The Big Reveal: Glambert’s Gay Impact, Jennifer Beals’ L-Plot Choice, Gaga’s Feminism

Hermione Hoby is a f*cking idiot, and every commenter on this article calls her out for it. “Gaga has broken my heart,” she writes in the Guardian UK. Why? Oh, this is rich!

…then I saw this month’s cover of Q magazine. I’m loath to say that her feminist, self-determining shtick was all talk and no trousers – not least because the lady’s never been much of a trouser wearer – but it certainly sounds like all chat and no puffball skirt. In true lads’ mag style, the image is of a topless blonde, in black leather-like trousers, one gloved hand coyly positioned over her boobs, the other not so coyly rammed against her crotch. Jutted hip, parted lips and vacuous expression tick the remaining boxes that constitute the mainstream image of sexy.

It seems Hoby didn’t notice the strap-on dildo in Lady Gaga’s pants, which Gaga chose to mock the traditional sexualization of pop stars. Hoby judges Gaga based on one image; ignoring the interview inside or Gaga’s other shoots (she’s also appeared fully or partially nude in V Magazine and OUT, among others), music, or even the lower half of Gaga’s picture. Mostly we’re upset ’cause we really like The Guardian. I mean who doesn’t like The Guardian? WTF GUARDIAN? (@guardian!?!)

Also, I don’t know if this is even necessary, considering that News of the World is so unreliable it may as well advertise itself as ficiton, but Lady Gaga has clarified that despite NOTW reports, she’s not dating Matthew Williams again. She is single and celebate. (@nzherald)

It’s been a few months since Adam Lambert’s controversial performance at the AMAs, and he’s quietly turned the situation in his favor while avoided any serious fallout. But does that mean the pop music industry is becoming more queer friendly? Edge Boston has an extensive analysis of what it means to be gay in the music industry and whether there’s a niche for gay musicians in pop.

“I do think it’s possible for that [Top 40] niche to be created, but it’s just not there now,” said Louis Niebur, an associate professor of musicology at University of Nevada-Reno. “But Once Adam does it, other people can do it, too. And pop music is so dependent on novelty they won’t deny anything.”

And so, gay singer Adam Lambert, our gay eyes – if not all of our ears – remain on you, but don’t let that burrow too far inside of that pretty head of yours. Queer musicians have a long history, a prolific present and a promising future. (@edgeboston)

On Sunday night’s Desperate Housewives, Dana Delany’s character has a racy dream about her lesbian roommate and it’s pretty sexy! (@aol tv)

An interesting piece of behind-the-scenes info — Jennifer Beals was the one who made the call that her character Bette Porter would not hook up with the senator played by Dana Delany. Delany reports:

“I played a bisexual senator,” she said. “They flew me up to Vancouver and I was supposed to have this make-out scene with Jennifer Beals.

“She invited me to her trailer and said, ‘Can we talk about this character?’ and I said, ‘Yeah’ and she said, ‘I’ve been trying to get back with my girlfriend on the show and I don’t wanna compromise that by kissing you, so I don’t wanna kiss you’.”

Good call, J-Beals — as much as we all wanted to see the pair get down, the scene where Bette calls Tina in the bathroom is one of the season’s most emotionally eviscerating moments, ending with Bette telling Senator Grisham, “I really don’t need any encouragement. You are an exquisite woman, and the only thing that I want more than you right now is for my girlfriend to want me like you do.”

DR.SEUSS: In honor of Dr. Seuss’s 106th birthday, the best rap video of all time. I’m the motherfucking Lorax, my house ain’t a rental.

Taylor Swift has only until April 18 to come up with five new surprised-looking facial expressions before she wins the five Country Music Awards for which she was nominated this morning.

The Onion AV Club confirms that The Marriage Ref sucks. We already knew it sucked b/c all the previews opened with the voiceover, “It’s the greatest thing to happen to marriage–” and you were probs like WHAT? GAY MARRIAGE? And then it turned out to be Jerry Seinfeld. Honestly I’d rather have a civil union.

I’m not going to say that people’s deep issues can’t be fodder for humor, but it feels a little imbalanced when it’s rich and powerful celebrities sitting in a studio and mocking the yokels who dared cross their giant TV screen for not being all they can be. The whole thing feels as if The Soup, of all things, decided to stop making fun of celebrities and start coming into people’s homes to make fun of them.

Johnny Weir is asked by Larry King how it feels to be so fierce.

Then Johnny Weir posed foVanity Fair’s Faces of the Games series. There are 40 photos in the series, and everyone looks happy/cold dressed up in their puffy jackets and plaid shirts. And then there’s Johnny:

In case you didn’t notice, Episode 2 of Julie & Brandy: In Your Box Office came out yesterday! The ladies reviewed Paranormal Activity, and it is very funny. And of course, the weekend wouldn’t be complete without a Skins recap from Crystal and Riese.

Director Kathryn Bigelow has been nominated for an Academy Award for Hurt Locker. She’s only the fourth woman ever to be nominated for Best Director and so far, none have won. There’s a long-standing tradition of marginalizing women in Hollywood, both behind the scenes and in content. Carrie Polansky discusses how 2009 might have been a Turning Point for Women in Hollywood:

The question now becomes: what does this mean for women in the film industry as a whole? Do the personal accomplishments and box office successes of 2009 prove that we’ve reached a turning point for women in the film industry? Or are these simply flukes that bear little meaning for the average woman trying to climb the professional ladder in Hollywood today?

It’s an interesting read and I suggest you consume it with your eyes and brain. (@genderacrossborders)

Kathy Griffin will guest star on Law & Order: SVU tomorrow. She’ll play a lesbian rights activist. (@nbc)

And if you’re looking for more of the same, check out AfterEllen’s rundown of gay tv this week. (@afterellen)

The stars of Glee are hitting the road for a concert series! You won’t catch Sue Sylvester, but all of the students are going. They’ll be hitting Pheonix, LA, Chicago, and New York in May. (@e!)

Daniel Radcliffe, of Harry Potter fame, has shot a PSA for Trevor Project, which offers help to suicidal members of the LGBT community. In an interview about the ad, he said he picked the cause to support because “you don’t have to be gay to be a supporter — you just have to be human.” He also had a laugh about persistent gay rumors and said some reasons people gave for calling him gay were “odd.” (@mtv)

Of all the angles to that story, a couple major news outlets went with the “odd” comment for the headlines. Because that’s obvs more important than suicide prevention. (@usatoday)

Congratulations to Anyone But Me for winning three Streamy Awards, including Best Directing for a Drama Web Series (Tina Cesa Ward), Best Writing for a Drama Web Series (Susan Miller & Tina Cesa Ward), and Best Female Actor in a Drama Web Series (Rachel Hip Flores)! Oh look, here’s our interview and photoshoot with Rachel Hip Flores and Nicole Pacent! My, aren’t they just lovely?

You can watch the awards ceremony live on April 11, 2010 at 8:30 EST at In the meantime, catch Episode #204 of Anyone But Me right here on Autostraddle!

Coronation Street’s lesbian plot will be nicely done, like a steak. (@corrieblog)

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  1. I like how in Johnny Weir’s interview he says he is taking a vacation to Mongolia because he wants to ride a yak.

    Ah, I have always loved Daniel Radcliffe. So great!
    I don’t even know what to say about that Dr. Seuss rap.

  2. Hermione Hoby is not really an idiot, she’s a BLIND ILLITERATE idiot. I mean, there are reading courses for blind people.

  3. um, speaking of bad feminists, isn’t it a little hypocritical to criticize another woman’s feminism based on how they dress or what they choose to do with their body? like, maybe we can leave the catty comments about famous womens’ outfits to the patriarchy? really? “lady gaga can’t be a feminist b/c she half-naked like a total slut in this picture, and real feminists would never do that?” if bell hooks chose to pose naked on the cover of Q magazine, it would not somehow nullify everything else she’s spent her life doing. even though this shoot was amazing and not cheesecakey, even if it were, it shouldn’t matter. feminism is about more than how you dress. gaga is the strongest, most independent female artist out there right now, and she’s a fantastic role model, magazine shoots or no. fuck haters.

  4. If corrie’s lesboplot is done anything like how I like my steaks, it’s gonna be a bloodfest…

    I’m not sure what’s going on with that guardian writer. The Dolly Rockers are a bit of a joke band – significantly less prominent in the UK than Gaga’s strap-on is in that picture, which the journo either failed to spot or chose to ignore. Do you get the feeling that she came up with the doll theory without really giving it much thought, then tried to weld an article onto it?

    I enjoy a bit of tenuous link-mongering as much as the next girl, but I leave it in the internal monologue instead of submitting it to the international press.

  5. I wish Johnny Weir’s fame would extend beyond the month-long post-Olympics standard. Maybe he needs to get busted with a bong or whatever it was that pissed people off so hard about Phelps.

    • he could one-up Phelps and get busted with a dude, though I suppose that might be just as surprising as the idea that a twentysomething dude who hangs out with other humans smokes pot sometimes.

      • I think for anyone to be surprised by Johnny getting busted with a dude, who the dude was would have to be the surprise. He’d have to fuck Tim Tebow or something and I don’t think any of us want that.

  6. J. Beals RUNS SHIT.
    Also, she could make me try s&m and dirty sanchezes and things, because she’s just that desirable. (Shit, I’m not sure what a dirty sanchez is and I’m tooooo lazy to google it, so I’m just gonna hope no one is judging me right now.)

    I just said to myself: “Oh my god, I have yet to see any episodes of Skins/any episodes of Rupaul’s Drag Race/catch up on Anyone but me.” And then I realized Spring Break is next week. Spring break couch potato plans ftw.

  7. mark my words, adam lambert will be as big as freddie mercury or even david bowie. although he is controversial but his charisma is so powerful that his fans from all walks of life (young, middle age, gays or straight, different races, different religions and different values) can’t help but loving this amazing singer. during the peak of freddie mercury, women were throwing underwears, bras, etc. to him and it is happening with adam lambert now although i must admit adam is more controversial than freddie but by saying that adam is very confident, true to himself,smart, out and proud. conclusion: that makes him more interesting.

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