Costume Party: Nicole Pacent’s Lesbian Photoshoot, Glambert’s Gay Glam Pride & Lez Werewolves

Crystal Gwyn has done a photoshoot for L Magazine which ultimately fulfills 55% of your waking dreams. It’s called “Girls Will Be Boys,” and features 8 lesbian & bisexual women (including Nicole Pacent of Anyone But Me and Amy, an actress who guested in ABM as well as Hunter Valentine‘s Kiyomi). You can read about Crystal’s gender outlaw lifestyle in “It’s Not That I Want to be a Real Boy.”

Speaking of Nicole Pacent; here’s a new episode of Anyone But Me, Season Two, Episode Five: “One Step Forward, One Step Back.”

Jack & Diane, the lesbian werewolf film that has apparently been in the works for some time now. The role that was gonna go to Ellen Page is gonna go to Juno Temple. (@thefilmstage)

Adam Lambert talks to the Australian Herald-Sun. Adam Lambert says there’s a misconception that American Idol controls its people as soon as the show ends — he already had ideas about what kind of artist he wanted to be, and he’s making them happen. There’s a great video you should check out.

“I think empowerment is a great gift to give to people. And it doesn’t have to be about just my gay fans, I want my female fans to feel comfortable in their own skin and feel sexy. Hopefully my music promotes that.”

Chloë Sevigny is interviewed in The Advocate about ten thousand gay & lesbian topics! She has been in a bajillion gay movies, has talked about kissing girls before, and has feelings about all of it. She also discusses her role in If These Walls Could Talk 2.

But even way before that I used to make out with a lot of girls and gay boys when we were on Rohypnol — which I probably shouldn’t say. [Laughs] There was a lot of kissing in the club scene — boys, girls, gays, straights, and all the rest.

When I first met with [executive producer] Ellen DeGeneres about it, she was like, “You can’t play butch.” I said, “Just watch me.” I feel like the lesbian community really liked that film and liked me in it, so I think I did them proud.

She’s asked if it was weird to be interviewed by Selma Blair a few years back after Sevigny had turned down the part Blair played in Legally Blonde, and she says no, that stuff happens all the time; like Mia Kirshner apparently was fired from Kids, thus enabling Sevigny’s casting. Interesting, yah? (@advocate)

While attending Elton John’s annual Oscar viewing party, Jason Mraz told reporters he’s hoping to convince John to collaborate with him on an “Ebony and Ivory” of the times, for equality.” Last week Mraz, visited San Diego’s LGBT Community Center to talk with staff members about volunteering his time in the field. Mraz has been a long time supporter of equal rights, writing about the importance to vote NO on Prop 8 on his web site’s blog. (@examiner)

Usually trapped behind a public veil of un-acknowledgment and elephants in rooms, Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend Benjamin Maisani made his big debut at Vanity Fair‘s Oscar party. But miraculously, his name managed to escape the photo agency’s captions.  (@gawker)

Gaga is planning a 3-D concert and DVD of the Monster Ball to follow. 3-D glasses are evening being included in the deluxe edition of The Fame Monster. Also, stay tuned tomorrow for the premiere of the Telephone video. (@mtv)

Adorable interview with newly out Sean Hayes and Auto-fave K.Cheno on Broadway now in Promises, Promises.

“I can’t see Kristin just hanging out in a gay bar. You wouldn’t have any hair left! Everybody would want to get a lock.”Sean Hayes (@timeoutny)

In a truly bizarre and out of character move, Meredith Vieira unleashed some confused gay panic on the Hurt Locker cast, asking them if she had “reason to be worried” after stars Anthony Mackie and Jeremy Renner hugged tightly upon winning Best Picture. The best part is when Al Rocker gets all WTF and interrupts, “Why would you say that?!” (@towleroad)

Why do people keep getting plastic surgery when it never ends up looking good? (@gawker)

Is not gay enough to be at your gay music festivals she says hahahaha luckily she doesn’t care. (@star-observer)

DISNEY: After Disney reportedly believed the title The Princess and the Frog alienated boys, due to the use of the word “Princess,” Disney is taking measures to ensure that doesn’t happen again. The studio renamed its next animated film with the girl-centric name “Rapunzel” to the less gender-specific “Tangled.” (@latimes)

Clips from Episode 407. (@ontd)

There was a lesbian on Millionaire Matchmaker! Which matters to people, right. (@lezgetreal)

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  1. Just wanted to say I thought Ellen Page wasn’t going to do the role because she was being memorialized as Juno the pregnant girl not like the city in Alaska before realizing Juno Temple is a real girl

  2. Similar to the Kathy Griffin episode of SVU, the Millionaire Matchmaker episode that premiered tonight featured a “bi-curious” woman. She then calls her self “bisexual”. Then Patty sets her up with a bunch of weird dudes, and hot chicks for the mixer. Of course she picks a girl in the end. So then they go on this weird roller skating dinner date, and the “millionairess” asks her the typical gay questions…”so when did you know?” and blah blah blah. ANYWAY….getting back to my point relating to SVU…Our little “millionairess” at the end decides that she’s really not gay after all. It was just a fun little fantasy she got wrapped up around in her head. the end.

    why do i watch this shit?

    but they did have some cute girls at the mixer. one at which i’m 95% positive was on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequilla.

    • Make that now 100% as it was Brittany rae Leach. Haven’t seen the actual ep as its not broadcast here. Only know, (to cut a long story short)seeing her on A.S.O.L it cast a stone into my somewhat unhappy stagnant closetted and confused life and sent me venturing onto the intrawebs. The ripples of which carried me to LGBTQ sites and other people, which subsequently then lead me to here(YAY!). So even though I don’t know her personally (one of her thousands of Myspacers), I’ll always be grateful to her for inspiring me to get off my butt and sort at least some part of my life out.
      Funny how someone or something, without their knowledge can change someone elses life. Yeah, sorry, not so long story short, I do tend to waffle on.

  3. The interview with Sean Hayes and K. Cheno was adorable. I want to see the show now!

    Also Nicole Pacent in the whole gender bending picture is gorgeous.

  4. I really didn’t believe that Disney was changing the name to tangled. it sounds so much like a joke from a very funny autostraddle writer. then i saw that it was for real, and i got sad. or actually, angry. like, really? are we still here, where little boys can’t watch a movie because it says princess in the title? and now a gigantic corporate entity is going to bend and acknowledge that and keep the story of Rapunzel from being too much about the girl?

    • I actually feel like I’d be more likely to see a movie called “Tangled” because it sounds edgier and therefore more exciting?

    • I feel like it’s going for “sexy” as well. i can see some sort of S&M undertones for the parents. Disney always sneaks “adult” jokes in that you don’t realize until you are 21 and then you feel really really dirty.

  5. 1.) Nicole Pacent’s photo was HOT!
    2.) My (yes, I’m claiming) Ellen Page will NOT be playing a lesbian (werewolf at that) due to a girl named Juno. I think I died a little.
    3.) I think Mia Kirshner would’ve been amazing in KIDS. That is one of my all-time fave movies and not just because of Rosario Dawson… promise *crosses heart*.

  6. Gauthier’s not “gay enough” for gay music festivals? For goodness sake, we should be so lucky to have her perform. She’s out, she’s a great artist, and she’s got a hell of a story to tell.

    “Prayer Without Words” is my favorite off her album “Mercy Now,” and the title track is a close second. They’re beautiful songs.

    I wonder, if she had a stereotypical look or if she sang about gay things in every song, if she’d get flak for that then — for being too gay?

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, geez…

    I’m glad she doesn’t care, but I’m sorry that the festivals that won’t book her are missing out on a good artist who is a proud member of our community.

  7. Jack & Diane – it’s about time! Hope it’s as good as Ginger Snaps.

    Chloë Sevigny – amazing! love her so much and need that issue of The Advocate. Does anyone here watch Big Love? I know the main feeling about this season was “what the hell?” but I loved it! That last shot of the whole family finally “coming out.” Next years going to be great!

  8. I am so excited for werelesbians! And also Juno Temple has this sort of bizarre beauty that i just love

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