Jennifer Beals Lands Lead in Fox Pilot “Ride-Along” as Top (Hot) Cop

Jennifer Beals will star in the new Fox Pilot “Ride-Along” as Chicago’s first female police chief, and we expect lots of ball-busting to ensue. ‘Anyone But Me’ is up for awards and has a new episode! Also; photography of “girlfriends,” Rosie O’Donnell’s new show aims to fill Oprah’s void, Bitch Slap’s Lesploitation, Scream 4 is ON, Adam Lambert’s interviewed in Scotland, and Sue’s Corner is back.

The Big Reveal: Glambert’s Gay Impact, Jennifer Beals’ L-Plot Choice, Gaga’s Feminism

Guardian writer misses the point on Lady Gaga, Desperate Housewives’ lesbian update and Dana Delaney on Jennifer Beals’ choice to reject Sen Grisham to stay true to her character/Tina, will Adam Lambert change pop music for the queers, Johnny Weir posed for Vanity Fair recently. Kathy Griffin will be on SVU tomorrow. The stars of Glee will be on tour this May. And Daniel Radcliffe loves the gays.

Jennifer Beals is Overall Better at Life Than You, Prettier, More Holistic

Jennifer Beals shares tips for heavenly living, we play photohunt! Sundance darling The Kids Are Alright features Annette Bening and Julianne Moore playing a lesbian couple, Tracy Ullman does Rachel Maddow and Lady Gaga raises $ for Haiti. Bring it On has so many straight-to-video sequels, why is it such a smash hit? Plus, is indie dead? Will anyone agree to be in a Real L Word scene besides the cast? Will Queen Latifah adopt a child or three from Haiti?

Hot Girls Making Out Like Lesbians or Looking Pretty in Pictures

Amanda Seyfried & Julianne Moore play gay/naked in upcoming film, Bette Porter goes to the Book of Eli premiere, Blake Lively & Chris Colfer look cute in magazines, GLEE cast is cute at Fox Party, New Episode of ANYONE BUT ME, Claire Danes, Adam Lambert on FUSE, Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Tracy Ullman trailer & premiere dates, Tila Tequila ixnay re: Larry King, Esquire loves Ellen, SO MANY THINGS.