You Got 7 Hot (Openly) Gay Actors? We Got 9 Hot (Openly) Lesbian Actresses. BAM.

HOT WOMEN: Twirlit, a website billing itself as “what women really want,” features You Can Look, But You Can’t Touch 7 Hot (Openly) Gay Actors. Hm. Well. Why isn’t FHM making a list like this for men of ladies they can’t touch? Well probs it would be offensive. WE’LL MAKE OUR OWN LIST.

[The Twirlit list used to have eight (check out the original url), because Zachary Quinto was on it, but I guess someone let twirlit know that he hasn’t come out yet and maybe never will, which is kinda funny.]

I’m sure someone will debate that one of these ladies isn’t a lesbian or perhaps not an actress primarily but we were pretty ‘effin careful so good luck! Or perhaps you’ll say someone deserves to be on it who doesn’t, BUT it’s not a Top Anything. It’s Just 9 Hot (Openly) Gay Women You Can Look at But You Can’t Touch, that’s right Maxim! This one’s for you! No touching! Cooties! We’re in a serious recession! I hope we win in Maine today! I wish I had a dentist! Hey remember the Autostraddle Hot 100?

9 Hot (Openly) Gay Actresses

Sarah Paulson

Sarah Paulson


Haviland Stillwell

Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon


Jasika Nicole


Leisha Hailey


Clementine Ford

Elizabeth Keener

Elizabeth Keener

Jill Bennett

Jill Bennett

Portia De Rossi

Portia De Rossi

There you go. Before you comment to complain that we left your mom out or this or that Eskimo tribe or stage of menopause or length of underarm hair was not represented on this non-ranked non-elected composed-in-ten-minutes list, please ask  yourself: “Is this a fight worth fighting?”

Intern Jess is obsessed with Jill Bennet and Jill Bennet will be on the Sweet cruise next week and she is pretty and we will find her.

SKINS: Season Four spoilers include “Naomi and Emily will have a sex scene” and “a lot of scenes together” and “Naomi’s sexuality will not be labeled” and “Naomi’s mother will find out about Emily.” (Read our Skins lesbionic season three recap here)

TELEVISIONARY: Carlytron’s Televisionary is UP UP UP and it’s the week that the rest of the world discovered the wonderful Awesome of Gay Halloween!

AUTOFOCUS: Have you seen Robin’s new photo-blog AUTOFOCUS? It’s on, and Tegan & Sara are on it right now ’cause she just photographed them! You should check back for Autofocus updates a lot because it is gonna have a lot of action on it. Also T&S were on Conan last night did you see it? NOW YOU CAN!

SUBTLE SEXUALITY: There’s nothing subtle about Subtle Sexuality: The Office’s new webseries is funny, this is what Bitch thinks: Though a lot is problematic about this project to begin with (hosted on the network site, available for purchase on iTunes, contains a buttload of ads, perpetuates stereotypes about women and relationships) a lot of it is really funny and (dare I say) a tad subversive as well. (@bitch)

SEX REHAB:We saw Sex Rehab on Monday night, assuming a show about sex addicts would probs include at least a bisexual like Tila Tequila. But the only girl-on-girl action lover was one of the porn stars, who said she wished she could be in a relationship with a dude. In other news, the gay guy seems to be the only one there who isn’t at least on the verge of all kinds of other kinds of insanity, and not the kind you can fix in your co-ed rehab facility. (@jezebel)

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  1. Today and every day I am going to ask myself, “Is this a fight worth fighting?” I predict the answer to generally be “no”…unless I move to Maine today and then it will be “yes”.

  2. Jill Bennett has a lovely voice. Look into it. “We Have To Stop Now” is a scripted lesbian web-series and it’s pretty good. I used to watch the l-word recaps on “We’re Getting Nowhere” but they usually clocked in at 45 minutes and…. yea.

    My friend and I were talking the other day about the ratio of out men/women and it is really astounding how many more publicly out famous women there are. The list above just includes actresses but there are tons of out comedians and musicians as well. I could probably rattle 10 hugely famous women off the top of my head. I defo cannot say the same for out men which probably speaks the fact that it’s still much more taboo to be a gay man? This new guy, Matt Bomer — the lead in a new show White Crime — is out and apparently has a kid with his partner but unless his show takes off, it’s just Neil Patrick Harris & T.R. Knight leading the acting pack.

    I think my point is, we have it a LOT better than young gay men out there looking for role models/representation in the entertainment world.

    • Jill Bennett is funny and not too bad to look at, but I think I prefer her girlfriend… :)

    • That’s good. I’m not sure that being a newt gets you ladies (or dudes, whatevs)… and I think I prefer Elizabeth Keener’s girlfriend as well. I’m just going to reply to everyone’s comment about how I prefer the partners of these 9 women. Even if I don’t (but so far I DO prefer Cathy Debuono and Jamie Lauren.)

      • I think that should be “the new thing”. Like yeah, you’re my best friend/family member/superior but I prefer your girlfriend. No homo.

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    • I know right! Haviland is so pretty! And I love how Clementine Ford looks like she’s trying to start a fight with you!

  4. You guys are always so cutting edge, so unique — other people, like me, would have a Top 10 list (so conventional and expected). I love your vision and brilliance, and amazing sense of style and humor that always brightens my day… And now in my desire to round up to ten! I have to chime in and suggest the addition of Ashleigh Sumner, the oh-so athletic and sexy star of AND THEN CAME LOLA (full disclosure: I work for Wolfe Video and we are releasing the DVD of the film in the Spring). But seriously, Ashleigh is hot. Check out the trailer:

  5. Thanks for mentioning the wonderful Jill Bennett, but you forgot to mention out and proud and hot actress Ashleigh Sumner who plays LOLA….also, two more “hot” OUT lesbians in the film–Cathy DeBuono and the beautiful Jenoa Harlow….

    You can check out links to bios and photos of these talented young OUT actors here:

    ps-full disclosure, I’m one of the film’s co-directors… ;-))

  6. I want to see Tinkerbell compile a list of hot, out, lesbian/bisexual mammals. (with Littlefoot’s permission of course)

  7. unrelated: but i felt i should share that i was walking on campus recently and heard someone on the phone talking about how they were confused by Estonian girls. whaaat.

    i sincerely hope that it was carmen walking around drunk.

  8. OMG after i read this i immediately went to my gay bff “you may have 7 hot gay guys, but i got 9 hot chicks, so suck on that!…no pun intended” o.O

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