Playlist: Sleeping-In Dream Day

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I’m a veteran of the Hangover Nest. You might be familiar with the Hangover Nest routine: wake up with the sun in your face, feel lightheaded yet alive enough to make/order a recovery brunch made exactly to your preference, catch up on a TV show, maybe shower, maybe close the blinds, maybe lose complete track of time altogether. The thing is, hangover aside, that sounds like the perfect day to me. An excuse to chill out about everything else that’s going on and focus on indulging my small, immediate whims. My small whims are pretty predictable: I want to sleep in; I want to maximize my comfort and swan about in a robe; I want to watch Shonda Rhimes shows; I want bright and indirect sunlight (I am also one of those people who dislikes blackout curtains, please note your assent or dissent in the comments below); I want all my drinks to be iced and my snacks to be at hand and neverending; and, most importantly, I want a playlist that maximizes these good vibes, that makes me feel like time doesn’t exist, as though I’m floating in a sunny aquarium of indulgence and indolence that stretches as far as this perfect dream of a day.

Sleeping-In Dream Day


Space Cadet – Flume
Titanium (Mistereric Mix) – David Guetta
Youths – Slow Magic
Believer (Little Loud Remix) – Goldfrapp
Antarctica – Tiger Tsunami
Planetary Mirror – BoomBox
Wait (Kygo Remix) – M83
Touch – Shura
Repetition – Purity Ring
Perth (Manila Killa’s Sunrise Remix) – Bon Iver
Pinata (Japanese Wallpaper Remix) – Montgomery
23 – Blonde Redhead
November Skies (feat. Nina Kinert) – Tomas Barfod
Coffee – Sylvan Esso
Kusanagi – Odesza

Sleeping-In Dream Day from Autostraddle on 8tracks Radio.

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  1. ‘I am also one of those people who dislikes blackout curtains, please note your assent or dissent in the comments below’

    YES THIS! I have so many feelings on this and I only just realised. I’m staying at my parents’ at the moment and they have black out curtains and it totally ruins my wake-up, unless I sleep with them slightly open, which makes falling asleep harder. They’re the worst. So many feelings. All definitely intimately related to the curtains and nothing to do with my multiple imminent deadlines.

    • I absolutely cannot get to sleep if there is any light in the room, and my ex is absolutely groggy and miserable until mid-afternoon unless there’s some light dawning in the room in the morning.

      So, we got blackout curtains so that I can fall asleep, which I then pull open when I get up in the morning so he can wake up. Teamwork!

    • Yes to natural light! Even when I was working night shift, I let the daylight in. I’d go to bed just as the sun was rising… It was very pretty.

      White noise, on the other hand, keeps me awake.

  2. This inspired me to push my chair aside and get into a feelin’ myself dance party for one and I’m mad grateful for that. Makes the fact that I’m still working for at least a couple more hours bearable.

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