The Comment Awards Are Calling All Commenters

Hello, wildlings and wordsmiths!

In what seemed like the most appropriate encore to the SCOTUS ruling, the U.S. started off the week by winning the lesbian super bowl (thanks Brittani). And did you see that kiss?

We have so many things to talk about. In fact, we want you to tell us all the things because it’s Tell Us Everything Week!  If you need some inspiration just read Riese’s post on internet commenting and call out culture.

In other news, ESPN’s annual body issue is out, Laura made an “Everything is terrible but also ultimately okay” playlist and we have feelings about “Jenny’s Wedding” and the Magic Wand.

Speaking of feelings, the commenting blitz means there will be loads of comment awards this week and next let’s get right into it!

On Pop Culture Fix: The USWNT And Ruby Rose Are Everywhere:

The I Still Blame A Award to Casey (and Heather):


On Also.Also.Also: Saving Your Tattoos After You’re Dead and Other Stories to Read This Weekend:

The Laneia’s Ark Award to Analyssa:


On Saturday Morning Cartoons: Straight Bar:

The Emergency Flannel Award to Dina:


On You Need Help Helping Your Parents: Cis People Teaching Cis Parents To Be Trans Allies:

The Parents Just Might Understand Award to Bruce:


On Pop Culture Fix: The USWNT And Ruby Rose Are Everywhere:

The Electric Lady Award to Mik:


The ‘And-on-‘And Action Award to Jenny and Kristana:

jenny and kristana

On It’s Tell Us Everything Week on Autostraddle:

The Spirit Award to lomy:


The This Space Is Yours! Award to Katie:


On What We Comment About When We Comment About Commenting:

The Queer Lady Lumberjacks and A-Campers Take Note Award to Mer:


The Oh, You Gays Award to Alaina and Hollis:

alaina and hollis

The Aww Shucks Award to La Wah:

La Wah

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  1. saying you gays is ALWAYS intentional. #decentralizestraightness #decentralizemen #allgayeverything #toomanyhashtags

  2. I made the first reply to lomy’s Spirit Award-winning comment, does that make me a first runner-up? Or am I just trying way to hard to ride their coattails?

    This should probably be taken as a small but meaningful example of just how much I enjoy AS in general and the comment awards in particular.

    ^^Comment I would normally delete but am going to post in the spirit of TEU week!

    • I feel like I should say, seeing you not deleting the comments that you normally would is encouraging me not to delete the comments that I normally would, so thank you for that.

    • I absolutely share this comment award with all my fellow reformed comment deletors! here’s to hitting submit!

  3. Goodness gracious, thank you for another award. I really love seeing the crazy-high comment numbers on everything this week, it’s so heartwarming. I don’t care about winning prizes but it is just so uplifting and encouraging to see all these new people and quieter voices getting involved. It’s also a little bit overwhelming, I usually read every single comment but now there are constantly new ones being added, I don’t want to miss anyone’s brilliant words! Basically y’all are great and this is the best community and yay and stuff. Okay I had a rough day and have been drinking extensively and should probably hop off the comment train for the evening. Thank you to everyone for being great!

      • Thanks, you really are nice! Today was a little bit better. I did drop an entire bucket of coleslaw on myself at work, however, so that wasn’t ideal.

  4. If I comment on an article about comments on an article about commenting on comments – does that create a hole in the space-time continuum?!

  5. wait I never read these because I always assume nothing I say is as clever or poignant as everyone else’s comments. glad my love for Laneia is what finally won me one! <3

  6. Omg, Bruce is amazing. I want to make a welcome card for Bruce. Supportive parents are the absolute BEST.

  7. It’s awesome that Autostraddle highlights comments like this. I think it’s one of the things that brings us together as a community: if you missed this hilarious or poignant thing, never fear, because it’ll be highlighted at the end of the week.

  8. And my heart grew three sizes that day.

    Thank you for letting me take up this space. :)

  9. the Comment Awards going to be much harder next week! Like clear some time in your diaries harder.

  10. y’all, bruce is incommunicado in the wilderness for like 2.5 weeks right now (because Of Course he is), but he is gonna be really excited about this award when he gets back. i’m pretty lucky he’s my dad.

  11. I love it when the writers’ families comment. So many funny and/or heartwarming comments :)

  12. I’ve been reading AS for more than a year and I finally read one of these articles and, oh, I get it! I just really doubted it could be that funny? But I shouldn’t have doubted, because even articles about t.v. shows I’ve never seen or celebrities I’ve never heard of are funny. Now I’m bummed that I’ve been missing out.

  13. Always one of my favorite columns. I’ve really been enjoying commenting week and didn’t even realize I needed it.

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