The 100 Most Ambitious Places You’ve Had Sex

In February 2015, Autostraddle launched The Ultimate Lesbian Sex Survey, open to all “lady-types who sleep with lady-types.” We garnered over 8,566 complete responses (89% of which were from people between the ages of 18 and 36) and now we’re sharing the results with you, bit by bit. Previously: How Often Do Queer Women Have Sex?, 100 Gayest Places You’ve Had Sex, The Masturbation Habits of Queer Women, 50 Really Fascinating Things You Wanted Us To Know About How You Have Sex26 Bits of Solid Sex Advice41 Feelings You Have About ScissoringHere Are Your Very Queer Underwear-Wearing Habits and When It Comes To Orgasms, Lesbians Are Nailing It. Today we’re talking about when and where you have sex!

Earlier this month, I told you that I’d been putting together a listling of “the weirdest places you’ve had sex” and compiling numbers about where you’ve had sex for a post devoted to that topic when I began to notice another listling opportunity was right there for the taking- The 100 Gayest Places You’ve Had Sex! So I wrote that list. It was glorious. And now it’s time for that original list I told you I was working on to have its time in the sun. First, your topical infographic:


Now for the list! We asked you “what is the weirdest place you’ve had sex?” and nearly 7,000 of you gave us the details on your experiences in dressing rooms, bathrooms, parking lots and wooded areas all over the universe! Here are some of the most ambitious stories you shared with us.

1. In an ark at Christian summer camp

2. In the cramped backseat of a two-door car under a blanket while parked in a crowded parking lot after dark.

3. A youth hostel bathroom in Portland. A group of Dutch lads started cheering outside.

4. Radio station recording studio — neither of us worked there

5. At the top of the Eiffel Tower

6. At the table in Ruby Tuesday

7. At a Blue Man Group concert

8. Parked near that skate park under the Burnside Bridge in a PT Cruiser

9. On a faux bear fur rug on a hill overlooking Skywalker Ranch

10. UCLA’s botanical gardens (after hours). Also, several roofs of public buildings at UCLA.

11. Magic Mountain under the water ride

12. Track 22, Grand Central Terminal, on a stack of pallets

13. My boss’ desk. She was such an asshole, so it was extra fun.

14. On a giant ferris wheel in Taiwan

15. On a bowling alley lane — started on the beginning of the lane ended up by the pins :)

16. Every rest stop between Indiana and Virginia

17. A moving cab after getting hammered at the Philadelphia Flower Shower for free, less because of the cab sex and more because of how strangely and unexpectedly easy it is to get hammered at the Philadelphia Flower Show.

18. The top of a spiral staircase in a fancy strip mall.

19. In a chicken coop

20. In front of a Winnie the Pooh painting in an art gallery.

21. A beach in a chair — starting a low tide, ending at an inconvenient higher tide

22. A jungle gym at an elementary school in the middle of the day during a rainstorm

23. In the wardrobe department on the lot of Paramount Pictures.

24. In the desert while a coyote was licking my foot!

25. In a car park during a drug raid

26. Mattress factory

27. The aardvark exhibit at the zoo

28. In front of a monkey exhibit at a zoo I worked at.

29. In the campus fossil museum in front of a cave bear skeleton

30. In the mountains of a foreign country far away from home overlooking a fucking castle in the town below, on a very random bed which just seemed to have been dropped up there. It was a full moon and big fires were lit. I would have felt like some kind of Disney princess if it wasn’t for the raging drunkenness. And the fucking, obviously.

31. In the kids section of H&M

32. Suspended from an outdoor rock climbing wall.

33. In a tank in Iraq

34. In a bulldozer scoop

35. The Temple of the Moon at Teotihuacan, Mexico.

36. Behind my really religious middle school, by a statue of Michael defeating Lucifer.

37. This hotel in Munich that Hitler had stayed at. I had to stop. It freaked me out.

38. In the lake where Otis Redding’s plane crashed.

39. Within the Ancient Egyptian section of the British Museum

40. The drinks trolley in a Texaco storeroom

41. A Civil War battlefield

42. Holocaust Museum

43. Inside a wax museum

44. At adventure river in the Wisconsin Dells water park

45. Spiderman roller coaster at Universal Studios

46. Lost in the Dole pineapple maze in Hawaii

47. On a small boat in the middle of a lake in Croatia

48. On an oil rig in the ocean

49. On an ant colony, unfortunately

50. In a poison Ivy Patch

51. On a hay stack. And she ended up being allergic. :(

52. In a Zipcar when we only had 10 minutes left.

53. The Montreal Science Center’s glass room

54. In a Model T

55. In a geodesic dome

56. Against the crumbling facade of an old Spanish bordello in the Arizona borderlands, while close friends and coworkers danced to a classic rock jam band playing in the courtyard of the cantina next door.

57. Bow of a cruise ship, Titanic-style.

58. On a cliff top at high tide in the middle of the night during a meteor shower.

59. On the fire line while fighting fire in Montana. Hot. Literally.

60. Once I had sex in a parked car at the U.S.-Mexico border while we were waiting, because the line to get in was taking forever.

61. In a radio station while on the air (I was a DJ being fucked by another DJ)

63. My girlfriends office when she was a campus minister.

64. On top of a ship’s stack (where the smoke comes out- but the engines were off, so it was safe) And also in a ship’s ‘shaft alley’- google it.

65. Party City

66. In a grain silo

67. For the sake of religious people I apologise but in a church with my partner at the time tied to the cross.

68. The roof of Northwestern’s psychology building

69. In a mini golf course in the cave in the middle of the day.

70. In a Barnes and Noble parking lot next to a cop car with the cop in it.

71. In a rent-by-the-hour shower room at a truck stop off a highway in rural Kentucky

72. Middle of a freeway. As in on my back on the freeway. That chunk of the freeway was closed and I was exploring with a Tinder date when we both kind of simultaneously decided how cool it would be to have had sex in the middle of the free way. Also on an abandoned bridge later

73. On my back in a Corolla on a bridge in a Little Bo Peep costume

74. The back end of a van that was cut in half and retrofitted to look like one of those sex mobiles from the 70s

75. In Colonial Williamsburg, against the courthouse.

76. Drunkenly in the dry food storage pantry in the kitchen of a legion-type hall. It happened during my partner’s aunt and uncle’s 40th wedding anniversary party. We thought no one knew. Everyone knew.

77. My girlfriend years ago was a bridge operator in Portland Oregon. We had sex on pretty much each bridge, inside of the booth where the buttons and levers are. Now they are all touch screen. I still smile when I go over bridges.

78. I lost my virginity during the movie “Elizabethtown” while in a movie theater.

79. An abandoned mall food court

80. Driving 80 mph in the carpool lane

81. Next to my girlfriend’s sleeping ex

82. In my college president’s bed… twice. With two different people.

83. Ethan Allen showroom/store

84. Halfway up a fig tree

85. In the doorway of an old, closed synagogue in Cracow, Poland

86. Against a windmill in Holland

87. In my high school classroom during a lecture. My girlfriend and I covered each other in our jackets and jerked each other off until we came. We even answered questions to the teacher in the middle of it.

88. On a plastic lawn chair in a walled garden behind my girlfriend’s college dorm room, in the corner of the garden closest to the garbage bins because that was the part that wasn’t visible from dorm windows.

89. College library (I was a library assistant so I knew which barcodes and therefore which floors were the least popular.)

90. The fact I lost my virginity at a Disney World resort is something to talk about, I guess.

91. In a Best Buy parking lot.

92. Grassy knoll behind a Walgreens :-/

93. Behind a bush in Kansas.

94. That high threesome I had in the forest on the bank of a pond adjacent to the evangelical Christian midwestern college I attended at the time.

95. In the parking lot of a Jehovah’s Witnesses’ church in front of the security camera.

96. At the top of a doorframe. i.e., my ass five feet off the ground, knees over a partner’s shoulders, hands hooking onto the doorframe.

97. In a car dealership parking lot in the back of a pickup truck, standing.

98. In the backseat of a boat parked outside a Bass Pro Shop (in a parking in the middle of the Arizona desert)

99. On a volcano. No lie.

100. Splash Mountain. Just kidding, that was my roommates!

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    • as a jew and a human i am inclined to agree with you, when i read it i was like ‘omg i can’t believe you did that / omg i can’t believe you’re actually telling me that you did that???”

      • maybe they were overwhelmed by the experience and shared an intense (~sexual~) moment of release… like how some people have sex when someone close to them dies/at a funeral?

        • Having had sex in the very spot another human being tried to kill me in a fit of rage I propose another possibility, victory sex.
          We’re still alive you murdering Nazi fucks. We win, you lost. Life affirming sex.

          But still it’s like sex in cemetery, rude to the dead. Coulda waited to get home or something.

          • oh, this is “rude to the dead” ya think?
            Having been there, I can’t imagine anyone being like “but we won so fuck you.” Almost everyone there died. it’s a memorial to one of the most tragic events in human history. There is no sense of victory there. This was a great loss to the Jews and to humanity in general. it is a place to mourn the lives of everyone who was lost.
            Why the fuck would a person openly admit this if they had any sense of desency?

    • Fucking hell, I wouldn’t be proud of this at all. I hope you go on to invent a cure for AIDS, or world peace (to make up for your oversight).

    • I agree, I was sobbing by the time I came out of that place, how could anyone imagine being in the mood for sex during that experience>

  1. In the parking lot, inside & outside of the car, behind the church my wife’s family goes to…. about 3 months before I met her & found out that’s their church. She still doesn’t know, and it’s been about 4 years since we met.

  2. Y’all are hot and hilarious. Cool jobs, too! Oil rig, bridge operator, DJ, firefighters …

  3. In the bathroom of a Fraternal Order of the Eagles bar right before my girlfriend had to go on stage to perform. Her knees were wobbly and her eyes were glazed over but she sounded great.

    Also in the bathroom of an Elks Club while she was on her period. I don’t know if it was my fault, but she had to stop her set a couple of songs early because she had blood running down the back of her leg into her shoe.

    Also in the back of my dad’s truck in the middle of the woods. It was winter, and we had to keep most of our clothes on, including one glove each. I ended up halfway off the seat, cold ass in the air. The head rush definitely added to the experience.

    Also drunkenly in the flamingo garden at a Maui hotel during my dad’s wedding reception. (Also the next morning in the hotel room when we had to take multiple puke breaks due to hangovers)

    • this is how i feel about the chicken coop one! have y’all seen the inside of chicken coops!

    • Long straight, mostly empty highways are the /best/.
      Hello I10 between Quartzite and Palm Springs. They were good times, weren’t they you long stretch of nothing at all highway you.

      • ohhh i guess that is less panic attack inducing. maybe.

        idk, i’m from new jersey, so when i picture people having sex in a moving car, i’m picturing them on the new jersey turnpike …which i am sure has happened, but it’s still a TERRIFYING thought.

        • I’m pretty sure I once saw a man giving a handy to another man on one, if not thee busiest freeway in the states(405-101 interchange), when it was mildly congested. I was pretty sure he was going to loose control, but my exit was coming up so I dunno.

  4. 42 was just plain offensive, not trying to be a downer, but seriously? Have a little respect…

  5. Ahahahaha one of these is mine! I was pretty excited to be able to mention it because in real life, no one knows…except, you know, the people I fucked.

  6. I’ll be honest half of these sound like the premise to a porno.

    I can definitively saw I’ve been to #10 and it would be good place to get busy, and there isn’t much overlooking it.

  7. Remember how season 1 of The L Word used to start with a “lesbians through the ages” scene with two girls in different scenarios or time periods hooking up? Imagine if instead they started with scenes from this list. The REAL Real L Word.

    • ha ha Lesbians Through The Ages. But look how far we’ve come. This should be an ongoing anonymous/confessional/brag/Inspirational column, user codename Deep Throat or Cancer Stick Man.

  8. An ark at summer camp? This is a thing? A common enough thing to be a thing?


    …now I want to make love in an ark at summer camp.

  9. I definitely need to get try harder.

    Only cool place I’ve had sex is at the top of the Cathedral of Learning (40 story tall building at the University of Pittsburgh), on the Honors Floor.

    • I can one-up you…literally…Ive used the elevator to go one more floor up, and had sex in one of the bathrooms up there.

      We got busted, but I still think it was worth it XD

  10. I am seriously impressed and awed by some of these.
    Mine: In an airline lounge bathroom in Narita Airport; in a convertible on the Queensboro bridge in bumper to bumper traffic–I was driving

    • oh, thank goodness someone else mentioned the volcano. i was scrolling through all these comments feeling progressively baffled that no one had pointed the fact that someone among us has had sex on a volcano. as in, someone possibly reading these comments right now has had sex on a volcano. they are here and they have done that.

  11. Ha.. I worked at (one of only two) youth hostels in Portland. I sincerely hope #3 happened on Hawthorne…

  12. I sincerely hope that whoever had sex in the Mattress Factory actually had sex in the Mattress Factory museum in Pittsburgh
    Because that would be awesome

    • I’ve actually done that. There is that dark room where you wait to see stars or something. I didn’t submit that though.. maybe the person I had sex with did!

  13. I’m really sad I didn’t take this survey and contribute the time I had sex on an airplane next to a sleeping nun.

  14. Well, some of those sound awfully familiar…
    I’m still deeply sorry for the permanent damage #31 possibly inflicted upon the mental health of the flamboyantly gay sales guy who, unfortunatedly, caught us in the act.

  15. In the toilet at my local Tesco. The fact that my mother was waiting outside only made it more fun.

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