Rick Perry Gets Sunday Schooled by Christian Teen Sisters

Gabrielle’s Team Pick:

I tried to avoid the Rick Perry thing. Facebook and Twitter were overwrought with links about his newest campaign video and I refused to click them. My patience for this type of over hyped anti-gay infamy is running low. Why do we care anymore about what people like Rick Perry have to say? Have you watched this train wreck or read Lizz’s totally on point review of it? It’s embarrassing for him, not us. What do gays serving openly in the military have to do with kids being able to pray in school? Kids pray in school every day. “Lord, Jesus, help me pass this test.” “Dear God, give me the guts to ask for her number.” Yet, Rick Perry seems to think that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is one of the Ten Commandments or something equally as solid (Like Penn Jillet’s Ten Atheist Commandments) on which to base an entire campaign video. This type of anti-gay rhetoric and hate-based political platform are devoid of facts and weak reasons to be allowed to lead a nation. We need to focus our opportunities to share information on candidates and activities more worthy of our intellect. Let’s investigate Rep. Newt Gingrich and share videos and articles about the million plus dollars he was paid by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in consulting fees. Or how about we investigate our local politicians and find someone that’s actually doing something good? I’m tired of giving clueless hate-mongerers fifteen minutes to eight years of political fame.

That being said, I still clicked on the Perry ad, and it made me laugh. I kept waiting for a stallion to come running out from the woods, Perry to mount it and ride off into the pearly gates. If he was my dad, I’d be mortified. And then came all of the parody videos and all of the smarmy arrogant liberal talking heads that we all love so much with their spin on his video, all of the usual sh*t that we jump on and pass around to each other amused by our awareness of what’s hip. It’s all the same thing… but then I found this video on the Latino Rebels FB page. And wanted to share it with you.

Maybe I’m being a sucker for the holidays looking for something to lift my jaded spirits, but this video made me feel good.

These two Christian sisters put out into the world a little of what we’ve been missing: honesty, accountability and grace. Without self-aware irony or petty name calling, they point out the inadequate Christianity that’s being passed around politics like the plague and express their dismay at being represented by individuals that use the Good News to spread hate and further divide our splintered nation. Their response honors all individuals serving in the military, the LGBTQ community and everyone living on this earth, just straight up everyone.

And that’s the point ,right? That’s why we get so upset about everything. It’s because we all just want the freedom to exist as we please, to be in love and to feel supported and protected by our neighbors, our country.

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Gabrielle Rivera is an awesomely queer Bronx bred, writer, spoken word artist and director. Her short stories and poems have been published in various anthologies such as the Lambda Award winning Portland Queer: Tales from the Rose City and The Best of Panic! En Vivo from the East Village. Her short film "Spanish Girls are Beautiful" follows a group of young Latina and Caucasian girls who like girls as they hook up, smoke up and try to figure sh*t out. She also freelances for Autostraddle.com while working in the film and television industry. Gabrielle is currently working on her first novel while bouncing around NYC performing spoken word and trying to stick it to the man.

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  1. woohoo hand clap hand clap! It’s nice to see real Christians out there… You go girls, let’s spread the love like plague!

  2. and they are like so adorable n cute and not in some dismissing women’s intelligence kinda way or pervy creeper way…just like
    aww these are “all american girl next door” types.

    these are the types of girls we like to assume would support someone like rick perry 100%, amiright?

    and they are ready to bring down half assed politicians who abuse religion to suit their own insane silly agenda while sounding more educated than all of the republican nominees put together.


  3. This makes me so happy! As a Christian, it’s what I’ve been trying to tell people for awhile. I’m glad not all Christians on the internet give us a bad name haha.

    • *squee* I love this video for the same reasons, the problem is though people genuinely believe rick perry and others like the WBC embodies christianity, it’s pretty sad when i have to explain to someone why me being a gay trans christian holds absolutely no contradictions between any of the three words. (even some claiming inability to be more than one of those 3 things =-.-=)

      On a lighter note, Jesus’ response! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3epc2arU4g4

    • Same here! I’m a queer Christian (aiming to be a pastor even), and it makes me sad every time Perry or some other idiot trots out Christianity like it’s the horse of the hatepocalypse. Way to go these girls for showing the world how it SHOULD be!

  4. yeah word. we (the glbtq community) tend to demonize all christians the same way some of them demonize us.

    and that shit is just wak and i’m over it.


  5. Its too bad they’re cherry picking their religion.

    Or they wouldn’t dare contradict a man. Or wear poly-cotton blends.

    Of course, everyone cherry picks their religion, since a ton of it is illegal nowadays… but:

    Someone tell them to just drop their claim to being christian, and instead just pray to their (non-existent) god without claiming religious affiliation. If you have to believe in some higher power, figure out what works for you and go from there. Even though I don’t exist, I don’t mind if you pray to me… (especially in bed)… and your prayers to me will be answered the same way as always, but you don’t need to worry about the damnation and guilt, etc, you get from churches and their ministers of evil.

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