We Inexplicably Continue to Care About Tina Kennard’s Whereabouts

Why on earth do we still care about what L Word actresses are doing? I blame the recession.  The L Word is a lot like baseball, or jousting.
Clementine Ford Curve Mag Cover

L WORD: Laurel Holloman (L Word’s Tina) about The Real L Word reality show, how she misses the girls, and why The L Word hit a chord. Holloman states, “If there’s an L Word reality show, I feel like there’s an audience for it because we proved that there’s an audience.” She talks to Erin Daniels & Rachel Shelley every day (again why do we care I don’t know but we do, perhaps because almost every pop culture-literate American cares for some reason about something, we just all happen to be into the same exact thing), wasn’t asked to be in The Farm, unfortunately as it was a masterwork of the stage, screen and soundstudio, and also, is just always so FAIR. You go, Fair Laurel: “I think if Ilene comes up with some great ideas to keep it going, honestly I think it’ll be refreshing to see a reality “L Word” instead of the glossed-over, high-heeled makeup one. . I think it’s great the show is there and you have to embrace it by putting it out and hope it opens up doors. And if it opens the door for a reality show then it has served its purpose.” (@shewired)

CLEMENTINE FORD: Clementine Ford (L Word‘s Molly) is on the cover of the October issue of Curve. Haha. Now you have to buy Curve. (@curvemag)

SAMRON: Between navigating the rough waters of Lilo @replies, Samantha Ronson has filmed an episode of 90210 set to air November 3. I hope Kelly Taylor fixes all this nonsense. (@people)

LADY GAGA: “Fame Kills” Lady Gaga & Kanye West pre-sale.

SHEWIRED IS ON A ROLL LATELY: Erin Foley. We love this girl. (@shewired)

HATE THIS GUY: Also, wtf Tucker Max. His existence and success, we feel, is proof of something sinister and unfortunate about this world. (@jezebel)

COUGAR: “Critics say Courteney Cox is a good actress, but even she can’t make the stale, raunchy humor of Cougar Town – which premieres tonight – work. Unless, of course, viewers, like Cox’s character, tend to think with their “coochie cooch.” (@jezebel)

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  1. I had a dream last night that Erin Foley was coming to my school. So that’s kind of freaky that there was a link about her today. In the dream I was all “We have to go. Erin Foley is like the reason I’m a lesbian!”

  2. When I heard “Cougar Town” it made me think of Gob (from Arrested Development) and all his condo theme ideas:

    Narrator: Gob was recently hired by the Bluth Company’s rival, Sitwell Enterprises. And although he started off well…
    Gob: 52 percent of the country is single. That’s a market that’s been dominated by apartment rentals. Let’s take some of that market. I call it “Single City.”
    Narrator: … his ideas failed to evolve.
    Gob: It’s, like, “Hey, you want to go down to the whirlpool?” “Yeah, I don’t have a husband.” I call it “Swing City.”
    Stan Sitwell: Let’s get into some new areas, if you don’t mind.
    Narrator: But Gob continued to fine-tune his first one.
    Gob: How do we filter out the teases? We don’t let them in. This goes for the guys, too. Because sometimes the guys are tapped out. But check your lease, man. Because you’re living in [bleep] City!

  3. At first glance, I thought it was Laurel Holloman on the cover of Curve. Gawd, I really need make that long overdue visit to the optometrist. And oh, I find Clementine attractive as well. If my cranky memory serves me right, there was a scene on TLW where she was wearing aviators and was walking with Kate Moennig towards Jane Lynch and her mom, and I thought “Oh, wow.” Yeah, I think that was the scene that solidified her hotness for me. Heh.

    I would’ve loved to volunteer if you needed a music writer for the NJ/NYC area. Good luck to Crystal, though :D

  4. I would be totally interested in the music-writer/helper-position-thing, music’s pretty much my life, I go to a tonne of live gigs (Vivian Girls and Metric this week wooo!) and I like to think I’m not completely ignorant about it. However, I live in Melbourne, not Sydney. Is that an insurmountable problem? If not, let me know where to apply!

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