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By Any Other Name: The Power of Loaded Language in Christofascism

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When my parents told me I was being “rebellious,” that my character was “ungodly” and that I was “going down the path to hell” for not doing the laundry that day or being a good caretaker in general, what they communicated to me was: I was not fulfilling my role properly, to continue to fail would mean more punishment, more isolation, unless I followed “God’s will.”


Swords, Satan and Sexuality: Queer Nuns of the Past

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“Somehow convincing the convent that she genuinely wanted to take holy orders Julie entered the nunnery with her girlfriend. Around a month in an elder nun died of natural causes and the two of them saw their chance; putting the dead nun in the girlfriend’s bed they set the nunnery on fire and ran off into the night.”