Easy, Girls: L Word Fans Hurl Selves at Feet of Hailey, Moennig

Autostraddle’s fearless guest correspondent Hayley braved hordes of screaming L word fans to bring you all the details of L7, the seventh convention for L Word fans, held in Birmingham, UK. Questions! Answers! Pet turtles! Ever wonder what Kate Moennig thought about Shenny or what Leisha Hailey has to say about Kate’s skills in the BOUDOIR? Read on, queers, so that you can sleep better at night knowing the answers.

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Cracking the Coming Out Code

Ricky Martin came out yesterday. Sean Hayes came out a few weeks ago. My Mom came out in 1995. Is it only a matter of time before everyone comes out? Riese investigates and Alex makes infographics and together we get to the bottom of this well of homosexiness.