25 Incredible 8Tracks Playlists from Autostraddle Days of Yore

Autostraddle has been around for SEVEN years, and we’ve been making playlists that whole damn time! Even though our newest playlists are on Spotify, all those 8Tracks playlists from the early days still exist, and we thought we might remind you about them! So here we go: From the mixes we’ve made for people we had heart-eyes for, to soundtracks for when you need to get the fuck outta town, to quiet mornings, to tracks to jam to with your gal pals, here are some of our favorites from the 8Tracks archive.

1. The Most Beautiful Song in the World by Laura (2013)

mountain with snow

Pristine A-Camp mountains, uncorrupted by the patriarchy.

2. Sugarbooty Blackout Mix by Brittani Nichols (2015)


3. Here/Queer by Riese (2012)


4. 100% Country, 0% Asshole by Fonseca (2012)


5. Former Disney Child Stars by Crystal (2014)

CM Capture 2

6. Getting Ready for A Femme Meetup by Mey (2014)


7. Sleeping-In Dream Day by Robin (2015)

staycation sunrise

8. A Thing Called Female Rap by Rachel, Phoenix, Gabby and Carmen (2012)


9. Keep on Fightin’ the Good Fight by Robin (2014)

via Golden GatExpress Women of the Black Panther Party

via Golden GatExpress
Women of the Black Panther Party

10. Emotionally Intense ’90s Women by Laneia (2013)

90s wmn ft

11. Bitches Who Brunch by Carmen (2012)

jayne mansfield, 1956, via retronaut // life magazine

jayne mansfield, 1956, via retronaut // life magazine

12. Everything Is Changing and You Are Excited but Also Terrified by Maddie (2014)

Can't you feel her thrilled trepidation to be riding off into the sunset with those balloons? That is how I feel about most things these days. via Shutterstock

13. Ellen Page Is Gay by Grace (2014)


14. When You’re Feeling Helpless by Hansen (2012)


15. You Can Go Home Again by Cara (2012)

let's go home

16. We’re Finally Dating, Everything Is Wonderful, I Want to Pick Dandelions by Carmen (2011)


17. Classic Rock Radio Is the Best Radio by Riese (2013)


18. Playlist: This Photo by Crystal (2011)

Laneia tumblr

19. Sexytime, ’90s R&B Edition by Jamie (2011)


20. So You’re Panicking About Graduate School by Ali (2012)


21. Music For Queers by Queers by Rachel (2012)


22. Tiny Songs for Your Sleepy Brain by Gabrielle (2012)


23. Pack Your Bags and Move On Out by Hansen (2012)

24. Work Your Shit Out at the Gym by Riese (2011)


25. Drop It Lower Than Your Credit Score by Brittani (2012)


What are your favorite Autostraddle playlists from the archives??

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  1. OMG it really is a throwback situation: I can’t listen to 8 Tracks because I can’t get flash to work.

    • Update: I have conquered my enemy and am now listening to Trisha Yearwood, praise be.

  2. Zero shame, I have some of these bookmarked and internally gripe about how y’all only use spotify now.
    Got me hooked on 8tracks only to move on to where I cannot follow.

  3. Oh man, Hellelection Season will always and forever be my favorite from the 8tracks era.

  4. Oh don’t mind me, just having some feels to that 2012 Helpless playlist all over again.

  5. “Getting Ready for a Femme Meetup” and “Everything Is Changing and You Are Excited but Also Terrified” are two of my fave playlists ever <3

    (Also seconding being sad about the migration from 8tracks to spotify!)

  6. “These Pictures of Kristen Stewart” by Intern Grace is my favorite playlist OF ALL TIME.

  7. RIP Autostraddle 8tracks, enabling to me to listen to music without ads. I think I cycled through every AS playlist in 2013-2014 so many of these are like old friends to me

    • Definitely one of my all-time favorites! Actually probably gonna listen to it right now.

  8. I love Autostraddle 8 tracks. My favorite playlists were the seasonal ones (“Make It Spring Already” and “Oh, Autumn”), “Can Everybody Just Be Real Quiet” and “On Public Transportation Late At Night”.

  9. I did notice a couple of AS playlists of covers, but I’m looking for an ultimate covers playlist and I couldn’t find it. I would really appreciate any help I could get.

    What I mean for “ultimate covers” is songs that were originally written or sung by men but that were killed by women, in the sense that hearing any other version is almost impossible. A couple of known examples of this are Aretha Franklin’s Respect and Mack the Knife by Ella Fitzgerald.

    “Classic Rock Radio Is the Best Radio” is one of my favorites, I just need to add some Deep Purple and that’s it, I’m good to go.

  10. So many favorites!!! I’m gonna have to go with “This Is A Period Playlist”, “Bear Has a Forty In the Freezer”, “I’m Totally Not Sick, What are you Even Talking About?”, “Oh my God, Autumn”, “Brooklyn-Based Queers With a Lot of Feelings”, and “Ellen Page is Gay”.

    True story: I listened to the Brooklyn Queers playlist AT LEAST twice a week for an entire semester because I had to listen to it every time I did the homework for this one class I was in. I’ve also probably listened to every single Autostraddle 8-tracks playlist at least once while at work.

    “The Sound of Sandwiches” is an underrated but amazing playlist. Seriously, if you’re having a bad day, just listen to this and it will absolutely get better.

  11. Since 8tracks is shutting down, will Autostraddle be moving these playlists over to spotify? I’d love to be able to keep listening to these nostalgic mixes!

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