No Filter Celebrates World Cup Victory and Ellen Page Holding a Baby

Welcome back to No Filter, your weekly guide to everything Abby Wambach ordered on her victory pizza. This week, I’m told that some sports happened! Also, there were a lot of fireworks and BBQs. I don’t understand how any of those things work, so I watched Independence Day by myself in my backyard and spent a few contemplative hours looking at celesbian Instagram. Here’s what I found:

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The gal is so happy ❤️

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We may as well get started with Megan Rapinoe, right?

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.20.45 PM

It’s 10 am, have you thought about babies yet today? Here’s Ellen Page with a baby.

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#Happy4thofJuly from this nap.

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How about Samira Wiley with Lauren Morelli’s dog?


Every time Maritza and Flaca are friends in real life, a kitten gets its wings.

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Pictured yesterday looking at footage from the forthcoming documentary #FreeCeCe @FreeCeCeDoc. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to and helped boost our #Indiegogo campaign. Only 12 days left to help us reach our goal for post production funds. On the show #OITNB I play Sophia Burset, a trans woman of color who experiences violence from corrupt individuals and a corrupt prison system. In the documentary film #FreeCeCe and through the story of #CeCeMcDonald we're exploring in depth this culture of violence that far too many trans folks particularly trans folks of color experience everyday. We need your help to complete this film. Please contribute whatever dollar amount you can to our #Indiegogo campaign and share our campaign in social media. I have experienced the power of truthful storytelling can have to ignite social change. Help us tell this story. Link also in bio. #TransIsBeautiful #FreeCeCe

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Laverne Cox is working on footage for her Free CeCe McDonald documentary, and seeking out last-minute support for their Indiegogo fundraiser.

Transparent season 2 is almost upon us. Namaste. Hey girl, hey.

Ela Darling and her gal pal Arden Sirens celebrated one year of wearing matching outfits and looking like the twins in The Shining.

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Probably the biggest story (on my end) of the past week was Miley Cyrus and Stella Maxwell’s suddenly awfully public relationship, which means that the biggest story of the coming week is that Stella is hanging out with Miley’s cats. Instagramming your girlfriend’s cat elevates Stella into an entirely new echelon of gay, and we’re happy to welcome her.

Join us next week, when the ladies of OITNB form a hardscrabble soccer league and take on rival prisons.

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  1. “What level of gay are you?” “Well, I instagram pictures of my girlfriend’s cats…” “Omg that’s some advanced gay.”

    • i can’t tell if instagramming with your girlfriend’s dachshund is the same thing?

  2. My ovaries are now singing the song of their people, thanks to Ellen snuggling our baby. I mean her baby. I mean that actress baby. What?

    • I couldn’t either. I guess it was just too powerful for my measly phone to load. (So I clicked on the link under the photo and it brought me to actual Instagram and that photo.)

  3. Miley gets better and better every week like wine. Samira is perfect. SO MANY CATS THIS WEEK. Also serious question, while we are all praising her excellencies Abby Wambach and Megan Rapinoe, does anyone know who #22 on the USWNT is? Because she is someone that I would like to look at a lot, preferably on instagram where I can also see what she ordered at pinkberry this week.

  4. I looked at this post solely to see a picture of Ellen Page holding a baby… and that’s the only one that won’t load! Why, internet, whyyyyyy….

  5. I don’t see the Samira picture, it’s just the Transparent picture twice. And I guess I need to look up what this Miley business is.

  6. I was just thinking today how cool it would be if Tegan and Sara did a special meet and greet but just with Sara’s cat. I really just want to meet that cat.

  7. I am endlessly psyched about the USWNT and also about Megan Rapinoe’s instagram presence in general. The enthusiasm!

  8. Ellen Page looks too young to be holding a baby it makes my But Pregnancy Can Be Prevented Safe Sex parts flail about and want to cut some Abstinence Only Education fools in their soft parts.
    Regardless that she is gay and okay therefore less likely to get accidentally preg and not that young of a youngin.
    This probably a side effect of where I live >_>

  9. It’s delightful to discover that your cat sleeps in exactly the same position as Tegan & Sara’s.


  11. Dear Pinoe:
    I think you are the bees knees. Your bleach job is on point. I’m digging your haircut as usual. Those sunglasses are questionable but you are rocking them
    you are also very good at soccer
    Thank you for being yourself

  12. Any post that includes a picture of Samira Wiley is automatically the best thing ever! #babealert

  13. Meet my cats, the aftermath: Why you gotta be so rude… Don’t you know I’m human too… (I was going to rewrite these lyrics with cat relevant details… Till I realised it works perfectly well as it is :-D ) example… I’m human too… A.k.a Yes I do have thumbs, I can open cat food, Give ear scratches, and open your doors…

  14. That’s an extreme level of gay, Ms Maxwell.
    Also, I so relate to Sara’s cat, on a spiritual level.

  15. There was a 12 year old boy who came into the bar where I was watching the final World Cup game. His haircut looked just like Megan Rapinoe’s. At first I thought he was Megan Rapinoe. #WishfulThinking

  16. Megan Rapinoe…oh my!

    And Ellen Page with a baby?!

    AND Samira in bed…

    GREAT No Filter!!!

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