It’s Tell Us Everything Week on Autostraddle!

Hey, you. Yes, you there. With the hair thing going on? And the nice shirt. How do you get your skin so smooth?

LISTEN UP! I’ve got a very special announcement for each and every one of you and you’re not gonna wanna miss it. Okay, ready? Okay. Ahem.


What the F*ck is Tell Us Everything Week?

Here’s the situation. We’re all madly in love with you, and especially with what you add to our own lives by being here, right here, in this space with us online, every day. We love your comments, your banter, your avatars, your cute “About Me” sections in your Autostraddle member profiles… the list goes on. We make things for you and we love talking to you about them. We wanna hear even more of what you have to say!

But commenting online has evolved quite a bit over the last few years and a lot of websites are shutting down comment sections altogether, moving the bulk of their social energy into social media, or only selectively opening posts to reader feedback. That’s not our style, though. Your words have been as important to us as our words since we leaped onto this ship in the first place. We’re gonna talk more about that in a different post later this week, but in the interest of getting to the point:

And thus, Tell Us Everything week was born.

We’re dedicating a whole week of content – starting right here, right now, with this post – to you. We’re gonna talk Internet culture, share stories about our experiences in the Straddleverse, and maybe even serenade you in the moonlight. We’re also gonna talk about our commenting culture in general, and what we’ve observed works best when it comes to making Autostraddle a place that feels comfortable and safe to the broad spectrum of readers we attract — from that Women’s Studies PhD in Northampton who’s got a wife and two dogs to the mother-of-two in St. Louis nervous to leave her husband for a life only glimpsed via The L Word to the radical activist in Oakland who recently came out as transgender to the 16-year-old in rural Mississippi who has to read Autostraddle in secret and has no idea what “demisexual” means.

Everything we do here at Autostraddle is about our readers — the people just like you who click our links on social media, leave comments in the night on our recaps, and support our work endlessly, and support each other.


To sweeten the deal, though, we’re also throwing in some prizes for the most devoted and active amongst you. Because you’re our heart and soul and you deserve A+ memberships and Autostraddle merch!

So, How Do I Win?

Here’s how this whole shebang is going down. In order to win a prize during Tell Us Everything week, you just need to do two things: create an Autostraddle member account, and leave as many comments on this website as possible in the next seven days. 

Even if all your comment says is “thank you for this piece” or “I like this” or “wow.” (Seriously on the “wow.” I’d take a “wow” any day), we’re into it. We also really like to know where you are with this — whatever this is, whatever we’re talking about. What’s it like for you? Can you reach out to another commenter to further their conversation? You add to this community, you bring it to life, you help steer the boat. There’s nothing more rewarding for us than sparking conversation, watching y’all get to know each other, and fostering this beautiful and kind community for all of you wonderful humans across the world who want and need it.

So this week, while we’re spilling our guts about how much we love you, we wanna hear from you, too! Hence the name of the week, you guys. We want you to tell us everything. We wanna know if our articles rip your heart open or sew them shut. We wanna see pictures when you attempt to cook our recipes or make the DIY crafts we walk you through. Really, we just wanna know how you’re doing and how you’re feeling today and, like I said, how you get your hair so shiny.

The more comments you leave this week, the more likely you’ll be to win bigger and better prizes. I’ll be drawing the winners (on camera!) and posting the video on Thursday, July 16. If you wanna participate in the contest, you also have to comment on this very post — that’s how we’ll know who to track this week. (But it won’t count towards your total!)

What Are The Prizes?

Here they are, cap’n: you can pick from any of the options below if you win for your tier. And just in case you were wondering, there are more than one of some of these prize packages available. THE ODDS ARE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR, Y’ALL.

TIER 1: Leave 5+ Comments This Week

  • Your choice of one of the following: Better Together Issue #1 (OMG I’m GAY), Better Together Issue #2 (I Broke Up Like This), Vapid Fluff Tote Bag, A-Camp hoodie, Liquor in the Front Flask, Safe Space Pencil Case, three Rory stickers or three You Do You stickers or a You Do You pin
  • One-year A+ Bronze Membership (for you or a friend)

TIER 2: Leave 10+ Comments This Week

  • Your choice of any of the merch listed in Tier 1 OR Better Together Issue #3 (Queer Sultry Summer), or any t-shirt or tank top in the Autostraddle store.
  • One-year A+ Silver Membership  (for you or a friend)

TIER 3: Leave 15+ Comments This Week

A “Thank You” postcard from the Senior Editors and the following:

  • Your choice of any merch item in the Autostraddle Store
  • One-year A+ Gold Membership (for you or a friend)

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Carmen spent six years at Autostraddle, ultimately serving as Straddleverse Director, Feminism Editor and Social Media Co-Director. She is now the Consulting Digital Editor at Ms. and writes regularly for DAME, the Women’s Media Center, the National Women’s History Museum and other prominent feminist platforms; her work has also been published in print and online by outlets like BuzzFeed, Bitch, Bust, CityLab, ElixHER, Feministing, Feminist Formations, GirlBoss, GrokNation, MEL, Mic and SIGNS, and she is a co-founder of Argot Magazine. You can find Carmen on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr or in the drive-thru line at the nearest In-N-Out.

Carmen has written 920 articles for us.


  1. …making Autostraddle a place that feels comfortable and safe to the broad spectrum of readers we attract — from that Women’s Studies PhD in Northampton who’s got a wife and two dogs to the mother-of-two in St. Louis nervous to leave her husband for a life only glimpsed via The L Word to the radical activist in Oakland who recently came out as transgender to the 16-year-old in rural Mississippi who has to read Autostraddle in secret and has no idea what “demisexual” means.

    This bit actually made me tear up thinking about how I really, really appreciate the effort y’all make to acknowledge the complexity and variety of reader’s different circumstances and make whatever circumstances feel ok.

  2. This is the only online site that makes me happier once I read all the articles that were posted that day. Even when the news is bad and slightly depressing, you guys do such a good job of analyzing it that I walk away glad that I read it, and I always learn something new. The breadth of diversity and just overall awesomeness is amazing. Thank you so much for doing what you do. Autostraddle is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So if I were to just comment on articles by posting photos of my dog….does it count? I mean, he’s pretty cute, and great at photobombing. Not like “giraffe photobombing an irish couple” great at photobombing, but he’s pretty solid at it.

  4. This is so amazing! Although I have been a reader for years, I rarely comment but the comments are often my favourite thing! I couldn’t imagine not having them to read, and I will do my part to add my little something this week.

  5. I just want to leave a note of thanks specifically for the fact that Autostraddle is (literally, I think) the only website where I actively *want* to read the comments and participate in them at all. I write a regular opinion column and, um, never ever read the comments because it would make me want to throw myself and/or all of humanity into a fiery pit on a regular basis. Not so here.

    I adore the comments section–and certainly not because it’s some kind of echo chamber where everyone agrees with everything/me all the time (because that is def. not the case), but where people can disagree and have thoughtful discussions in a relatively safe environment, or just have the occasional love fest over something a bunch of us do agree on. It’s great, and I think it’s a huge testament to the awesomeness and time commitment not only of the people leaving comments, but to the AS staff who’ve done such a great job monitoring and guiding that space over the years.

    So yeah, cheers for that. :)

  6. No, but really, this is excellent. And the way I get my skin so great is not only by massaging my skin as I apply product, but also by warming product between my hands before I apply it to it absorbs into the skin better.


    Seriously, don’t. Stop it. Stop it right now.

    Also benzoyl peroxide might be a desert island item for me.

  7. *that guy on all the movie trailers voice* Just When You Thought…

    That Autostraddle Couldn’t

    They’ve Unleashed…

    *queue a rainbow explosion and queer ladies flailing in slow motion*

    No but seriously:

    This community is so awesome because everyone is respectful of the fact that there are as many different perspectives/experiences/life stories as there are participating individuals and being here is just incredibly uplifting, even on days where the entire world makes me want to find a spaceship and live on Jupiter. Free stuff to talk to you guys? Chyeah, I’m in!

  8. Okay, fine! I’LL DO THE THING. It’s not like I’ve been reading Autostraddle regularly for over a year now or anything, all the while thinking about registering and commenting, only to decide not to because ~ugh that sounds HAAARD~ or something.

    It’s not like that at all.

    Which is to say, hi everyone!

  9. I’ve been coming to this site and enjoying your awesomeness for years. First time commenter though (mostly because I’ve got nothing interesting to say). But YAY for tell us everything week !!

  10. Also, just a question, does it count if you reply to other people’s posts?
    And does it count if you comment on older posts, or is it just on posts posted post-this post (aka. is it only things put up after this one, and until the deadline)?

  11. Autostraddle peeps! I just got into UBC to learn to be a librarian! Which means I’m effectively leaving the UK in January! I’m really excited and a wee bit terrified and to be honest this seems like the perfect place for all my feelings..

    On which note… are there any Vancouver straddlers hanging in the comments? And can we be friends please if so? I may be WAY out of my depth here!

  12. 1. Thank you for the shout out to my home city AKA St. Louis. I’ll be back for a few weeks in August and hope to stage an out of this world Queer Takeover. Just kidding. Or actually, not kidding at all.

    2. Comments on Autostraddle are my favorite kind of comments. YUM!

  13. I love this idea! Also I just wrote a comment and accidentally clicked submit when I was actually trying to navigate away from the page so I’ve now written a really garbled and nonsensical comment on a wonderful article and I am so embarrassed.

    I also enjoy anything that motivates me to start commenting on Autostraddle because I definitely don’t do it enough and I adore this website and all the talented folk involved.

  14. I tend not to comment much here, because of the way I read this website: trying to read every single article that remotely appeals to me, and as a result being constantly several months behind. Would comments on articles that are anywhere from a few months to a few years old be welcomed, or would that just seem strange?

    In any case, this is the only website on which I read not just comments at all, but every single comment on every single article I finish. The comments are half the fun of Autostraddle! So I’m very glad to hear that you guys agree. :)

  15. This is one of the things I really appreciate about Autostraddle. It’s a community where everybody’s engaged and active. You guys who run the site and all the fantastic members talk and regular and it’s really freaking refreshing.

  16. VERY WOW

    I would like to start commenting more than I currently do, so this seems like an excellent way to start!

    It’s currently very cold in Wellington, New Zealand (which is where I live!) but I’m grateful for my sun-filled kitchen and cup of coffee on this Saturday morning.

    ….OK, maybe I need to work on my comments if they’re just going to be about the weather?

    I’m excited to maybe win a thing because I really want the scissoring sweater in grey but can’t justify the cost + shipping at the moment. Saving to maybe move to the UK > sassy sapphic sweaters.

  17. Count me in!

    It occurred to me after reading Riese’s post re: commenting how awesome it is to have comments attached to posts in one place as kind of a ‘historical record’ of the conversation – otherwise how will the Internet Archaeologists of the Future know what anyone said to everyone else about anything?

  18. I come here for the vibe which is the best comfort food that can be got on the internet, which is a really important and crucial resource for us kids strugglin and hustlin our way through late capitalism! And the comment community creates and sustains that vibe. AS is the new fb kids get on board the party is way hotter here and there’s icecream sandwiches on tap, they literally come out of the taps, they’re not even squashed.

  19. I was away this past week in a place with very poorly internet connection (my idea of hell), so I’m commenting right now hoping that it still counts :) you’re actually the ONLY site where I comment, it would be a shame to miss this!

  20. i want to comment on your articles quite often but then end up not doing it, because i feel like i would be flooding the internet with yet another not particularly relevant opinion, so i just read quietly and appreciate all the amazing input i get from here :-) which actually includes the comment section.
    BUT i will use this week to also give some feedback!
    first one: <3

  21. Hi, I am new here. Well not exactly new, as my girlfriend reads you religiously (no really, she was down with Scissorism back in April), so I figured I would pitch in and comment a little. It’s not like I won’t be (forced?) to read all the articles anyways. But yeah, hello.

    Hopefully I can continue to stalk articles and anonymously participate in surveys and also go to A-Camp soon. I love your articles and hopefully the lady and I can continue to contribute.

  22. just saw this article today and BOOOOO I missed it but whatever, I’m going to comment and talk to peeps on Autostraddle for lyfe.

    And Carmen….
    “from that Women’s Studies PhD in Northampton who’s got a wife and two dogs to the mother-of-two in St. Louis nervous to leave her husband for a life only glimpsed via The L Word to the radical activist in Oakland who recently came out as transgender to the 16-year-old in rural Mississippi who has to read Autostraddle in secret and has no idea what “demisexual” means.”

    This made me tear up OMG

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