The Comment Awards Have Mia Hamm Above Their Beds


Hi there, cats and kittens! You hanging in there? We made it through the week!

This week, in our continued takeover of all sci-fi franchises since Ghostbusters, Doctor Who is a woman!

Awwwwww, love is not a lie.

Kayla’s recapping The Bold Type!

Nora talked about bodies, and the clothes we put on them. So many feels.

In a fandom? Need to carry your shit? There’s a fanny pack for that.

Here are the long and winding career paths of Autostraddle writers! I think my biggest takeaway from this was that Laneia once quit a job by walking away on her break, something I still aspire to do.

Need some swimwear? Shannon’s got you covered!

Dear teenage Erin: You might be kinda gay.

And then there were your comments!

On All 101 Disney Channel Original Movies Ranked by Lesbianism:

The Yummy Mummy Award to thatottergirl:

Wow, now all I want to do hang out in the Egyptology wing of the Met Museum wearing a “Mommis not Mummies

On Ellen Page Is Apparently Dating This Dancer Emma Portner Now, Hmm, Ok:

The Modern Dance Award to Michou, Stef and Snaelle:

The dance is so frantic. I dont know anything about dance but so much arms

On “Hollywood Lesbians”: This 1994 Interview Book Valiantly Attempted To Out Over 31 Legendary Ladies:

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Rolls Award to Linnea:

Also loved “sisterly roll

On Analyzing My Childhood Bedroom Posters As A Profoundly Gay Woman:

The Wannabe Award to Kristana and Saga:

Was the Spice Girls poster trying to get you to tell yourself what you want, what you really really want?

And the Bend It Like Mia Award to Linnea:OMG. The shirtless Mia Hamm poster is such a cultural touchstone. I remember at least 3 girls in my cabin AT BIBLE CAMP (?) putting up that poster over their bunks during our weeklong stay. ?

On AM/PM: Caffeine and Twitter:

The Powers of Deduction Award to Alaina:

wow, are you a writer? your morning routine screams, “WRITER!

On 11 Fanny Packs for Almost Every Fandom:

The Two Packs, No Waiting Award to Gilbert:

Now I am a lover of bumbags because all the important stuff is so easily to hand. But, that doesnt mean I don’t need to be carrying all my other essentials in my rucksack. I’m not saying it’s stylish, but if you want to look like a queer scout leader about town, then the duo is always an option.

On Pop Culture Fix: Does This Mean Doctor Who Is a Lesbian?

The Birds and the Bees Award to cleo and Carmen SanDiego:

Bees don’t lie. Carmen: They're like hips in that aspect

On Legendary WNBA Superstar Sue Bird Is Gay and Also Dating Megan Rapinoe:

The Curb Your Lezthusiasm Award to johnnie and Chandra:

I am filled with happiness, slightly hazy with something I can only describe as wistful lustiness, and also screaming. Someone please name this emotion so that I can classify it and carry on. Chandra: Lezthusiasm?

And the Checkin’ It Twice Award to Jessi:

I feel like the universe is taking my favorite athlete list from childhood and having them come out. If only I had known then that I had this power.

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      • (Once in junior high, my friends and I liked that song so much that we listened to it for an entire sleepover – hours and hours and hours, on repeat. Shannon’s parents must have wanted to KILL us.)

  1. Was that a poly-award for the so much arms? *pumps fist*

    Why go for double when you can have triple-entendre?

  2. I used to work in a hotel. Once I was training this guy and he said he had to go get something from his car. He never came back.

    • see this just connotes a level of badassery and devil-may-care that I have never accomplished in my life.

      • And the confusion… I was like “dude never came back. I wonder if the car that just drove off was his. Let me call security. Yep, that was him. Oh well, I wonder what’s for lunch today”

    • The closest I’ve ever gotten to this was when nine of us employed a crappy trinket shop at the mall all quit on the same day in protest of new store policies. They replaced us and carried on like nothing had happened.

    • Are we talking about crazy ways we quit our jobs? One time, my manager at Jack in the Box threw a fit because I changed my nametag to “Batman” (after many other things). I mean who wouldn’t want burger and fries from Batman? So my co-worker and I staged this horrible lemonade “accident” where she tripped and it landed all over our manager, and we walked out together for a “break”. And that’s how we really “hit the road Jack”.

  3. ahh thank you! I think this means I’m obligated to make and wear the shirt in real life. See you at the Met :)

    • I mean I feel like we settled this one? But I do very much want to know: bagels with cream cheese, or bagels with butter?

      • Usually cream cheese but I love butter and will never reject it
        I guess it depends on the bagel flavor

      • PLAIN!

        Why must people taint the goodness of bagels with stuff. Why mess with perfection???

        Use a spoon as your vehicle, don’t waste a bagel.

      • One time I lived with a chinese housemate who had never had toast before. So we introduced her first to toast and butter, and later on jam. At which point whe started her own creations, quite memorably jam, butter and lettuce on toast.

        Also she once tried to kill us all in a house fire by defrosting pork chops in the toaster.

        Miss that girl.

        • I ate cucumber and apricot jam sandwiches for a while. Don’t substitute the apricot jam with marmalade though, it’s a rookie mistake.

          • Ok there is officially something VERY wrong with all of all you for liking cream cheese. That stuff is horrid! What’s REALLY yummy tho is a toasted bagel with butter and garlic salt. So savory and buttery and garlicy.

            As for pineapple on pizza personally I love it. When I worked at Domino’s I on most of the days I opened I would make a breakfast for my opening crew that was egg, 4 different kinds of cheese, pineapple, sausage, bacon, veggies, and a sprinkling of the garlic stuff that goes on the bread sticks. Also made and amazing BBQ chicken pizza with bbq sauce, 4 different kinds of cheese, pineapple, bacon, cut up chicken kickers (their boneless chicken is a spicy breading), and a sprinkling of garlic. Now I’m hungry lol

          • Kaitlin your breakfast sounds pretty good. Also it’s really nice to make breakfast for the crew. Thanks for doing that from a former crew member that used to benefit from breakfast

          • You’re welcome Carmen! It isn’t just nice but good business. You get the best out of your employees when they feel valued and pizza is small price to pay for that =^.^=

      • Bagel with plain or veggie cream cheese here in NY. There are a very few delis that will still honor the request, “Bagel wid a schmear,” meaning a smear of cream cheese. Or, if there’s no access to cream cheese, then yes, butter – but ONLY on a toasted bagel so it melts. (Cream cheese can pair with a bagel toasted or untoasted.)

        But… clearly, as evidenced below, y’all do y’all.

    • Also now I feel it was totally worth the 20 minutes it took me to work out how to post an image (again).
      I’m gonna stick this award in my heart and carry it forever.

  4. OMG! I’m officially a Spice Girls Wannabe! I get to be Baby Spice – no one else gets to or else… or else I’ll continue this bagel thread for an endless eternity… because everyone knows cinnamon/sugar and colored sprinkle bagels are where it’s at.

  5. Thank you :) I will note that I can take requests for other athletes to be included in the list so when time travel is invented I can use my powers for good.

      • I remember watching Summer Sanders when she hosted Figure it Out. Had no idea then that she was a beast swimmer. Better appreciation as an adult lol

      • You would figure that Alex would have some lady loving leanings being around so many queers with the USWNT. I think there could still be a chance

        I had forgotten about Gabriela! Bless you for the reminder and for the minute I needed to take to collect myself after that Google search.

  6. me just getting home from work: “woah! 89 comments on the comment awards thread?? Let’s see what’s going on in here…. hmmm… it only looks like 10 or 12 comments…. OH @carmensandiego resumed the pineapple on pizza debate.” THATS where all the comments are coming from.

  7. also ‘bend it like mia’ and ‘the sisterhood of the travelling rolls award’ QUEER GIRRRRRLLLL <3 I'm suddenly reminded of all the queer feels these movies stoked in me as a young person

  8. Whenever I see a post with an unusually high comment count, and it’s not a biphobic flame war or lost MRA trolls, I assume it must be a bunch of Christo-fascists getting so irate about Easter eggs that they turn into dancing hotdogs.

    I’m beyond delighted that in this case it’s because of a serious community investigation into bagels.

    • In this remote Japanese village train station, there is a dancing hotdog happily entertaining you while you wait. Watching a hotdog smoke a Marlboro is strangely satisfying…

  9. Bagels, toasted with butter, herbed low fat cream cheese, snipped chives, smoked salmon and capers. Oh, now please!

      • Have you tried them toasted with butter and cream cheese mixed with chopped dates and chopped walnuts with a drizzle of honey.
        Absolute bliss!!

    • This is surely what heaven looks like. Oh, and all the toilet paper rolls are put on the right way.

  10. Peanut butter bagels from down the street of my eventual house :) It’s lovely & the prices in their are ridiculous (on the low side) :) And the lady knows what I want cos I always have it.

      • I don’t but I’m sure she would. I don’t like two ‘glues’ on/spreads on so I only have one spread then something else like bananas or something that needs to be stuck on.

  11. Are y’all sure you aren’t confusing Mia Hamm with Brandi Chastain’s iconic jersey-less WC-winning-PK celebration?

    • OMG Rachel W you’re so right!! ? BRANDI CHASTAIN. Bahahahahahahaha omg my older than me and sportier than me wife is going to have a field day with this.

      • I was 13 when that match was played and definitely had the poster in my room for years and years. I am pretty sure I parted with it during my massive “moving abroad” yard sale, but part of me hopes it is still hiding in the closet (teehee) of my parents’ home because even at 31 I would put that back on my wall. But framed to make it classy.

        Hope your older/sportier wife has a means of watching the Euros. No shirtless goal celebrations yet, but definitely some queer ladies on these pitches. :)

        • I don’t watch sportsball either.. (CLEARLY) so, Rachel W what are the Euros?? ? They sound delightful. Also, yes, good on your parents for not letting you go to bible camp. There weren’t nearly enough shirtless women’s soccer posters to make up for the rest of the experience.

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