No Filter: Samira Wiley Remains An Adorable Life Ruiner

Welcome back to No Filter, land of milk and honey and selfies of Laura Jane Grace. This week, No Filter witnessed one of my favorite holidays of all time, the Met Gala. For one beautiful night, very rich and famous celebrities gather in one place to be photographed wearing ostentatious outfits; the more ridiculous the better. For posterity, here is my favorite context-free unrelated tabloid headline of the week:

@madonna I ❤️you. No other caption needed

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Sarah Paulson is all of us, trying to figure out Madonna’s outfit.

"My energy comes from freedom and a rebellious spirit"- Rei Kawakubo

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Janelle Monáe and her heavily feathered collar situation made me weep actual tears.

@hm #metgala2017 ?

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Stella Maxwell (who looks like this) wore some string and called it a night. She didn’t walk the red carpet with Kristen Stewart, which seems like a real missed opportunity because that’s where their romance allegedly sparked last year.


Here's a picture very similar to yesterday's because I don't believe in rules anymore

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Brittani Nichols’ Met Gala style is consistently second to none.

About last night…?

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Who left that lipstick mark on hungover Cara Delevingne’s scalp? In my imagination that’s Janelle Monáe’s shade.

Samira Wiley is still out there, being totally adorable, ruining my life with every passing episode of The Handmaid’s Tale.

#HoopItUpWorldTour #GravyTrain #GodIsAlwaysWatching

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El Sanchez just learned about Cracker Barrel I guess, and it seems to have been a transformative experience.

when you visit Oregon you see old friends and make new ones.

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Thought we’d end things with the tender gaze of this baby goat.

Join us next week, when we cut to me reacting to Sarah Paulson reacting to Madonna reacting to herself.

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  1. Sarah Paulson’s face is me last night when I met KT Tunstall and then 20 minutes later we had another conversation in which SHE REMEMBERED WHAT MY NAME WAS.

    Unrelated….Janelle Monae is just perfection <3

  2. That’s not a waffle house! It’s a cracker barrel :) which is certainly always a transformative experience for me hahaha. Also, Sarah Paulson lolol

  3. I don’t get what the MET Ball/Gala is? Am I the only one? It’s superstars that get dressed up in ridiculous outfits that apparently have to fit a theme (floral this year or something) that many didn’t follow to impress Anna Wintour? And I get superstars going to the event (for charity I assume) but then there are randoms who haven’t been famous for 10 years showing up or non famous people who I see talked about on the red carpet.

    • The met gala is a fundraiser for the metropolitan museum of art. It’s meant to be avante garde, so it definetly shouldn’t be a conventially beautiful piece of clothing . I think anyone can buy a ticket, which probs explains the randoms

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