Nicole Pacent Wants to See You at “Relief Through Rock”!

Oh hey, what are you doing this Thursday, October 15? If you’re in New York, maybe you should think about going to see girls with guitars. Nicole Pacent–you know her, she’s the pretty girl with the lips from “Anyone But Me“–is throwing a fiesta to raise money for cancer research. She’s got eight girls set to play at Relief Through Rock: Chicks for a Cure, including Carrie Manolakos from Mamma Mia, Allison Case from Hair, Jo Lampert, Shaina Taub, Ani Niemann, Drew Citron, and Lindsay Wolf.

The show starts at 7 pm at the LGBT Community Center on 208 West 13th Street. You can email for more information or to reserve tickets for $15.


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  1. Hey, Laura! Thanks so much for posting this! Really hope to see you there!!!

    Just wanted to clarify one thing– the concert is THIS Thursday the 15th, not next Thursday. Wouldn’t want a gaggle of lovely ladies showing up on a night I’m not there ;) If you wouldn’t mind making that slight adjustment to the post, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!!


  2. i know it will go cracking, hope u all enjoy the evening and will there be a cd of this event i would be more then willing to pay postage and packaging and make another donation
    kind regards
    Sarah :)

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