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Gay Government Takeover vs. Republicans vs. Shark vs. Bear Vs. Ninjas vs. Glee

This Sunday is extra Funday because we have VIDEOS of EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD. By which we mean Kurt and his maybe future boyfriend, sexy ninja mental asylum ladies, superawesome trans athletes, and a special surprise marine mammal. Oh also did we mention that we managed to elect 106 queers to public office? Pat yourself on the back and have a cupcake. Also Keith Olbermann is on twitter, saying things.

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Ann Coulter Writes Crazy Emails, Anticipates Homocon, Is a Great Purim Costume

We never really saw any reason to spend energy caring about Ann Coulter, and even hearing that she was going to speak at Homocon 2010 didn’t entirely convince us otherwise. But then getting to read her bickering emails with Joseph Farah was so satisfying that we’re kind of getting ‘into’ her! I wonder if she likes Tegan and Sara. Also, a run-down of other conservative ladies doing and saying the DARNDEST THINGS and, to help your recovery lap, Rachel Maddow looks really good as she covers the exit of US Combat Troops.