The Comment Awards Will Be Your April Fool

This week was pretty uneventful but it was warm enough to eat lunch outside and I learned that a group of owls is called a parliament so things are looking up.

April didn’t bring spring or showers in my neighborhood but it did bring a new calendar girl and a floppy disk full of desktop backgrounds featuring Strong Women (register for B-Camp today!).

Amazingly, the National Magazine Awards remembered that women can be good writers and awarded half their 2013 nominations to them. But before you stop blaming the patriarchy keep in mind that TV writing staffs are still predominantly white and male. Ugh.

The Knife, also known as that “seaweed creature reanimated by lightning and dancing in front of a beach campfire,” has a new album that will stab you in the ears in a good way. (Aren’t Cara’s words the best?) Speaking of music, Crystal interviewed new fashioned folk popper Marina Marina, Najva barely survived SXSW and we made plans to hang out with you on Record Store Day.

On Introducing B-Camp:

The “Tale of Two Foodies” Award to Lindsey and Erin:

Lindsey + Erin

On Make A Thing: Spring Cleaning and Organizing Part II:

The “Next On TLC” Award to Torrebelle: “Hello, my name is Torre and I am a craft hoarder.”

On SXSFail: A Queer Takes on The Madness of Austin:

The “Everyone and Everything Is So Attractive” Award to Sela and Najva Sol:

Sela and Najva

On Andrea Gibson: The Autostraddle Interview:

The “She’s The Leaves To Your Ground” and Award to bookbound:


On Mexican Supreme Court Calls A Homophobic Slur A Homophobic Slur:

The “Study Buddy” Award to Jay:


On Do Not Consume Psilocybin Mushrooms While Trans*:

The “Is Someone Chopping Onions?” Award to Willow and Meredith:



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  1. The last comment award really struck me. I sent it to my little brother after getting very upset with him last night about a joke that he told me that I found highly offensive that he didn’t want to talk about, and now I have an example outside of myself to show that we don’t have to hate anyone to say something hurtful to them. We can be full of love and still make a misstep, and that’s okay.

    • THIS. On Monday I had a conversation with MY brother about his Facebook profile picture. It was an equality sign with a slash through it (to demonstrate how he believes that the Supreme Court should not overturn DOMA).

      “we don’t have to hate anyone to say something hurtful to them.”

      Indeed. I tried to explain to him how he has the right to his opinion, but the ways in which he states that opinion have the power for hurt and alienation. I tried to explain how I will always love him, but the many ways in which he hurts me all the time mean that he will always be my brother but not necessarily my friend, my confidante, my buddy. He still believes that homosexuality is wrong, but we both grew a little from our conversation. Here’s hoping for growth and better understanding in both of our families.

  2. Dear Jay,

    Everything you need to know for the AP US Gov’t exam is covered on The West Wing. Make some popcorn, sit back, and let Bartlett teach you. Forget the seasons after Sorkin left, they got mellow-dramatic and you’ll have already learned all you need before then.

    For the comparative part, you are lucky to have Autostraddle. Some of us had to just read the book while our teacher talked about Oprah and what direction we turn our toilet paper. Seriously.

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