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“Skins” Movie Coming Out (Naomi & Emily Making Out) Summer 2011

It’s official — the Skins movie is happening and will debut in Summer 2011. Which cast members will return, and what the hell are they doing these days anyhow? We’ll tell you. Also, a new book about Virginia Woolf’s lover, Gaga / Alejandro news, True Blood loves the gays, Hollywood is apparently afraid of minorities, Dirty Dancing wasn’t afraid of abortions, Ellen has a record label and a new Anyone But Me!

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Real L Word Cast Interviews: Laughing, Loving, Awkward

Real L Word’s latest “short” features cast interviews on topics like turn-ons, the first time they liked girls, and having sex in the champagne room. It scarred us for life, we semi-recapped. In Actual Good Lesbian Webseries News, IT’S A NEW EPISODE OF ANYONE BUT ME! Also; Family Guy reaches “new transmisogynistic lows,” the new David Foster Wallace interviews and Amanda Seyfried talks to Chelsea Lately about all her lesbian makeouts!

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Costume Party: Nicole Pacent’s Lesbian Photoshoot, Glambert’s Gay Glam Pride & Lez Werewolves

L Magazine’s gender-bending photoshoot features Nicole Pacent of Anyone But Me, sidenote new ep of Anyone But Me! Adam Lambert calls the shots and the shots are “theatrical, out there” and “proud to be gay.” Also; Lady Gaga in 3D, lesbian werewolf movie, Chloe Sevigny’s Big Gay Interview, Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend IRL, The Princess and the Frog goes gender-neutral, Jason Mraz/Elton John, Sean Hayes/Kristin Chenoweth and more!

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Hot Girls Making Out Like Lesbians or Looking Pretty in Pictures

Amanda Seyfried & Julianne Moore play gay/naked in upcoming film, Bette Porter goes to the Book of Eli premiere, Blake Lively & Chris Colfer look cute in magazines, GLEE cast is cute at Fox Party, New Episode of ANYONE BUT ME, Claire Danes, Adam Lambert on FUSE, Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Tracy Ullman trailer & premiere dates, Tila Tequila ixnay re: Larry King, Esquire loves Ellen, SO MANY THINGS.

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Adam Lambert’s Redemption Song Rocks The Early Show

Adam Lambert brings his Mom and his vocals to The Early Show. Complex magazine has ground its brains together and come up with 10 “eligible bachelorettes” for Rosie O’Donnell like Tila Tequila and Leisha Hailey, but forgets to fact-chek. Eric Stoltz wants you to watch “Anyone But Me”‘s second season starting December 15th! Also; Fergie dishes on bi past, and Lady Gaga’s nip-slip.