Ellen Page Is Apparently Dating This Dancer Emma Portner Now, Hmm, Ok

Since coming out as gloriously queer on Valentine’s Day 2014, Ellen Page has kept things prrrretty low-key. Although she’d occasionally be spotted canoodling with a lady in public, she’s been mostly content to work on her (Emmy-nominated!) travel show Gaycation, post Instagram photos of her dog and quietly date tall surfer lady Samantha Thomas. The couple first went public in 2015 and have been very chill about their romance, to the point where this reporter kind of forgot it was happening at all? Although neither Page nor Thomas seem to have ever announced the end of their relationship, they have not been photographed together since January (and Ellen posted a photo of Samantha en route to a protest in February).

Before you shed any tears for Ellen Page, take comfort in the fact that the 30-year-old actress currently appears to be currently enamored with 22-year-old dancer/choreographer Emma Portner, with whom she performed this somber cover of Britney Spears’ “Lucky.”

Although it would be easy to dismiss the pair’s creative partnership as a simple friendship, Page and Portner put all theories about the state of their gal-paldom when they were spotted kissing Thursday afternoon outside Cafe Gratitude.

photo credit: Osvaldo / BACKGRID

For the uninitiated, Cafe Gratitude is a totally bonkers vegan place in LA and San Francisco that forces its patrons to order its dishes using “I am” declarations, ie “I am liberated” = raw kelp pesto noodles or “I am brilliant” = coconut ceviche. This is probably the gayest place anyone could be spotted kissing, but here we are.

Looks like SOMEBODY’s bringing home a doggie bag full of I AM IRRESISTIBLE or whatever // photo credit: Osvaldo / BACKGRID

Emma and Ellen (Emlen?!) appear to be having a swell time, but tragically it appears that Page’s adorable dog Patters may have been surrendered in her breakup with Samantha Thomas. While Thomas posted a picture of Patters on June 28, he is noticeably absent from Page’s feed. Dog custody arrangements are the most heart-wrenching part of celesbian breakups, and it kills us every single time.

All the same, we wish these two crazy kids luck and look forwards to seeing where this adorable relationship leads us.

go on a real rollercoaster when it's all a real rollercoaster

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