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11 Fanny Packs for Almost Every Fandom

Since becoming a dog parent, I’ve become sold on fanny packs in a way I’ve never been sold before. I have to carry a bunch of stuff, and even in my men’s clothes, the pockets aren’t enough. I don’t want to lug a tote or a backpack through the park on a hot day. Enter the fanny pack: perfect accessory for people who have too much shit to carry and not enough fucks to give. That’s me. I suspect it might also be you. I ordered this one specifically to walk my dog with and then I fell in love. I understand my mother so much better now.

The number one thing I’ve come to understand about fanny pack culture is this: it is never going to look good. Not even when Etsy calls it a “festival bag.” So it may as well make you happy. If ever there was a time to go ridiculous and let your nerd side show, it is in the selection of your fanny pack. So without further ado, I give you a selection of fanny packs I have found based on Tumblr fandoms. This was more difficult than you may think, so there is just one bag per fandom. You should also totally add to this list in the comments.

Doctor Who

Tardis Fanny Pack, $22.95.


Studying has a fandom, believe it or not. I went with an ~aesthetic~ bag. Minimalist Gin fanny pack, $25, comes in a bunch o’ colors just fyi.


Deadpool Fanny Pack, $14.99.

The Science Side of Tumblr

Science also has a fandom and you can ask it questions! Constellation Bum Bag, $25.

Adventure Time

BMO Bum Bag, $12.22.


Yup. Books have a fandom, too. Alice In Wonderland Fanny Pack, $30.

Harry Potter

I feel like Slytherin doesn’t get nearly enough love, so here you go, my Slytherin friends. Slytherin Bum Bag, $12.22.

DC Comics

Of course I went Wonder Woman, did you think I was not going to go Wonder Woman? Wonder Woman Fanny Pack, $24.

Star Wars

C3PO Fanny Pack, $22.95.

Steven Universe

Get it? Get it? The gem in this bag is an AMETHYST!  This one’s pricey, it’s a “pocket belt,” $148.37.


Minecraft Fanny Pack, $24.

In conclusion, I had a My Little Pony fanny pack in here too, but I was really scandalized by the hashtag so it doesn’t get its own heading. Here you go, though!

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    • I almost bought that at target, but I don’t actually want to carry around a pair of cheap speakers wherever I go. I woulda gotten an empty one though.

    • these look so functional! i think fannypacks have upgraded since i had one in middle school-mesh inner pockets, slots for cards, and a back zippered phone pocket? ????

  1. I hike a lot, and hate backpacks, so I think I will be getting myself a fanny pack to hold the essentials. I cant believe these damn things are becoming a thing again. I had a hot pink Marriots Great America one back in the day. (any of my Bay Area Babes remember it pre-Paramount?)

    • Anytime we want anything to become “a thing” again, all we have to do is all agree on it and start doing it. The straight folks will adopt it next year. Bam. “A thing again.”

  2. would a Carol fandom fanny pack be made of mink? or red plaid bathrobe? or (!!!) recycled leather gloves!

  3. Five years ago I wore my dad’s hand-me-down tan leather woodworking fanny pack to my local goth club and haven’t looked back since. They’re the best.

  4. Now I am a lover of bumbags because all the important stuff is so easily to hand. But, that doesnt mean I don’t need to be carrying all my other essentials in my rucksack. I’m not saying it’s stylish, but if you want to look like a queer scout leader about town, then the duo is always an option.

  5. If yr on a budget but still wanna rock the pack, check out your local thrift store! My sister and I got ours for under $2 each at a goodwill

  6. I wore fanny packs all the time when I was a kid, and then I went through that phase where I cared what people thought of me, so I stopped wearing it. I just got a new one and it’s hot pink and I’m in love with it.

    …I really want that Wonder Woman fanny pack but it’s so expensive.

  7. Also I would say Slytherin and Gryffindor are the most popular houses, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw don’t get enough love.

    • Oh man, really? Maybe it’s just my perception, but I feel like between me (Ravenclaw) and Heather (Hufflepuff), those two houses get the most love on this site in particular?

      • At the Hogwarts Cup last A-Camp there were not enough Ravenclaws to play the games.
        People were supposed to take turns but I went like 4 times in a row because there were so few of us.
        Anyway, my friend does data-analysis for Universal Studios Hollywood and she says the Gryffindor (#1) and slytherin (close #2) merchandise sells way way more than Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff

        • NOT ENOUGH RAVENCLAWS??!!?? I blame myself, really, for not being there and recruiting new members to our Esteemed House. During the Spring 2016 camp, I recruited for Ravenclaw HARD.

  8. I can’t believe how many times I’ve read fanny on this page. Is it unreasonable to ask Americans to find a new word?

    On the topic of the actual article, I appreciate most of these aesthetics but I just don’t think I’m cool enough to wear such a dorky accessory.

    • Emily Fitch when explaining that she liked girls “I like their rosy lips, their hard nipples, bums, soft eyes… I like tits and fanny, you know”

    • I lived in the UK for 8 years and have a hard time saying/reading fanny now, so I get ya!

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