We Need Help: Seeking New Music Writers

We’re excited to announce that Stef Schwartz has taken on the role of Music Editor at Autostraddle Land Dot Com! Our beloved Crystal has magically transformed herself into our shiny new HR Director, which is a hella fancy complicated serious business job, so keep her in your prayers of course. If you’ve been reading from day one, you may remember that Stef was our very first Music Editor, so this is a pretty special full circle dance we’re doing here. Stef’s was the masterbrain behind lots of amazing music content, like Beat On The Street, Cartoon Concert Recaps and SxSW Captain Logs. More recently, she’s kept you up-to-date on all the best new bands in town via the rebirth of Captain’s Log. We’re all super excited to see what kind of music content she’ll be bringing to our sharp, golden ears. Oh remember this?

Stef has a lot of big dreams for Autostraddle’s music coverage and to make them happen, she’s calling for submissions from music writers with varying interests who want to join the team. Hey-o that could be YOU!

Who We’re Looking For:


see i told you this band was like a hip-hop electro-punk version of natalie maines and veruca salt. i’m gonna write about it for autostraddle!

We want to fill the music team with people who have a diverse range of music interests, so all writers are welcome to apply! However, we’re especially interested in hearing from experts in hip-hop, electro/dance, and music by queer artists.

You’ll ideally be interested in writing all kinds of music related posts, from album reviews to interviews to playlists and artist spotlights. So many things!

Those applying for this position must be web-savvy, have a unique, well-developed style and voice, lots of your own ideas about music content and impeccable grammar/spelling. You’ll also need to be a strong communicator who responds to emails in a timely manner, and who is comfortable picking up the phone to interview musicians.

Time Commitment:

You’ll need to commit to writing at least one article per fortnight. We can be flexible depending on your availability.


+ Online writing experience (personal blogs count)
+ Sound knowledge of at least one genre of music, plus well-rounded knowledge of music in general
+ Knowledge of and familiarity with all things Autostraddle
+ Comfort with social media
+ Comfort with having your photograph & name on the internet

How to Apply:

Send resumé (PDF), cover letter (in the body of the email) and at least two relevant writing samples to stef [at] autostraddle [dot] com

Your cover letter should answer the following questions:

+ What’s your availability?
+ Why the hell do you want to do this?
+ What are your music interests and areas of expertise?
+ If you joined the team, what would be the first two music articles that you pitch?

What’s In It For You:

The primary drawback to being an independently-owned website without ties to any umbrella advertising groups is that we run on a shoestring budget and therefore cannot pay you with actual money. (Yet!) We’re well aware that this sucks and if we had any agency to change the situation, we would. We do Autostraddle because we believe in it, we believe in the importance of growing this community, and we believe in what we can accomplish together. Paying writers is important and whenever we do have any financial security, we pass that on to you (e.g., last year’s end-of-the-year holiday bonuses)!

However, we do our best to give you everything we can, short of that. We offer you emotional rewards, free stuff (e.g., books, CDs, t-shirts), free and/or discounted AS merchandise, the opportunity to apply to be on the A-Camp Team (and thus be a part of camp for free), killer recommendations, press passes to events and financial reimbursement for any expenses incurred while doing this job.

You’ll learn a lot about writing/the world, build an impressive portfolio, learn valuable skills for future employment, join a kickass team of passionate queer women, have the freedom to write about the music that you care about, and will enjoy truly being a part of THE REVOLUTION. Plus, you know, “exposure” on a site that garners almost 3 million views a month and is the second-largest queer lady website in the universe. Autostraddle writers have gone on to secure gainful employment or snag freelance assignments at places like Gawker, Refinery 29, ReadWriteWeb, The Feminist Press, The Awl, Bitch Magazine, xojane, The Huffington Post and so many more!

Most of all, you should have fun! This means that you should consider writing, researching and working really hard to be “fun.” We do!

Deadline For Applications: Wednesday, September 18th


i love playing some music and then writing for autostraddle! god i couldn’t be happier! this is the most fulfilling life. i might cry.

feature image via Kelsey on weheartit

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  1. It’s a shame you’re not especially looking for experts on artists we wish were queer, because I’d ace that (starting with Hayley Westenra, and going on a magical journey throughout classical crossover and traditional music). With the occasional article on the Dixie Chicks and Tegan and Sara, obviously.

  2. Exciting times! I look forward to the wisdom of Stef and all the new writers, although I firmly believe the only genre worthy of existence is “girlband.”

    p.s. if Crystal is no longer music editor, does this mean she can now spend all of her time reviewing lesbian romance e-books?

  3. Now I’m wishing I hadn’t deleted my tumblr, argh! I have all the relevant experience for this except I don’t blog, dammit

  4. “We offer you emotional rewards” is possibly the best line I’ve ever read. But Autostraddle is just a whole damn site of “emotional rewards.”

    I am a little sad because I love music yet lack originality and grammar skills. Whatever. I just feel like every music related article should be about Pearl Jam. I’ll admit…I’m a little one dimensional.

    Good luck to the kickass new writers that are picked, I look forward to reading your writings ;)

  5. I would be perfect for this if not for the fact that I really only ever listen to the Monkees. (Unless you’re looking for, like, a 5,000-word essay on subliminal queer messaging coded into the Monkees’ media empire.)


      (I don’t *only* listen to the Monkees, but it’s also not at all a *bad* choice for only band.)

  6. I have music writing experience and would love to apply! Are there any geographical limitations? I currently live in Nicaragua, so my ability to go to events/do live interviews might be limited, but I can write the hell out of a review.

  7. Hey Stef! Did some people ever get chosen for this? I’m still interested and hopeful and music-obsessed…

  8. Is this still a thing?! I would so love to do this! I started putting together my resume and such when I sadly realized the date says Sept 2013!

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