No Filter Gives Cara Delevingne The Best Girlfriend Award, Now And Forevermore

Welcome back to No Filter, where we take time we could have spent thinking about philosophy or politics or how to save the last Northern white rhinos on the entire planet, and instead we puzzle over the relationship status of Cara Delevingne. We’re all very proud of ourselves. This week, Laura Jane Grace has a huge surprise for us, Tegan and Sara are giving us a big box of trash, and Miley Cyrus is doing suggestive things to a dessert food. Let’s get to it!

Internet rumours are trying to tell me that Cara and Annie broke up recently, but that can’t be true because Cara just won the girlfriend award to end all girlfriend awards. I used to think it was Cara who’d fuck this up somehow but Annie, girl, hang onto this one. She’s a KEEPER.

Turns out Laura Jane Grace has been Beyoncé this entire time; nobody is surprised.
Miley Cyrus and Stella Maxwell are having a wholesome time with this delightful churro. Miley, I just want to love you; you need to stop with the cornrows.

At long last, Laverne Cox met Caitlyn Jenner.

At long last, Laverne Cox met this dinosaur.

Just Ellen Page snuggling a dog.

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friend-a-thon birthday

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All of your favourite queermos at one restaurant, where Leisha Hailey awkwardly eats a sandwich.

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#taysteetuesday 🍊

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If you were very, very fast, you could have picked up a bunch of priceless Milo and Otis VHS tapes and discarded Ace of Base albums. Cannot imagine the joy of whatever nerds biked over there fast enough to sort through these treasures.

Samira and Lauren being the best humans, hands down.

Join us next week, when Miley Cyrus hosts a garage sale full of pizza sheets, glitter shakers, discarded kittens and gold leaf rolling papers.

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  1. Nothing says “my sexuality is not a phase” like giving your girlfriend David Bowie’s guitar ♥

  2. “At long last, Laverne Cox met this dinosaur”

    This issue of Vapid Fluff has killed me in the best way possible

  3. My missus and I had “since you been gone” stuck in our heads for days and then we saw this video on Instagram…And died.

    • Dinosaurs are the must-have LGBT celebrity accessory of the moment, apparently! At least on No Filter ;-)

  4. Suggest Cara got the guitar for herself, but quickly found that her tangle of limbs and disposition to cause tornados rendered her capable of little more than inexpert windmilling. Gifting to Annie was obviously the fallback plan.

  5. I “happened” to be “going for a walk” as soon as I saw the Tegan and Sara post but alas when “strolled” (read: ran) to that intersection there were only two boxes left and they were empty. So I took one for my cat. She loves it. Thanks Sara!

  6. this is my fave column, hands down

    same about miley and the cornrows, though. PLEASE, girl. Learn about appropriation. Listen to Amandla.

  7. …Or other people could leave her alone about her personal fashion choices and she can continue to wear cornrows cause they look cute on her.

  8. Why does netflix insist on calling Suzanne ‘Crazy Eye’?? STOPPP!! Stop netflix! please!

  9. I wasn’t able to comment earlier because work, but glad-ish to see the caption for Miley’s picture changed. -Ish because there’s no edit note, and it doesn’t make up for the racist original. Maybe edit notes aren’t AS’ approach but transparency/accountability would be cool.

    • hi!
      i was notified that you were upset by the previous comment and after discussing it with the senior editors, we decided to pull the joke and replace it.

      the initial post was not intended to be taken in a racial direction and was more a commentary on miley’s more masculine appearance, but i understand it could be interpreted that way and yeah, it was pretty dumb of me to post it without considering that. i’m sorry about that.

      it bums me out when miley still does stupid things like put her hair in cornrows; we can all do better.

      • But why should she not wear cornrows? I think that’s taking cultural appropriation too far.

  10. Milo and Otis was my FAV as a kid, right after Fox and the Hound. (Which I used to call Fuckin Sound on account of I couldn’t pronounce fox or hound, I guess?) Pretty sure I myself have a VHS Tape of Milo and Otis lying around…

  11. Also, and I’m just genuinely curious, did everybody feel about Trisha’s cornrows from Orange the way they feel about Miley’s?

  12. I need someone to somehow make me a gif of Mey’s reaction to that picture of Laverne with the dino. First step, time machine…

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