Hot Girls Making Out Like Lesbians or Looking Pretty in Pictures

PARTIAL NUDITY & GIRLS MAKING OUT: Amanda Seyfried’s fully naked and making out with Julianne Moore in an upcoming film based on a French film from 2003 that is going to be amazing/probs offensive to the homos (some Fatal Attraction type thing, ’cause yannow girls who love girls are CRAZY-ASS STALKERS) and the caps are here. In TIFF: Amanda Seyfried’s Second Lesbian Encounter, Vanity Fair offers a run-down of the film and its origins & its potential quality. Here, SheWired explains the plot in less words: “Chloe is a sexually charged thriller about infidelity among the upper-middle class. Vanity Fair describes Chloe as a young prostitute who pretends to be whoever her clients want her to be: their secretary, their grade-school teacher or their daughter. Moore, meanwhile, plays Catherine Stewart, a gynecologist who suspects her professor husband (Liam Neeson) of cheating on her, and who feels she’s losing touch with her teenage son (Max Thieriot).”

PRETTY PARTY: Jennifer Beals at The Book of Eli premiere, Fox All-Star Party with the cast of Glee and Olivia Wilde, Chris Colfer in H. Magazine, Blake Lively on the cover of Esquire:

ANYONE BUT ME: Season 2, episode 3 of Anyone But Me premieres today (below)! Also, the team started production on new episodes yesterday, which will include a special surprise guest star. Get excited!

TILA TEQUILA: We were actually kinda interested in watching this, and now it will never happen, because of lawsuits or something: Tila Tequila will not have a shot at Larry King. Tila is not worried b/c there is not a lot of Tila’s Hot Spot/Larry King crossover. “I’m not pushing for them to change their minds cuz honestly, my fanbase demographic and to the people that matter to my career dont watch Larry King. Yes he is a huge credible person, but really not someone a young demographic of people watch.” (@e!)

CLAIRE DANES: The Claire Danes Guide to Winning Career Plaudits without Really Trying. (@gawker)

SHOWTIME: Do you watch Secret Diary of a Call Girl? There’s so many reasons why you should! Sassiness, nakedness, Britishness, a smart exploration of the issues of sex work… etc. Call Girl season three premieres at 10 p.m. on Feb. 1. There will be some behind the scenes footage on Jan. 25, too. Showtime put together this video on the history of prostitution for the occasion. Here’s the season three trailer to whet your appetite. Did I just say “whet your appetite?”

Speaking of British people on Showtime, Tracy Ullman’s State of the Union is also returning on Jan. 25. They have a trailer up for season 3, as well.

FUSE: Adam Lambert is on the record with FUSE. (@ontd)

AI: Leading up to her debut on American Idol, Esquire thinks Ellen is awesome and is kind of like Rosa Parks! That’s a dicey relation these days, but ok Esquire we love Ellen too! (@esquire)

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  1. AAAA! New Anyone But Me!!!!

    Um, I’m going to be good and wait till after I’m not in the library to watch it.Too good. It must be savored in the comfort of an armchair or whatever. I’m trying to have some self-control since the episodes are so short and don’t happen often enough.


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  3. That movie sounds crazy. I don’t want to see it if there’s no happy lesbian ending, and it doesn’t sound like there is.

    • It doesn’t sound like there will be at all. This is probably gonna be like what they did to Lez Girls, or whatever Jenny’s film was called.

    • I love Sophie. I’m hoping it was less “I’m uncomfortable” and more “Hm, this brings up some feelings I didn’t know I had” :D

  4. Jessica beals is hot,u know what I noticed…she never took her showed her breast on the L word, I’m trying to think back and I thnk she’s the only main cast member that never showed their breast, I wonder why, did she sign some sort of contract or she is not fond of semi nudity?

    Tila tequila went on twitter rampage, you know I rarely noticed her before but the past few months I’ve watched her, I started off hating her…like a lot…but now I don’t hate her,I mostly feel sorry for her,because she seems lonely…

    Oh yeah and you know jenny was the greatest charachter on the L word,well for some reason tila kind of reminds me of jenny in certain instances,I know its a far stretch because they come off complete opposite, but they really remind me of each other to an extent.

    Anyway good post!

  5. Oh yeah when I say remind me of each other I don’t mean as far as looks, I mean as far as maybe being bipolar, pathological liars, always seeming that no matter how many ppl are around them they feel alone, but at the same time you (us) feels like we can’t hate them all the way something about them makes you feel like you should nourish them..Íts a stretch I know but still lol

    • actually i feel like you are maybe really right and like someone should write a whole article just on this. but also i don’t know anything about tila tequila or the l word, so. but seriously, you should write about that, maybe that is like the key to understanding all of contemporary lesbian culture.

  6. I watch the Secret Diary of a Call Girl! I thought it would be rubbish but it’s a really good show. But I am a little biased, my love for Billie Piper is so great that one time I flew down to Melbourne and lined up for three hours to get her to sign my copy of “Honey To The B”. [I was 14 and not responsible for my actions.]

    • Yeah thats what I thought when it first came out aswell, was pleasantly surprised that its pretty great. I think Billie Piper is ace too! Was gutted when she left Doctor Who. Really like how she speaks honestly about eating disorders and pressures in showbusiness etc, she seems like she’s actually a lovely person.

    • I have her walk of life album.

      I also wish my internet wasn’t so epically capped that I can’t actually do anything.

  7. Some lesbians are crazy ass stalkers though, I mean, I know a handful.
    Not that there aren’t straight crazy girls, because there definitely are.

    I love Amanda Seyfried. Is she queer at all?

    J. Beals, I love you!
    I’m probably gonna see that movie just for her. Also because I started a poem with a line I got from the commercial, where Denzel says: “They say the war tore a hole through the sky.” And it is now one of my favorite pieces of mine.

    I love Blake forever and ever.

    I tried to get into Secret Diary of a Call Girl and it didn’t work out. Maybe I’ll try again this time.

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