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Pardoned Malawi Trans Bride Gone Missing, Queer Pakistani Couple Facing Similar Fate. WTF.

One half of the queer couple pardoned in Malawi has gone missing. Another couple — a trans woman and gay man — were arrested in Pakistan for trying to get married (allegedly). Gay haters use the Bible as an excuse, not a legit argument. There’s a lot of the top 10 cute animals harmed by the oil spill. Arizona’s immigration law targets women. And thank god for Jon Stewart for bringing the lulz and the awesome social commentary & Barack Obama for tweeting his love for gays this month.

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Transpeople, Ewoks, Dolly Parton: It’s All The Same to Bill O’Reilly

Now that American Eagle staffers don’t have to choose “gender-specific” outfits, what’s to stop them from DRESSING LIKE EWOKS? Lawyers think George Rekers gay sex controversy could call his past expert witness testimony into question. Why aren’t we talking about the sex lives of the white male Supreme Court Justices? Plus, how parents deal with Glee, how to be a good beard, and racism in beauty pageants.

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RuPaul Inappropriate Black History Month Role Model, Says LA Mayor. Just Like OJ Simpson!

Black History Month controversy in LA Schools likens RuPaul to OJ Simpson and Dennis Rodman as unsuitable role models, suspends three teachers. Also; stylist misquoted about Shiloh, NEW RUNAWAYS TRAILER!, Roseanne on Marie Osmond’s son, ABDC Lady Gaga challenge, Lohan at 16, Johnny Weir interview, women & Oscars & 35 Best Dance Sequences from Films!