Upon Going Home: Review of “The Messiah Complex”


“The Messiah Complex is radical because it takes on concepts of beauty, class differences, gender roles, and navigates love and life in a trans or gender-nonconforming body, all within a Black context. Never before have I seen so many nuanced themes in an all Black cast.”

8 months ago
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So Much Drama! – Top Ten Lesbionic Theatrical Experiences


We thought this would be easier — the hardest part, we imagined, would be coming up with just ten. Surely if we thought really hard, wikipedia’ed (we expected a “lesbian characters in plays” list of some sort to appear … it did not), checked out the glbtq encyclopedia and googled some shit, we’d be rushing to narrow down the contenders by Sunday afternoon. I mean, there’s Maureen & Joanne from RENT, to start with. And then … um.