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We the Jury Find in Favor of Autostraddlers, to the Amount of 20 Comment Awards!

You’ve all been so patient through 2 hours of Autostraddle downtime, the constant standing applause during Obama’s State of the Union address, and days & days of Prop 8 trial testimony. Well, you can finally rest now – it’s Hey Did You See That Comment Friday! The court hereby orders that you accept these Autostraddle comment awards, effective immediately.


Ho, Ho, Hey Did You See That Comment Seasonal Sunday!

What, you didn’t think the gift giving was over, did you? We spent the holiday week cozied-up and reading through every one of your (many, many!) awesome comments. You’ve been so good this year; we wish we could wrap you all in a big family group hug! But due to the physical limitations of the internet, we’re giving out comment awards instead.