It’s Tell Us Everything Week on Autostraddle!

Hey, you. Yes, you there. With the hair thing going on? And the nice shirt. How do you get your skin so smooth?

LISTEN UP! I’ve got a very special announcement for each and every one of you and you’re not gonna wanna miss it. Okay, ready? Okay. Ahem.


What the F*ck is Tell Us Everything Week?

Here’s the situation. We’re all madly in love with you, and especially with what you add to our own lives by being here, right here, in this space with us online, every day. We love your comments, your banter, your avatars, your cute “About Me” sections in your Autostraddle member profiles… the list goes on. We make things for you and we love talking to you about them. We wanna hear even more of what you have to say!

But commenting online has evolved quite a bit over the last few years and a lot of websites are shutting down comment sections altogether, moving the bulk of their social energy into social media, or only selectively opening posts to reader feedback. That’s not our style, though. Your words have been as important to us as our words since we leaped onto this ship in the first place. We’re gonna talk more about that in a different post later this week, but in the interest of getting to the point:

And thus, Tell Us Everything week was born.

We’re dedicating a whole week of content – starting right here, right now, with this post – to you. We’re gonna talk Internet culture, share stories about our experiences in the Straddleverse, and maybe even serenade you in the moonlight. We’re also gonna talk about our commenting culture in general, and what we’ve observed works best when it comes to making Autostraddle a place that feels comfortable and safe to the broad spectrum of readers we attract — from that Women’s Studies PhD in Northampton who’s got a wife and two dogs to the mother-of-two in St. Louis nervous to leave her husband for a life only glimpsed via The L Word to the radical activist in Oakland who recently came out as transgender to the 16-year-old in rural Mississippi who has to read Autostraddle in secret and has no idea what “demisexual” means.

Everything we do here at Autostraddle is about our readers — the people just like you who click our links on social media, leave comments in the night on our recaps, and support our work endlessly, and support each other.


To sweeten the deal, though, we’re also throwing in some prizes for the most devoted and active amongst you. Because you’re our heart and soul and you deserve A+ memberships and Autostraddle merch!

So, How Do I Win?

Here’s how this whole shebang is going down. In order to win a prize during Tell Us Everything week, you just need to do two things: create an Autostraddle member account, and leave as many comments on this website as possible in the next seven days. 

Even if all your comment says is “thank you for this piece” or “I like this” or “wow.” (Seriously on the “wow.” I’d take a “wow” any day), we’re into it. We also really like to know where you are with this — whatever this is, whatever we’re talking about. What’s it like for you? Can you reach out to another commenter to further their conversation? You add to this community, you bring it to life, you help steer the boat. There’s nothing more rewarding for us than sparking conversation, watching y’all get to know each other, and fostering this beautiful and kind community for all of you wonderful humans across the world who want and need it.

So this week, while we’re spilling our guts about how much we love you, we wanna hear from you, too! Hence the name of the week, you guys. We want you to tell us everything. We wanna know if our articles rip your heart open or sew them shut. We wanna see pictures when you attempt to cook our recipes or make the DIY crafts we walk you through. Really, we just wanna know how you’re doing and how you’re feeling today and, like I said, how you get your hair so shiny.

The more comments you leave this week, the more likely you’ll be to win bigger and better prizes. I’ll be drawing the winners (on camera!) and posting the video on Thursday, July 16. If you wanna participate in the contest, you also have to comment on this very post — that’s how we’ll know who to track this week. (But it won’t count towards your total!)

What Are The Prizes?

Here they are, cap’n: you can pick from any of the options below if you win for your tier. And just in case you were wondering, there are more than one of some of these prize packages available. THE ODDS ARE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR, Y’ALL.

TIER 1: Leave 5+ Comments This Week

  • Your choice of one of the following: Better Together Issue #1 (OMG I’m GAY), Better Together Issue #2 (I Broke Up Like This), Vapid Fluff Tote Bag, A-Camp hoodie, Liquor in the Front Flask, Safe Space Pencil Case, three Rory stickers or three You Do You stickers or a You Do You pin
  • One-year A+ Bronze Membership (for you or a friend)

TIER 2: Leave 10+ Comments This Week

  • Your choice of any of the merch listed in Tier 1 OR Better Together Issue #3 (Queer Sultry Summer), or any t-shirt or tank top in the Autostraddle store.
  • One-year A+ Silver Membership  (for you or a friend)

TIER 3: Leave 15+ Comments This Week

A “Thank You” postcard from the Senior Editors and the following:

  • Your choice of any merch item in the Autostraddle Store
  • One-year A+ Gold Membership (for you or a friend)

Before you go! Autostraddle runs on the reader support of our A+ Members. If this article meant something to you today — if it informed you or made you smile or feel seen, will you consider joining A+ and supporting the people who make this indie queer media site possible?

Join A+!


Carmen spent six years at Autostraddle, ultimately serving as Straddleverse Director, Feminism Editor and Social Media Co-Director. She is now the Consulting Digital Editor at Ms. and writes regularly for DAME, the Women’s Media Center, the National Women’s History Museum and other prominent feminist platforms; her work has also been published in print and online by outlets like BuzzFeed, Bitch, Bust, CityLab, ElixHER, Feministing, Feminist Formations, GirlBoss, GrokNation, MEL, Mic and SIGNS, and she is a co-founder of Argot Magazine. You can find Carmen on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr or in the drive-thru line at the nearest In-N-Out.

Carmen has written 919 articles for us.


  1. This is so cute and such a great and fun idea. I’m a prolific commenter of unpopular comments (not antagonistic, just, few people click like on my comments — it’s cool; I’m loyal but not witty).

    But since volume of comments is a plus for this special series, I feel like it’s my moment to shine! lol

    In conclusion, ilu Autostraddle and looking forward to this series. <3

  2. I comment more here than I do anywhere else on the internet, which is still not very much. I love everything you do here, but when that’s all I have to say I’m usually not inclined to say it because it feels redundant. I know more affirmation is better and more comments are better, but I usually put my commenting energy toward those times when I have something more to say.

  3. I really like this idea! I tend to go without commenting for long stretches, but I like events like this that bring it more to the forefront of my mind. I truly do value the community here, and I quite often read the comments (even if I don’t post). I think that’s a pretty rare and special thing for a website in 2015!

    Also: nice job on the photo for this piece :D

  4. Wait wait wait- you mean you’re telling me your going to *give* me free stuff for me posting my somewhat-coherent ramblings onto your lovely website? Which I already do for free?

    Count me in! :-D

  5. YAY!!! This makes me really happy! The comments section on this site is one of my favorite things! It’s literally the only site that I read comments on because somehow you all have created a magical safe space for readers. I mean maybe its cause Straddlers are just some of the best people in this world so of course everyone’s comments are great! But there is some awesome magic happy feelings going on in this site’s comment sections! I’m excited to read everyone’s comments on everything this week!

  6. Commenting is one of my favorite things about this website. It’s the first queer community I was ever a part of. This community made me feel normal and ok. And then internet comments morphed into meeting some people in real life. I even got the courage to host my own meetup event in August! So yeah, this has been an Internet safe haven. I know this is totally sappy, but it’s true!

  7. Unfortunately I can’t take part in this since I’m travelling for the next couple of weeks, but I think it’s an awesome idea and I’m going to use it as inspiration to comment more. I feel like I need to stop worrying about being witty and just start saying ‘wow!’ more often, so thanks for the tip!

  8. This is so cute and exciting! But what you already give us every day is more than enough of a prize for me. Thanks as always for your hard work and smart brains and glorious captions and commitment to not-sucking in a world that mostly sucks.

  9. I feel like you are reading some of the same times I am reading with that comment about some sites shutting down comments and/or selectively opening posts. It’s good to know I am not the only queer reading such sites.

  10. Well, this is a darn cute idea.

    Usually my mantra is “don’t read the comments” unless I feel like a (sarcastic) laugh or want to lose my faith in humanity.

    But when it comes to AS, my mantra is the complete opposite. I love the content you (AS) peeps post and then the comment section is like the cherry on top of the sundae. I’ve learnt so much from commenters here and I love that AS is a site that encourages commenting.

    As per usual, AS is the best.

  11. This is such a wonderful idea – it’s basically a stimulus package for the comments section! Do you have an economist on the Autostraddle team or something?

    Anyway, I’m usually a lurker who feels very guilty about it. Autostraddle has such consistently thoughtful and groundbreaking articles, and sometimes the best ones unfortunately don’t have that many comments. I know I should post, and a lot of times I’ll even write out multi-paragraph comments (especially on news/politics, tech, and books/TV articles), but I delete them out of fear they’re stupid and redundant. I almost deleted this just now, actually, but that would have been both ironic and counterproductive. So this is a good opportunity to turn over a new leaf, because community! And free stuff!

  12. This is a great idea! Also I just want to say how much I love the graphic featuring the “gal pals” giggling together in their best sweater vests. I think they could be laughing at us because they know who A is, but they won’t tell. C’mon, ladies, the name of the week is “Tell Us Everything”!

  13. totally! I am most frequent on FOTs, and definitely keep track of certain folks that way, for never having been to A camp and being broadly certainly not one of the top commenters, I’m fond of so many folks here! I have also super noticed that often folks get really good support when they are having a hard time, I remember that happened for me once when I’d had a really bad week and folks were so sweet. really AS comments rival only captain awkward’s comment section for niceness. so yeah! way to go team!

  14. this is super cool and as a fun fact i have been living in germany for almost a year and the other day i saw a student at my university wearing a scissoring t-shirt and i super freaked out because i never expected to see anyone representing autostraddle in germany! even though of course there are readers who live here, point being it was great

  15. I knew I would be into this when I saw the perfectly adapted Girl Talk graphic.

    You guys are the best.

    And as many have already expressed, this really is the only website where it’s not only not scary to read the comments, but where reading the comments actually enriches the experience.

  16. I AM GONNA TRY SO HARD. i delete so many of my own comments! i have feelings but then by the time i am done writing them out, i hate myself and need a nap. but i love AS and i love reading AS comments and so i am going to participate my little heart out <3

  17. I rarely comment, but it makes me feel a tiny bit brave and more involved in this (AWESOME) community when I do, so I’m all about upping the incentive to interact more and get to know more of you guys online (and maybe someday at meet-ups and/or A-camp!). Bring it on!!

  18. I love this idea (partially because I love when people comment on autostraddle! (comment y’all! the comments are so much better here than anywhere else in the ENTIRE LITERAL WORLD)) and also that tell us everything graphic! I want to print it out and put it on my wall!

  19. I’m so glad you’re doing this! I really appreciate the comment section of Autostraddle. Comments are sometimes where we learn the most, especially in a thoughtful community like the AS community.

    Also, of course: wow!

  20. Welp – guess it’s about time to come out of the shadows? I’m a lurker on so many sites (prob too many) but Autostraddle is the only one where I consistently read pretty much every article PLUS all the comments. I guess I owe it to the commenting community (which is so lovely, supportive, and hilarious) to join in and show my support!

  21. Ooh boy this is going to test my natural fear of speaking too much but you know what? YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS I’M GOING TO BE COMMENTING UP A STORM THIS WEEK (because maybe I always want to comment on everything anyway but my irrational fear of taking up too much space prevents me. NOT THIS WEEK, SATAN).

  22. OK, here goes: When I was taking the A+ survey, one of the responses was “Because Autostraddle or A-Camp changed my life,” and I picked that. But it’s really more like, “because when my life turned upside down, Autostraddle helped save it.” For some reason, nautical metaphors are popping into my head: safe port in a storm, anchor, lighthouse (especially lighthouse). And the comments have always played a big part in how Autostraddle is helpful to me.

    Honestly, I don’t need the swag, and I’ll re-up my A+ regardless bc I want to support the site. So I’m not leaving this comment to up my count — I’m leaving it here bc this seemed as good a thread as any for saying THANK YOU.

  23. Also, a big thumbs-down to all the things in the world that are making people actually write out and then delete comments. Comments that I’m sure are 1000% more thoughtful/meaningful/constructive than most white cis bros ever made in their lives, but that doesn’t keep them from trashing up comments sections across the universe…

  24. Great idea! I used to comment a lot more than I do now, mostly because since a-camp started I feel like a lot of the regular commenters know each other and the staff in real life and it makes me feel left out. But I still read everything!

  25. woohoo! Challenge accepted! I love this idea and it’s a great way to make myself post more. I read all the time including the awesome and insightful comments, which is why I love this site so much. I don’t post nearly as much as I’d like though.

  26. Yay! I’m so excited about this because I was JUST telling myself I need to set some goals to comment more on Autostraddle. I read so much… but never know quite what to say. I’m so excited and I love y’all.

    Hopefully I can comment the heck out of stuff this week. I’ll try my best, but I’m gonna be on the road for several days heading to Colorado for my queer sorority national convention #GRLtakesDenver

      • It’s NOT the one Hansen was in and wrote about on Autostraddle ( (I’m sorry Ali I’m so bad at the link things in the comments). We’re Gamma Rho Lambda.

        And we’re really a progressive sorority that’s historically LGBT. We accept people of most genders and all sexualities and it’s the THING that made my college life so awesome. I was one of the founding members of our chapter here.

        So we all meet up once a year to hang out, meet siblings from across the country, learn new things about Greek life and feminism and friendship and family, and dance. (:

        This will be my first time going and I’m excited and hoping it’ll feel a little bit like a “mini A-camp” and queer retreat for me. Plus we’re in Denver so that’s kind of like a mountain, right?

  27. Lesbehonest you guys. The commenting has srsly gone down in the past months. I think this is a super cute way for us to come together more over the internet! I know how famous our FB page is and I hope we can get that kind of enthusiasm here!! =)

  28. I HAD THAT GAME, you had to put zits on your face that were these red sticker things and it was a very strange game. I never actually played it with actual humans though, just myself cause that’s my style.

    I think giving everyone permission to just say like wow or w/e is awesome, often I want to say a thing, but then everyone else has already said the thing, and then I flashback to middle school where COPYING SOMEONE WAS THE WORST SIN YOU COULD COMMIT.


  29. I got in the habit of not commenting when I first started reading Autostraddle because I wasn’t out to anyone, even myself, for the first couple of years. Now that I’m out to everyone, it’s probably time to start talking.

  30. Where am I? Literally, in Mexico City for the next two weeks, for research. I’m pondering whether to meander over to the Zona Rosa and try going to a girl bar for the first time ever. The thing is, I’m not particularly into bars, and I’m a morning person. I do like dancing, though, especially when it’s not with guys… No sé. Anybody have any suggestions? Any Autostraddlers aquí (alliteration :))?
    In other news, I somehow managed to get elected as vice-president of the Queer Graduate Caucus at my school. On the one hand, it sounds and feels strange, considering that two years ago I hadn’t thought beyond my disinterest in guys and plans to become a spinster aunt. On the other, I have become much bolder since then. I also have little idea what we’ll be planning in terms of activities. Picnics? Read-alouds of our favorite LGBTQ poets?

    • Congratulations Vice-President!

      Picnics are always good! (Personally I’m a sober-sally, so any event that doesn’t revolve around alcohol and I am so there). Or a board games night? Amazing race? Ooohh geocaching. Hiking. Car rally. Cooking classes? OITNB marathon?

  31. !!!!!

    Why are you guys so awesome all of the time?

    Autostraddle is pretty much my therapist already, so I’m going to use this as an opportunity to post more personal things.

    Honestly, my future life-plan revolves mainly around helping Autostraddle take over the world.
    I’ve never felt more connected to a community.

  32. Hmm, I’ve been out 17 years and had to look up the word demisexual. I don’t know why it needs a word, since I figured that’s how most people are. What’s the word for people who are sexually attracted to strangers and people they don’t have a strong emotional bond with?

    Love the comments on AS. Looking forward to playing along.

    • Hey! I’m demisexual, so maybe I can shed some light on the orientation.

      I think people are often confused by the difference between acting on sexual attraction and experiencing sexual attraction. It’s true that many people will wait to ACT on sexual attraction until they’ve established a deep emotional bond, but sexual attraction usually comes first.

      Ever had a (sexual) crush on a classmate you hardly knew? Or had sexual feelings for a celebrity, despite not having a personal connection? Yeah, I wouldn’t know much about that.

      It’s easier to wrap your brain around if you remember that demisexuality is under the asexuality umbrella. Whereas asexuals usually experience no sexual attraction whatsoever, demisexuals may rarely experience it (or at least believe it may be possible for them to someday).

      I for one am very glad we have the word demisexual, because it helps me explain to others why I don’t date, or experience crushes like they do.

      As for the idea that most people are demisexual, I’d say that is definitely not true. Surveys show that 3.5 dates is the average time for people to wait until they have sex, and since attraction often appears before action, I’m slow as tar compared to most people.

      Here is a great website with more information:

      It’s more clear an coherent than I can be about it, so maybe I should’ve just posted it, instead of going on for several paragraphs. ;)

      • “Ever had a (sexual) crush on a classmate you hardly knew? Or had sexual feelings for a celebrity, despite not having a personal connection? Yeah, I wouldn’t know much about that.”

        Yeah, not so much. Lol. I have a lot of arguments in my head that sound suspiciously like when I was trying to argue that I wasn’t a lesbian. The way I feel is normal to me, so I assume it’s normal.

        But really, people want to sex with strangers?

        • I’m pretty sure there’s a spectrum of how much attraction people are capable of feeling to someone they don’t know/barely know/etc. I certainly do not want to have sex with people I consider to be strangers. On the other hand, I very much do not fit the description of demisexual. I can think someone is hot without ever saying a word to them, and there have been times I had pretty clearly sexual feelings towards someone on the occasion when I first met them.

  33. I’ve been creeping around autostraddle without commenting for a long while mostly because of the dorky username I created when I thought I would be a perpetual lurker. Oh well, because scissoring t-shirts are on the table–hello world!

  34. this is awesome! i am currently unemployed and trying to fill my days with “productive activities.” commenting on every autostraddle article for the next week totally counts.

  35. Things went very well when my gf encouraged me to talk more. Specifically, we fell hard in love I learned to value open communication.
    So now autostraddle wants me to talk more and is blatantly offering Prizes?? OK I’m in.

  36. So I’ve wanted to tell this story to someone but I just haven’t found the right time, you know?

    I bought a bag of crispy M&Ms last weekend and I got really emotional about it. They were a favorite candy of my grandma’s. She *loved* all chocolate, but crispy M&Ms were serious business. She had a candy dish she left out for company, but when I came over she let me have the crispy M&Ms she hid in a personal candy drawer. It made me feel so special as a kid. She died over a decade ago, but the second I started eating those M&Ms the other day I felt like I was 9 years old in my Grandmother’s living room again. <3

    • Your grandma sounds wonderful and I’m glad you’ve got these special memories.

      My grandfather loved strong peppermints. We have a brand here in Australia called XXXX and they were his particular favourite. I remember one day I asked him if I could have one and of course, he cheekily handed one over and I thought that I’d won the lottery. Then my mouth was on fire and my head felt like it was going to explode. He laughed so hard, but there was no hint of malice in it, and I know it sounds strange, but I knew how much he loved me in that moment. Now I’m older I realise we have the same sense of humour and quick wit and I find that really humbling and so special.

      Fist bump to you, friend. So many emotions.

  37. Thank you for doing this. This article was great. When I first started reading autostraddle in 2012 one of the things that really kept me coming back was how great the comments section was. This is the best place on the internet.

  38. I read a lot of fanfiction and have tried to improve my commenting because I know how much it can mean to authors.

    I’m trying here as well so I’m all for it!

    I love the comments on Autostraddle. There is often so much extra information and experiences in there.

    This week will be fun.

    Thanks guys.

  39. Bravo to whoever scrolled all the way to the bottom to see this comment. Yeah, I’m talking about you. I see that you’re willing to work to see quality comments (or that you just got bored and decided to read the entire comment section, not that I’ve ever done that…) I appreciate you, noble scroller. Remember to drink a glass of water if you haven’t already today. Also, your hair looks great.

  40. Thank you, Autostraddle for creating a place on the internet that is loving and fosters such a great community. This is the only website I have ever found where I love to read the articles and the comments. Like, the comments actually make the posts even better. I get really nervous about doing anything on the internet, but I feel safe commenting on this site.

  41. I completely 100% agree about what everyone saying about the comments on this site. I know that I can read all of the comments and not have to worry about seeing some deplorable horror put in words. I remember watching the youtube video of Nostalgia Critic on Wicker Man. There was a 100 comment thread denouncing feminism. I wanted to break my computer.

    I know that is not the issue here. In fact I look forward to reading the comments. I have learned so much about race and privilege. Stuff I was not completely aware of. So thank you so much for that.

    I have always felt afraid to comment. I tend to get long winded for one reason. Another is that I have lived with this feeling of being an outsider. Even on this site I have felt that way. You can say that I have never felt safe enough to express my opinion. I am going to certainly try this week.

    Also Caitriona Balfe has made me more gay and 2010 Sophie/Sian Coronation Street episodes are the bomb.

  42. This gave me the final push to create an account! I’ve been meaning to for a while – when I started reading autostraddle I wasn’t out and now I mostly am, and I’ve finally arrived at the point where I feel comfortable being more visible, creating an account on a queer website, etc…although I am definitely already falling into the nervous habit of writing and deleting comments! Anyway, autostraddle (and everyone who comments here) has definitely played a part in me getting to this point. So thanks, and hello!

  43. Yep yep yep!!! So into this!

    Honestly, the comments are one of the best parts of this whole amazing organism that is Autostraddle. I have learned so much from all the commenters over the years and love the feeling of community that develops out of our interactions here. It’s just one more thing that helps me go “oh yeah, I’m not alone”, so that’s pretty much invaluable.

    • Have yoooooouuuuu (i.e. the radiant, amazing powers that be who run AS) ever thought about having a sidebar thread of some sort where people can comment that is separate from comments on an article? I love the feature of showing the most recent comments on current articles cause it draws my attention to things I might not have otherwise noticed/read (article and comment wise) so I feel like that should stay. I know you do friday night open threads but that never feels quite comfortable to me so I’ve never commented on it.

      BUT what if there was something structured kinda like a facebook page where the latest comments are at the top? And it could even be collapsable where it just gets wiped at the end of the day or something. But then people who have random comments or whatever about things that aren’t specifically article related would have somewhere to “gather” as it were? I feel like maybe this would draw commenters from the facebook vortex and over here instead?

      Just a random comment related thought!

  44. I love this idea! I’ve surprisingly never even thought about commenting before when I always have thoughts on the articles I read! This will definitely get me started. Plus, I have an intense need for this type of community in my life.

  45. This and The Dissolve are the only places on the Internet I read comments for FUN (Other places are for work and tend to destroy my soul). And today The Dissolve closed (I’m not okay about this AT ALL btw) leaving me more time to comment here, you lucky people.

  46. Y’all scared me for a second – I thought you were moving everything to Facebook… that would be a bad idea, considering a lot of people aren’t out on social media!

    I love commenting, but I know comment sections are dying. People are too lazy to type on their smart phones. Luckily I don’t have one, so here I am contributing!

    I’m so in for this contest!!

  47. You guys are the !
    I’m feeling pretty queer these days and it’s partly the result of coming to this silly website pretty much everyday; and I’m loving it

    Here’s my favorite emoji because you’re all great:

  48. This comes at a great time for me cause although I’ve been reading articles for a while I’ve only started commenting pretty regularly over the past couple weeks; so yeah I’m in and will continue to do that for a chance to win free stuff <3 warning I might just talk about my cat a lot though. haha. No but for real I think the comment section is a huge part of this website feeling more like a community than just a website where you read articles; I love how it's in the form of articles mainly and yet it feels really interactive. Bring it on!

  49. Thank you for asking about my smooth face! I actually made a face peel with gelatin and milk in the microwave, covered my whole face in this shit, and pulled it off once it dried. It hurt like hell but now my face feels like a fancy pillow case.

  50. And I would like to share that after being cheated on and dumped by my (ex)long-term partner, I have found someone that looks at me like I mean the world to them, I’m having the best lesbian sex EVER, I got accepted into one of the top MA programmes in the world for my field of studies and this summer I’ll be crossing the English Channel in a yatch full of adorable baby-LGBT persons.
    So things are looking up. Take that (ex)long-term partner

  51. What a great idea! So appropriate to the site I have described as ‘the only place left on the internet where it’s safe to read the comments. And enjoy watching the community very politely and articulately shut down the occasional nutjob’

  52. Does anybody ever hesitate to comment on something sometimes because you find the comment number so beautiful you just want it to stay that particular number and wouldn’t like yourself for causing it to become another number, but when someone inevitably comments and changes it to a bleh number you have the urge, nay the need to comment so it’ll be a number you find pretty or like better?

  53. I’m in. I tend to do things in moderation though, and though I love it here I am not about to change my ways (early onset grumpiness and curmudgeon’s disease) and become a go getter, and be successful by the time and retire before I am 45. I am not a fan of goals and deadlines, so I am here for vibe of the thing, so I guess I won’t win but I am here for the excellent comments and commenters. I find it a bit sad that people aren’t leaving time to comment when they could be part of Autostraddle. Seriously, you guys and one other website I frequent lead the world. Im here for a good time AND a long time. I won’t bust my foo foo valve in a week.

  54. Autostraddle and Metafilter were my two sites that broke the “never read the comments” rule. And Mefi for some reason is getting more horrible (to the point that I deactivated for 2 weeks and only came back because someone posted one of my articles on the front page).

    What I find really fun is meeting people from the AS comments IRL. And not just at A-Camp (which I find overwhelming) but like in random situations, at events or parties or houses or whatever. (And then sometimes hooking up with them wink wink wonk wonk)

  55. So no joke, the other day I had this random thought that maybe in the next few weeks, The Team would put up a shout out post highlighting what they love about random members. For example Carmen SanDiego, who is just so insightful and helps to answer the question of where she is – (I mean, where else would she be but on Autostraddle??)…AND THEN I LOG IN AND THIS HAPPENS!

    I just love y’all so much. So very, very much.

  56. I am apparently one of many who has lurked here for years and is filled with affection for you all, but also shyness. This website was instrumental to my coming out process and is my little connection to the gay world as I sit at home in NH for the summer. Thanks for providing me with this encouragement and opportunity to join this rad community and maybe win some free stuff!

  57. This is simultaneously such a lovely and savvy idea. I really appreciate how Autostraddle’s business model is continually built around user/reader community interests, even whilst having to expand revenue, do SEO crap, etc. Good luck <3

  58. What a great idea! I’m a long-time lurker recent (within the past few months) poster so I’m totally down for this. I have to say, my favorite time to post is on Friday. Telling you guys what happened during the week is cheaper than therapy!

  59. I have always been too nervous to comment since I am barely out to anyone, but this gave me the incentive to stop lurking.
    I feel like this is kind of lame, but it was a summer goal of mine to get the courage to comment on articles, so this little contest thing is exciting!

  60. This is awesome! Autostraddle is the only website that I actually look foreword to reading comments on. I remember being so amazed that there was a disclaimer on an article about bisexuality warning people that bi phobic comments would be deleted. This community really feels like a safe place.

    Also so many of yall are super funny and super smart! Sometimes I enjoy the comments as much as the articles.

  61. wow!! i’ve always kind of kept my head down and lurked on this site, but maybe this week i’ll finally try and get into the community that i’ve loved so much from afar for, like, three years now. count me in!

  62. You guys are awesome. I am generally rubbish at commenting these days (IDK, I sometimes think I used up all my comments back in the days of LJ) but this is definitely an incentive to follow through on the ‘I should really comment on that’ thoughts I have so often!

  63. This is exactly what I’ve been craving, a chance for some renewed community engagement with reading, writing, and thinking womxn, queers, and those among us. This will be fun.

  64. This is excellent. As a social strategist, I have to commend whoever came up with this. Because it is SUCH A GOOD IDEA. YAAAAAAAY! Time to get my comment on :D
    Sidenote, I accidentally typed ‘sexcellent’ first… I think it still fits :P

  65. So excited about this! I think this is an absolutely fantastic idea, and even though I’m gonna be in a place more or less without internet access starting Tuesday, I’ll find a way. I think it’s so awesome that you’re promoting reader participation this way; the respectful interaction between the staff and those who visit the site is one of the reasons I love Autostraddle so much. Also the one year bronze membership I won expires in a couple months and I can’t (yet) pay for another one so this is a fun opportunity.

  66. Another long-time reader, first time commenter here! I’m going to try to comment more, despite my shyness in doing so– this is the only website where I enjoy the comments, and I want to help things stay that way!

  67. Ahh ! Oh my goodness. I usually love to read all the comments before commenting myself, but this has already facilitated so many comments and I am so excited that I haven’t made it through yet.

    I just wanted to add to the conversation that I love that Autostraddle is an intentional community. Intentionality in developing relationships is so important and, from reading the comments so far, so many of us have a hard time reaching out. It seems like this effort has already been successful!

  68. I’m so happy about this; I’ve been meaning to comment far more to Autostraddle for actual years so it’s pleasant to have a kick-up-the-backside. Like others have mentioned, I often want to comment and then delete it for fear of sounding silly, so hopefully this will give me confidence! :)

  69. wow!
    so…This actually IS my first post ever, even though I have been reading AS since 2009/2010.
    I think I have never commented because I feel like nothing of what I say could be interesting/important to you or anyone else, but since Carmen has asked so nice, here I am!
    Autostraddle and its staff is very very dear to my <3

  70. I’ve been reading AS for a long time, but I haven’t participated in the commenting for all the reasons so many others haven’t participated. Just knowing that there are other folks out there afraid to join in gave me some courage to put my voice out there.

    I’m not here for the swag (though that’s a pretty sweet deal and a surefire motivator). I’m here because I’m realizing that if I appreciate something, I should show it. And if there’s a group of intelligent, super cool humans having awesome discussions, I want to join that group. So thank you, intelligent, super cool humans! I want to be one of you!

  71. Totally down for this! I have some personal issues with commenting around people I don’t know where I feel like they are not going to care about what I have to say, so maybe now is a good time to try to get past that :)

  72. I used to comment on a semi-regular basis, but eventually realized I knew too many people who read AS (welcome to Madison, WI, home of the highest number of Autostraddle readers per capita), and I pretty much stopped. I had once regarded AS as a space that allowed me to share things anonymously, so knowing that people in my actual 3D life might be reading stuff I wrote made me kind of uncomfortable. (Unfortunately, it’s easier for me to be honest and talk about my feelings with complete strangers than it is with my friends and family. Working on it.) Maybe others can relate to this?

    Still, the comments section is one of my favorite things about Autostraddle. You can always count on straddlers for intelligent, thoughtful discussion following an article, unlike commenters on the rest of the internet!

  73. you know what, I might as well try to leave 5+ comments this week! even if my comment-contest-winning-karma was eaten up by the Orange party.