Autostraddle Calendar Girls: Nicole Pacent is Miss June!

It’s June, can you believe half a year went by so fast? And June is National Gay Month or something, so we knew it’d be especially important to have a really bangin’ Miss June. Duh.

Firstly, a little refresh of the Calendar Girl concept for any newbies:

We just think Maxim, COED and Playboy shouldn’t get to corner the market on “monthly devotions to very very good looking women.” We know lots of hot lesbians who also look good casually lounging on bedsheets and hanging out at the pool/on the couch.

Each month our photographer Robin will shoot a Le Cadeau by Robin set (as featured on WeTV) with one beautiful, talented, smart, interesting and sexy lesbian lady. At the end of the year, we’ll have a pretty kickass calendar that you can buy for 2011, which is our last year on earth before the apocalypse. Don’t you want to keep track of that in style?

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This month’s Autostraddle Calendar Girl is:

Nicole Pacent

Miss June

From Photoblogger Robin:

“As big fans of Anyone But Me, we were all so excited when actress Nicole Pacent happily agreed to be part of this project!  Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s one of the sweetest and funniest ladies around!  (Also she has Angelina Jolie lips!)  We had so much fun with Nicole and obviously as you can see, the camera is in love with her.  How appropriate that one of our favorite out and proud celesbians is our Pride month cover girl.  Thanks so much Nicole and to the Autostraddle style team, Sara Medd and Christina Natale.”


The smokin’ hot super-talented bisexual actress Nicole Pacent, one of Autostraddle’s 2009 “Critters of the Year”, is a rising star of epic proportions. Autostraddle first interviewed (and photographed) Nicole, along with her Anyone But Me co-star Rachael Hip-Flores, about a year ago. We all fell in love and have been together ever since (in our imaginations).

In the time since our first date, Nicole has been very busy. She took on a feature role in Mel Robertson’s Queens of the World (along with Elizabeth Keener, Tanya Roberts, Michelle Clunie, Meghan Hall & Autostraddle’s Nat Garcia), the first season of the critically-acclaimed webseries Anyone But Me is out on DVD and the second season is basically the hottest thing on the internet since kittens.

Nicole grew up in Connecticut and later earned her BFA in Drama at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she minored in English and privately pursued serious Geekery — her favorite books of all time include Brave New World and A Wrinkle in Time and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and The Fountainhead. She likes fantasy novels and Star Wars. A LOT.

Nicole recently posed for the cover of BOUND magazine as “the next Angelina Jolie,” was nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in the 2010 Indie Soap Awards, was the first runner-up for SheWired’s 2009 Gay Woman of the Year and obviously was a shoo-in for AfterEllen’s Hot 100.

For Nicole, “coming out” was never a question — she’s been honest about it from the get-go, and had her first serious girlfriend in high school. When not campaigning for LGBT Rights or tutoring kids in Harlem, she’s doing other swoon-worthy things like last October when she put together “Relief Through Rock: Chicks for a Cure,” a fundraiser for the American Association for Cancer Research.

She’s going to be super-mega-famous one day basically, so your calendar is going to be worth millions. Just saying.


As always; if you’d like to be gawked at by thousands of lesbians and get photographed by celebrity world-famous photog Robin Roemer, email Robin at robin[at]autostraddle[dot]com with two photos of yourself and tell her a little something about why you’re so special. You must live in the NYC area or be able to get there and be 21+.

[Sidenote: Our calendar is booking up fast and at this time, we’re looking especially/specifically for women of color and for non-“femme”-presenting ladies. Also it took me ten tries to write that sentence? So I hope everyone feels okay about it.]



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Robin specializes in entertainment, lifestyle and portrait photography. She's also a Creative Producer, Director of Photography and co-owner of Scheme Machine Studios LLC, her production company based in Los Angeles. Robin loves shooting for TV and film and has worked with media companies like Legendary Pictures and Viacom. She shot and directed the Pride campaign for Google called #ThisIsFamily. Robin has had the pleasure of working on national campaigns for companies like Dove and Levis, and had the unique opportunity to shoot for non-profits and initiatives such as The Black List, Save the Children, Move to End Violence, Have a Hart Day, and The Clinton Global Initiative. She is most proud of the work she has done with organizations such as The Ad Council and RAINN working on national impact campaigns. Her celebrity roster includes Cyndi Lauper, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, The B-52s, Keri Hilson, JB Smoove, Tegan and Sara, Margaret Cho, The B-52’s, Andreja Pejic, and many more. She was there for Autostraddle’s birth and proudly served as A-Camp co-director for many years.

Robin has written 82 articles for us.


  1. I table a motion for an emergency amendment to the list of people who can do no wrong!

    I think I used up the last remnant of my brain constructing that sentence, the rest has officially melted from the hotness that is Nicole Pacent.

  2. *speechless*
    I don’t even…
    I can’t…
    WOW! I thought her in bound was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen…
    Autostraddle thank you it’s going to always be June in my house for now on.

  3. I’ve been checking this since I woke up this morning waiting for it!! And DAMN it was well worth the wait!! Absolutely gorgeous!! Thankyou again Autostraddle for making my life!!

    • this response makes me very happy :) I love that ladies are just waiting for the first of the month, in anticipation of our beautiful calendar girls.
      and for sure Nicole is worth that wait!! thanks again Nicole!

  4. Sarah: how is nicole pacent so damn cute
    me: cat-straddling
    Sarah: i think it’s adorable
    i support her right to straddle her cat
    Riese: me too
    me: no i totally support it
    that’s how she’s so cute — cat-straddling
    Sarah: oh i see
    me: it strengthens the cute muscles

  5. Nicole, you look lovely, and these pics are great, as always Robin! Also I think I own that coral bra too and I LOVE the color! <3

  6. This is a good month already, right!? :)

    You can’t go wrong with a cat-loving Aries!!!

    I’d like to add that Nicole is one of the most grounded and professional ladies around. Professionalism being the most underrated quality around.

  7. An Aries! Ha! That explains it.

    Nice choice! Ms. Pacent is a total fox. However, if I were to arrange a photo shoot for her I’d have her, like, at a gun range or curling up with her cat or riding a 4 X 4 or playing pool or, you know, something like that. True, she looks great in underwear, but it’s the spark of her lively personality that translates though images and makes her so captivating. Let it be known that she would be wearing tight jeans in my dream shoot. I’m not a monster.

    Anyway, lots of love. Autostraddle, Anyone But Me, Nicole Pacent; all awesome beyond belief.

    I worked hard to put my commas in the right place but feel free to correct me, Nicole. Really.

    • Ha, I’ll keep your ideas in mind when we find someone to rent out part of their gun range for free! ;) I’m not sure if people realize it, but all of these shoots are done at my apartment. I’m running out of space! If anyone has access to cool places where we could have use for between 4-8 hours for a couple of shoots, feel free to let me know!

      • Come on, New Yorkers! Have a chat with the owner of your favorite shooting range. It’s for a good cause! Together we can realize this dream!

        In the meantime, Robin, keep doing what you’re doing. An invaluable service, is what it is.

        • Thanks! I’m not curing cancer but I’d like to think I’m doing my part.

          I want to shoot in an old mansion. Does anyone have access to an old mansion? Possible a French manor. C’mon, it will be very Ellen von Unwerth.

  8. When I saw the pictures with the chandelier/light up looking thing above her head, I thought it was the script from The One Ring. There was like 2.5 seconds of geek out and I thought that I had definitely found the woman of my dreams. And then it wasn’t.

    I’m just going to keep pretending that it is.

  9. A-o! Totes made my day. As usual the pictures are great! And whoever owns that apartment has seriously great taste.

    • Me too. I was so excited to see such a hot Miss June. Not that every month hasn’t been hot, but damn.

  10. i love the heels and window one! girls laughing while wearing underwear would make a nice gallery, i think.

  11. those shots are awesome. i love nicole. she’s gorgeous.

    this is probably the best june of my life :) lgbt month, that new super sexy abdominal thrust video, rihanna’s new song, my friends getting work, nicole pacent as this month’s girl, AND my birthday. if only i could get a job, this june will be epic!

  12. She is really really sexy! Those pictures are to die for! (Seriously I could barely breathe as I was looking at them.)
    You know what I like the most? Her body is real and not unrealistically thin like the models who grace the cover of Sports Illustrated or something. (I’m not saying they’re not beautiful it’s just that most women don’t look like that.) Her confidence and personality shine through- just gorgeous!

  13. i just want to say that i think she answered the questions in the survey very well

  14. Nicole reminds me of a young Janeane Garofalo, whom I had a crush on for years as a younger me. That is, until a friend who “has a friend” that was making a movie told me she met her (Janeane) once and that she has a handshake not unlike a dead fish and comes off a bit weird and introverted in person. She tells me this (my friend) after telling me I reminded her of Janeane Garofalo.

    There is really zero resemblance to me, Nicole, well any of us to Janeane and I’m sure I really look more like a weird introvert then any of us but MAN do I have a firm handshake.

    What I meant to say was WONDERFUL PICTURES! Robin your appartment is lovely – I do know where to get a gun range but I’m up here in Canada not NY so really I’m of no help.

    I sure like Anyone But Me and I hope there are more episodes this season. :}

  15. i would like to take this opportunity to say that i have an awesome loft apartment in which you could take pictures of hot girls- i mean, calender models … although, i’m not in NY, i’m outside of Chicago.

    Also, while i agree that Nicole is sooo cute, i’d like to encourage Robin to stop by with or without her camera (cause i totes think you’re cuter. just sayin’.)

  16. Great photos, as usual. Something about her reminds me of a Topanga. Am I trippin?

      • Good! I have never seen Nicole Pacent in anything but every time I see a picture of her on here I get weird deja vu except it’s of Danielle Fishell, Topanga. I loved Boy Meets World!

  17. Nicole is super hot… looks like her photo shoot when really well and she had lots of fun.. Those lips of hers awesome to die for.. Love to have one kiss at her lips hehehe… Love Anything But Me.. Gonna buy the first season but wish they sold it on itunes…

  18. My most important reaction? I have that exact same little greet suitcase up there in the ‘lookingood’ picture. Freaking. me. out.

  19. I like the “parking ticket” part. so funny. How many parking tickets did she end up anyway? Still counting I guess :D

  20. I was wondering if anyone knew how i can accuire this magazine or is it only an online magazine???

  21. I just watched the seasons of Anyone But Me and I’m so stressssed that I have to wait til next year for the next season!!!!

  22. I love the shots that are less revealing. Nicole’s hair, makeup, and smile are radiant like the sun. Yet I know that natural beauty lies beneath the glam. I watched some of Nicole’s interviews. Her smile and laughter are contagious. I love to look past the physical and deeper into a person’s heart. That is where you will truly find someone.

    Nicole, keep up the good work and never give up.

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