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Yvonne Moore Sued Her Church For Performing “Disgusting” Gay Marriage, Which is Crazy

Yvonne Moore, “world’s worst church lady” (according to THAT’S GAY), sues her church for 250K for that gross lesbian wedding they threw. But hey, let’s check out that book she’s been reading in “Autostraddle’s Primer on New & Old Testament’s Mentions of Homosexuality” which will soothe your soul, even if you’ve eaten trail mix, which’s bad for your soul. FYI.

Youth + Family

Catholic School Rejects Son of Lesbian Moms, Clearly We’re Too Cool For School Y’all

A Massachusetts Catholic School has withdrawn it’s acceptance of a third grade boy because he has lesbian moms, and now the secretary for education and superintendent of Catholic schools is offering to help the parents find a different school – but do we want to be in clubs that won’t have us as members? Even more reactions to Seetodeh including one from Dustin Lance Black and video of Newsweek article author Ramin Setoodeh, Dan Savage and Amanda Bearse on The Joy Behar Show. Also; female warrior tribes & gays in video games.

Society + Culture

Is Jennifer Knapp the Brave Christian Lesbian We’ve Been Waiting For? (Larry King VIDEO)

A full video of Jennifer Knapp’s appearance on Larry King Live is out — will Jennifer Knapp be the one to show Gay & Christian are not mutually exclusive? And when did Ted Haggard stop being an asshat and start being bearable? Rosie makes our little gay hearts feel full of love, Archie Comics are getting a new gay in Riverdale, Will Phillips is the cutest recipient of a television journalism award in the history of television journalism, and there’s a new name in media aimed at Muslim women. And hey, have you made a video for Be Queer, Buy Queer yet? If not, make moves!

Society + Culture

Catholic Church Lets Sex Abusers Guide Children, But Not Gay Parents?

A new round of sex scandals rock the church while the church fights to keep its anti-gay adoption policies and prevent the child of gays from attending its pre-school. Jon Stewart & “Deliver Us From Evil” report. Also; the trouble with the media’s take on the troubles of black women, clinical trials leave out glbts, ‘zines, is twitter a girl, gearing up for dinah shore weekend & a new LGBT Center in Long Beach, New York.

Arts + Pop Culture Film

“Fish Out of Water” Tackles Homosexuality & The Bible: The Autostraddle Interview

“My principal concern when crafting Fish out of Water was that love and humanity sparkled through the muddled mess of human interpretation” – Intern Elizabeth talks with the people behind the new documentary “Fish out of Water” about LGBT faith, the church, Kaki King, Fred Phelps, Wal-Mart and how you can see the film yourself!