“Smells Like Teen Lesbian Spirit” Featuring South of Nowhere & Anyone But Me

South of Nowhere was an adorable teen soap that aired from 2005-2008 on Nickelodeon’s badass alternative for teens, The N (recently reborn as Teen Nick). The show centered on the Carlin family and mostly revolved around the on-again/off-again romance between Ashley (Mandy Musgrave) and Spencer (Gabrielle Christian). The show helped pave the way for Pretty Little Liars as it featured the first gay teen TV couple in headlining roles.  Does “Save Splashley” mean anything to you?

Anyway, SON executive producer Nancylee Myatt has reassembled the cast in a series of videos in an effort to prove to the network that the show still has an audience hungry for a feature film. These videos try to bridge the storyline gap since the show went off the air and give a hint of what could potentially come next. According to the SON Facebook page, they need 100,000 views on YouTube by April 27, as a benchmark to prove the audience still cares.

(Watch the second video)

Hey,  stranger things have happened, like the *OurChart hosted GIRLTRASH web series turning into a feature length musical set to premiere later this year. Seriously though, Girltrash is the brainchild of L Word writer/director Angela Robinson and her writer/director partner Alex Kondracke (the people responsible for the best L Word episodes and DEBS) so we’re very excited for this movie! Interestingly, Girltrash: All Night Long also stars Mandy Musgrave and Gabrielle Christian as well as Rose Rollins, Clementine Ford and Kate French.

Our friends at Anyone But Me are offering a sneak preview of the Season Three premiere episode on April 25th for those who would like to live chat with stars Rachael Hip-Flores and Nicole Pacent! Over the past two seasons Vivian and Aster, together with their high school friends and family, have experienced a whole lotta drama. Last season, Vivian and Aster’s relationship took an abrupt turn, leaving audiences hanging about their future together. The brand new 5 episode season will air every other week on anyonebutmeseries.com beginning April 26th.

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  1. Kristin

    So from reading some Youtube comments apparently they did a webisode that was 5 years later and Ashley was pregnant and her and Spencer were married?! So now I am confused why in the new promo Spencer has on a big old engagement ring and Ashley has nothing and they are broken up and there is no baby. Obviously this clearly means we need a movie. I hadn’t though about this show in years but now I’m so excited!

    • meagan

      Those webisodes were created primarily for the fans, if I remember correctly, because when the show was cancelled there was this huge outrage (there were even PROTESTS at UCLA!) I’m not surprised that they would ignore them to bring the show back – they were kind of like a “ahh, we know this sucks, um, here, have happy pregnant married lesbians, they’ll make you feel better” gift.

      • If I’m not mistaken, there was an interview with Gabrielle who admitted that the epilogue webisode was a total cop-out and lame. Maybe with this movie they’re admitting their flop and pulling a good old ret-con to fix things.

        Plus, where is the drama in a movie where they’re living happily ever after?

        • meagan

          exactly! Please give me drama and and angst and pining and maybe Spencer running through an airport to catch Ash before she gets on a plane to move to Guatemala or something. And Ashley’s rock star dad saying something inspiring about love.

          …this show gives me feelings.

          • Kristin

            Yes, I love this comment. But what is up with the engagement ring in the promo is my only remaining question!

        • yeppers

          There is drama in the Part 2 of the YouTube videos. Ashley and Spencer seem kinda cold towards one another, and Ashley even at one points says (slightly paraphrasing) “I have changed and evolved. I wish I could say the same for my relationship”.

        • Yeppers

          Sorry, I was completely wrong. Ashley and Spencer are no longer together in the youtube videos. They broke up. So there is no happily ever after.

          • Which makes it ripe with entertaining tension for the movie! Woot woot!

            p.s. Did anyone else feel really really uncomfortable when Aiden was on? Like…that he was just going to OD right then and there?

          • Squid

            so… what happened to the baby that Aiden’s sperm went to? anyone curious on that question? or… was there no baby at all, and i’m just hallucinating.

            i swear ashley was pregnant, and spencer was a successful producer.

  2. meagan

    oh. my. God. if they bring South of Nowhere back my heart will explode with glittery joy.

  3. Nancylee

    Thanks for the mention. Hoping to show the network (MTV) that it would be a great home for South of Nowhere movie and series set 5 yrs after the series ended on the N. You can help by watching the videos on YouTube it’s in two parts.

    And also by retweeting #southofnowheremovie. Come fans, let’s be loud and proud!

  4. Nancylee

    One more thing — our network meeting is on April 27th (not the 24th) so help us get to 100K with YouTube and retweets.

  5. juicy

    lol I forgot about aiden and how annoying he was.. too bad he has to look in the mirror and see aiden everyday

  6. Girltrash looks amazing! And so does SON. Seems I’ll be doing (hopefully) a lot of watching of television/movies in the near future.

  7. Radiogirl

    Girl-on-girl musical? I AM SO THERE.

    +more Anyone But Me, that’s rad too.



  8. karmalaluna

    Fuck yeah to all of these things!
    Especially Anyone But Me! I wish it was April 26th already.

  9. bloodybird

    Girl-on-girl movie?
    With Ashley and Spencer and Niki and Tasha and Molly???


  10. JoVincent

    I am so excited about the SON movie! I loved the show when it was on the air and was disappointed to say the least when it got cancelled. Woot! SON returns!

  11. thekid

    I love everything about this post!!
    Except where it says there is only “5 new episodes” of ABM this season :(

  12. ohmygod. thank you for enlightening me on the girltrash musical. i am mooooist with anticipation! … gross. but seriously.

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