam another friend.

  37. hmm, I went on okcupid to meet friends (for serious) and met exactly one gay woman who 1. claimed she didn’t like lesbians 2. therefore, didn’t have any queer female friends and 3. wanted to talk about what baby names I liked on our first get-together (WTF???). In short, I do not trust that website to find me platonic friends.
    This comment section, however, is magic. I’m from Western Michigan if there are any other queer ladies lurking about, hit me up at greenearthgirl(at)gmaildotcom.

  38. So i know Michigan is like super awkward and everything. But I guess I’ll represent. Anyone else out there?

    ALSO I’m originally from the Chi. So count me in on that posse too!

    AND of course…if you’re from anywhere else and just wanna talk, I’m down too.

    vfbhamilton at gmail dot com

  39. I love this post/thread/topic..whatevs! I’m going to “grow a pair” starting tomorrow morning and I’m gonna meet some new gay friends and maybe even a cute girl to cuddle with someday :) maybe I’ve been courting the same girl for a few what? Diversions are good…

    Anyway. Tomorrow is a new me!

    Wow, you guys, I was totally just inspired by this thread.

  40. I have a pretty awesome group of queer friends on the internet. We talk about Kate Moenning, David Tennant, Kinsey numbers, and your mum. We’re also mostly nerdfighters and follow maureen johnson on twitter if that means anything to you. We have a group skype chat and the age range is approximately 16-22 just to give you an idea of the demographic. A lot of the people are British, so it’s mostly active in the day time. If that seems like your thing, email me at tangsoocloud at yahoo dot com. This sounds like a creepy advertisement. I just want everyone to have friends. Would you like a muffin?

  41. hi!
    I’m from Mexico and here where I live theres not a lgbt group or something like that, not even a gay bar :S wtf?!
    Mexico still a very conservative country.
    so if anyone wants a mexican friend contact me! =D

  42. I was seriously just telling my friends, who are all straight, that I need some gay friends.

    I live in San Francisco so obviously there are plenty of homogays here, I just need to find them. So if you live around here hit me up and we can hang out :)
    ahuerta31 at gmail dot com

  43. I’m in the Chicago suburbs, seventeen, and I go to Catholic all girls school. …yeah. I like singing and ukuleles and baking! I would love to be your friend/hang out/make you cupcakes! I’m wildelyamusing at gmail dot com.

    One of my lifetime goals is also to go to roller derby, GONNA HAVE TO START MAKING PLANS.

    • I’m 17, play the ukulele, and enjoy baking too! I only wish I could go to an all girls school. Unfortunately, I also live about 1000 miles from you.

      I do believe we could be great internet friends though! If you want, hit me up at j_cush13 at yahoo dot com

  44. OMG, you guys! I love friends! Friends are super great! I want you to be my friend! Let’s do this! Exclamations!

    I live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. My e-mail is fishatemyface at comcast dot net.

    I have lots of feelings. Do you? We should talk about them. I bet you’re really hot. This is going to be great.

  45. I’m almost 17. I spend half my year in England, in a small town in Buckinghamshire, and the other half in Hong Kong (I’m Chinese), so if you’re from either, e-mail me! paper[dot]rockstars[at]ymail[dot]com. I go to a boarding school in England though, so meeting up might be hard, but I’d still love to have someone to talk to from nearby! :3

  46. North Carolina? Anyone? Or is it true that I’m the only one here? :)

    Also, thanks for the OkCupid plug. I’m hoping there’s been an influx of users.

    Wherever your from, let’s talk. I can always use friends. almostnormal1534[at]yahoo[dot]com

  47. I live in Utah and until this past week only knew of a handful of gay girls in the entire state.

    I’ve met a lot of older lesbians (over 40) because the Utah Pride Center sponsors Neighborhood Potlucks and I always go for free food…but no one close to my age.

    But I signed up for OKCupid over the weekend—and have already spotted more than 20 gay ladies my age within a 25 mile radius!

    LESBIANS IN UTAH. They exist.


  48. chicago?! yes?! i’m not in the city proper (i’m at Northwestern in Evanston) but i’m aware that the nearest gay is probably down the purple line. n dot gwynngabriel at gmail dot com, let’s be friends.

  49. I’m SO glad I’m not the only one that feels like this. I’ve just recently found out the simplest way to start up a convo. I mean, who doesn’t love a compliment!? Autostraddle, you’re a pretty awesome site ;) mwahz a lot.

  50. This morning, on the way to work, I actually gave myself a pep talk about being more proactive with meeting other lady loving ladies. So this post basically is perfect. I like this post so much that I’m going to stop being a lurker. NO MORE LURKING FOR THIS GIRL!

    You guys, I have somehow managed to become friends with the straightest straight kids in the bay area.

    SO if you live in the San Francisco bay area/want to be internet friends email me at kjusewiczh at gmail dot com. Let’s be friends, you guys!

  51. lol… when i first moved to DC with a new friend also just moving there, we definitely posted a queer-friendly ad on craigslist and managed to take in a local with her own huge lesbian circle as one of our other roommates. for sure 40 birds with one stone! even though we were new in town we got invited to everything, which was really, really nice. sadly they weren’t too into tegan and sara, so i was still on my own there. ;)

    • Will they? Cause I play the guitar and this hasn’t happened yet but I’m not ruling it out. Will they follow me, like stalk me? Cause that could be… actually that might not be bad.

      • Are you playing anywhere like open mics? If so, are you paying attention? When I first started playing places, girls would talk to me randomly and at first I didn’t know why.

        Knowing how to play “Ghost” by the Indigo Girls seemed especially handy. Maybe it’s old, but seems to be the story of many lesbians.

      • Can I second GrrlRomeo’s open mic advice. Put it out there that you play guitar and are cute and see what happens. I am ridiculous for going up to pretty girls whose music I like and turning bright red and babbling my way through how I really like what they did with that chord progression at the end of the second verse. I also have a thing for violinists, cellists, and pretty much anyone who plays an instrument well. Girls with dedication are hot.

        • Yeah I suppose it would help if I played in front of people, huh? Still working on some stage fright issues. I don’t know any Indigo Girls, GrrrlRomeo, but I know quite a few Tegan and Sara songs. That should work too I’m guessing.

          • Would you play me some songs? I would love you forever!!! I’m in Whorelando, Fl at the moment but re locating to Portland, OR in a few months. Anyone? Send me cute messages at babiesinacage08 at yahoo dot com or babiesinacage dot tumblr dot com!

  52. Hey everyone! I’ve been a non-posting lurker on this site for about a year now. I’m also a Kiwi who recently moved to Vancouver, B.C. Upon reading the Seattle/Rugby convo I felt the urge to post a reply for once as I have close family in Seattle and also being from rugby mad NZ (aka W’s World Champs) I was like huh? Are you guys talking about Rugby Union? I was suprised it’s played in University/College in the U.S. Let alone girls teams! Thats AWESOME! I’m a soccer girl myself but mad props to girls playing it, I’ve played it in a social team at school and it’s sure not for the faint hearted! Anyways just thought I’d say Hi and Kia ora!

    • ANNA GUESS WHAT! I’m from NZ and moved to Canada too! Only I moved 5 years ago. Where in NZ are you from?? And I don’t live in BC or anywhere close, I’m on the other end in Montreal but I thought I’d say hi cause it’s been five years and I still haven’t met a Kiwi =(

      • Cool! I’ve only been living here a few weeks. I guess we tend to migrate to the ski-areas/towns coz I met a few in Whistler & Banff last year. Although I have been to Montreal & I loved it, I’m so jealous you live there! I especially like the fact that it’s legal to drink in parks, and I happened to visit while PRIDE was on so it was a really awesome trip. I’m suprised you haven’t met even one fellow Kiwi. Maybe it has something to do with the language barrier? I guess most NZ’ers tend to go for the West Coast & Toronto. Did you speak French when you first moved there? I’m from Auckland but born in Welly moved when I was 4.
        Where are you from?

        • Hey there, I am also a Kiwi, used to live in Montreal and also never met another nzer while I was there (had to make do with an Aussie best mate). Sadly back in the middle of nowhere NZ now.

          Was super suprised how popular rugby was in Canada as girls sport, heaps of people seemed to have played at high school and uni whereas my friends and I down here all played soccer, netball or hockey.

        • Awesome! Let me know when you visit Montreal again =D
          I lived in Auckland when I was much younger. I went to Royal Oak Primary for Year 1 =P
          And then I moved to Palmerston North. I loved Wellington! So pretty! If ever I move back (doubt it though) I’d live in Welly.
          And noo I didn’t speak French!! I learned in my first year and perfected in my second year. It got me behind in school but it’s all good I guess. Have you ever been here in Winter? You might die. Mind you I don’t think it’s that bad in Vancouver. What are you doing anyways? University? You wanna Facebook?

          • Hey thanks I will. It’s one of the places I really want to visit again! Wow it really is a small world…I coached tennis at Royal Oak Racquets Club for 3 years as an after-school job. Most of the kids were from R.O. primary or intermediate, I’m actually still listed as an assistant coach on the website (I guess the didn’t notice me leave haha) I learnt French at school but can’t remember much of it. Thats cool that you picked it up there! I’ve only been there in Aug (during PRIDE LOL)so yeah I would possibly die ;)Its way warmer over here tho, doesnt get below 0 apparently. I’m working in a coffee shop now then @ Grouse Mtn. for the winter :)Kinda my 2nd gap year lol I’m enrolled in Police College back home, I wana be a detective some day. I don’t have facebook anymore (I know I’m a NERD) but my emails

      • Oh heeey. I was thinking about posting and saying that I’m not in Canada but pondering on moving there from NZ and voila, some kiwi’s that live in Canada. Such is the wonders of Autostraddle/The Internet.

        • Hi Stars from Wellington =D

          I loved Wellington (as you might see above) I’m in Montreal and it’s super awesome. I second that you move to Canada. It’s awesome here minus the cold =( But I suppose you get used to it after a while, EVEN if you don’t like it.

          nikush underscore s at hotmail dot com
          Email me if you wish =)

          • Yo Nikki from Montreal!

            Wellington is pretty ace. I’m not from here originally (I don’t meet a whole heap of people who are) but it’s ace.
            Canada is totally going to be a thing for me in 2012, even if it is bloody cold. From what I’ve read/heard etc it’s still super awesome but it can’t be 100% awesome right? And Wellington isn’t exactly consistent with it’s weather so it won’t be a complete shock.

            I will email you! :)